Islam Is The Root Cause


There are no words that I choose to print, that can sufficiently describe the level of contempt I have for the Mainstream Media and the LEFT anywhere on the planet.

When the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing were still being taken from the TERROR scene, I actually heard a CBS television news anchor allude, more than just somewhat, that the attack was possibly Domestic Terrorism caused by Far Right Wing Americans who didn’t like the government.

AND . . . to double down to add real insult to injury, this CBS Mainstream Media CREEP tried to tie family members of the Sandy Hook School Massacre to this atrocity, who were invited to be at the Marathon Grandstand.

I truly believe that there is no depth that is too low for the Mainstream Media and the LEFT to travel in their WAR against Conservative America, even if it means giving comfort to the enemy.


Justin Trudeau is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who very much like Obama wanted to fully transform Canada to his very LEFTIST vision, which to a great extent he succeeded at doing.

I won’t go into any real specifics of Trudeau’s legacy, other than to say that the damage he created for Canada in the 1970’s to the early ‘80’s has, and continues to do irreparable damage to the very core of Canada.

AND JUST FOR PROPER PERSPECTIVE . . . Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau HATED the USA. He had total disdain for Israel. And he ridiculed England and the British Monarchy.

Now, his forty-one year old son Justin Trudeau . . . who is the HOTTEST politician in Canada at this time, just won the leadership of the Liberal Party, in what can only be described as a victory rout.

Trudeau’s life working experience comes down to being a teacher of the French language, of Drama, and other such LEFTY stuff.

CURRENTLY . . . Trudeau has been a Member of Parliament since 2008.

He is a young guy with Hollywood good lucks who likes to wear his shirts with the top buttons open, who thinks the world of himself. And he is a gifted speaker when others write the speeches for him. And has never met a camera he didn’t love.

But, after writing all of this, it MUST be “said” that he has NEVER had a real job. And he never had to meet a payroll. In fact, he inherited a great deal of money when his father died, and prior to that, he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth.


Let me tell you how far LEFT this jerk is . . . when asked by the Canadian media what his thoughts were on the Boston Marathon Bombing; his response was that we have to get to the ROOT CAUSE of why someone would do such a thing.

He went on to further talk about how people who do these things feel EXCLUDED from society, and that our obligation is to make everyone feel more included.

When former Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien was asked about the 9/11 Twin Towers Attack, at the time while the dust was still settling, he also alluded that America had somehow asked for it because of America’s foreign policies.

On the Saturday following the 9/11 attack, I was a guest on WHAM Radio in Rochester NY, which is part of a very successful American Radio Network (Entercom) that carried my LIVE coverage from Israel during the Intifada (2002), where I broadcast from the top of Masada.

During my 9/11 Broadcast on WHAM, the first thing I said was an apology for Canada’s Prime Minister. The last thing I said was GOD BLESS AMERICA with a tear in my voice.


I’ve been watching and listening intently to as much coverage that I can absorb about the two ETHNIC CHECHEN Brothers . . . and at the time of this writing, about 5pm Eastern Time, one brother is dead, the other is still on the loose, and NO MEDIA is focusing on the FACT the two Brothers are MOSLEMS . . .


To the LEFTIST Media . . . I’m positive that they’re extremely disappointed that the TERRORISTS were not WHITE CHRISTIANS.

To LEFTIST politicians like Canada’s Justin Trudeau . . . it’s all a matter of the “ROOT CAUSE”, and why the West must discover ways to make murdering savages like them feel included.

BUT – TO CONSERVATIVES LIKE ME . . . It’s all about Islam’s decision to DECLARE WAR on the West, on Modernity, on Christianity, on Judaism, on Hinduism, on Secularism and upon EVERYONE who is not like them.

HELL – They even declare WAR on each other because of differences between Islamic Sects.


How does the world place our trust in leaders like Obama who REFUSES to even use the two words TERRORISM and Islam in the same speech, let alone the same sentence?

Or how do we place our trust in a moronic LEFTIST “spoiled kid” like Justin Trudeau, who never had to deal with anything REAL . . . who believes that we have somehow failed the Islamists as the ROOT CAUSE for their love of TERROR, MURDER and MAYHEM?

Little Israel has finally figured it out after the delusional LEFTIST pursuit of a non-existent Peace with the Israel/Jew-Haters throughout the Moslem World, virtually all of Europe, and amongst the LEFT in the USA, Canada, much of South America and within Israel, since the 1993 Oslo Accord NIGHTMARE.


Anyone who is an addicted person (Booze, Drugs and Gambling), who is serious about redemption, understands this one principle ABOVE and BEYOND all others.

ADMIT THE TRUTH . . . In this case, the TRUTH is that Islam has declared WAR against the WEST. It isn’t about how the WEST has treated Islam. And it isn’t because the WEST is making life difficult for Islamic Believers.

It’s not about any one thing that we do . . . IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM AND WHAT THEY DO.

AND MORE THAN ANYTHING . . . we have to STOP trying to figure out WHAT WE HAVE TO DO to get them to stop hating us, and just let them know that we know who and what they are, and that there will be ENORMOUSLY painful consequences to them if they don’t change their behavior FORTHWITH.

As soon as Israel figured out that the Israel-Haters and Jew-Haters will always find reasons and excuses, fabricated or not to HATE Israel and Jews, Israel simply decided to stop caring what the Arabs, Persians, Moslems in General, Europeans and LEFTISTS everywhere, INCLUDING those LEFTISTS within Israel have to say or think.

It would be best for the West . . . and for everyone who loves FREEDOM to simply follow Israel’s current example.


Islam has scored HUGE . . . Just as most of us in North America are waiting on bated-breath for the takedown of the 19-year-old Ethnic Chechen, the harder the better; MILLIONS of Molsems throughout the world are cheering the EXTRAORDINARY courage and success of these two GREAT MARTYRS.

And no matter how it turns out . . . to the Molsems, this has been a magnificent VICTORY, showing how just two Moslem young-bloods can paralyze an entire major City, while manipulating ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the media for almost one full week, as media and political leaders try to understand WHY?

I would feel much better if Moslem Fundamentalists, including their Clerics in the WEST and within Moslem Nations should be trying to figure out how they can stop the WEST from kicking their ASS wherever and whenever they can be found.

That would be the kind of ROOT CAUSE understanding I could live with.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. For any person to be permitted to remain in the USA (illegal’s) one requirement should be that they speak English. No illegal should be allowed to attend school at the expense of American tax payers. Why should we be responsible for an illegal’s education? Why do some people not understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL??? How many countries allow ILLEGAL’S to remain in their country free and give them benefits to boot.

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