The Silver Lining In The Very Dark Cloud


The Islamist Brothers scored a huge victory for Moslem NUT-JOBS . . . but the American people SCORED AN EVEN BIGGER VICTORY FOR THE USA.

I felt a real Sea Change last night for America, when the police caught the CREEP hiding out in the covered boat.

Even though Anne and I would have been THRILLED to be with the people cheering-on the police and first responders as they drove away from the action, we were so moved by the passion of the people, that it almost felt as if we were there cheering with them.

We watched the pregame show at Fenway Park today, and tried to hold back tears watching the crowd sing the Star Spangled Banner with GUSTO very rarely seen.

Neither Boston nor Massachusetts are my favorite places in America, because they’re so far to the LEFT, that they’ve forgotten that it was THERE at Boston Harbor, where almost two and a half centuries ago, what the PATRIOTS did then, was what gave birth to the GREATEST country that has ever been.

The BIRTH of America didn’t happen with cowards, appeasers and conciliators. The people who rose up against the GREATEST Power, that until that time had ever been, were HEROES, prepared to fight bleed and die if necessary to be FREE from government.


Here’s what I hope is really bad news for Obama and the LEFT. Because, whom I saw last night, standing on the street cheering the men and women who are the sharp end of the spear who took down the Moslem TERRORIST Brothers, WERE PATRIOTS.

When I heard those cheering Americans singing the Anthem as the police and EMS vehicles drove by, I heard PATRIOTS.

When I saw the people waving American flags while they chanted en masse . . . USA! USA! USA! – there on our large television screen were Patriots.

And when the people in the stands at Fenway Park drowned out the massive Park Sound System while singing the Star Spangles Banner, I saw something in America that I have not seen in a very long time . . . PATRIOTISM – Real honest to good PATRIOTISM.

HERE’S A WARNING TO OBAMA AND THE LEFT . . . Patriotism can be infectious.

If the people of Massachusetts figure it out, that winning for the flag makes you feel really good, and that being an unabashed American is a reason for PRIDE, Obama and the LEFT are screwed.

What I saw in Boston yesterday and today . . . was a LEFTIST City and LEFTIST State where the people were acting like CONSERVATIVES; waving the flag, while showing real pride in being Americans above and beyond all else.

And if that can happen in Boston/Massachusetts, it can happen anywhere and everywhere.

So . . . given the HORRORS of the past week. The deaths and incredible suffering and losses amongst the VICTIMS of Moslem TERRORISM, the end result might very well be a resurgence of American PRIDE, where American Pride has been sorely absent for far too long.


JUST AN OBSERVATION: Whenever there is a major event happening in the USA, it’s almost impossible to find a television broadcast without Obama’s face on it.

But, have you noticed his absence during this event, beside his perfunctory speech, where has he been? I guess it’s kind of difficult for America’s number ONE Moslem Apologist to deal with every media that can’t use the word TERRORIST enough to describe the two Moslem Bothers and what they’ve done.

For Obama, this seems to be a very real problem. GOOD!

God Bless America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. BTW your Paypal worked perfectly. Knowing how much money you spent on defending rights, I wish a bit of return for you. Of course, the time you put in, is immeasurable. The Ottawa manifestation was such an incredible success. I will never forget it. We were very proud of you…so much work to organize. Thank you again. We won the last fight defying Bill 14 on linguistic restrictions, thanks again for your participation. Always the perfect orator.

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