Not Even Terrorist Attacks Happen Without A Reason



I was about to publish an editorial that dealt with Political Bullies, Cowardly Citizens and a DEARTH of Patriots. But all of that changed when the first news broke of the Boston Marathon TERRORIST Attack.

I was on my Motorcycle in the USA near Watertown NY yesterday (Monday April 15, 2013), just out for the sheer pleasure of a RIDE, heading North East on my way home, listening through my Blue Tooth Helmet to the news as it was happening.


Through my iPhone, I was tuned into WBEN Radio out of Buffalo NY, which was broadcasting CBS Coverage . . . AND HERE’S WHAT I HEARD.

The CBS voice said that it’s too early to tell . . . and anyone or any group could be responsible for this attack – including DOMESTIC TERRORISTS who aren’t happy with the present government. AND that there might be a tie between the bombing, and that some family members from the Sandy Hook Elementary School where the mass shooting recently took place . . . would be at the reviewing stand.

And even though he said that it was too early to tell . . . it didn’t stop him from pointing a finger at the possibility that it was Americans, so why not pissed-off Mexicans, or Afghanis, or Iraqis, or Libyans or even Canadians because of the XL Pipe Line?

And why was he attempting to tie Sandy Hook into this HORROR-SHOW?

Whoever did this, whether they be Domestic TERRORISTS or Foreign TERRORISTS, they managed to create a very successful national campaign of fear.


I crossed back into Canada at the Ogdensburg border at around 6pm, only to find a line of cars waiting at the exit side of the border-crossing, where there’s NEVER been a reason to stop.

When I approached the Homeland Security Agent, he wasn’t alone. With him were two other agents who looked intently at the cars and drivers as we waited in line.

I asked the Agent if this was being done at all border crossings? To which he answered: “No one is leaving this country unless we know who they are, and why they’re in America.”


Two relatively small bombs, two other undetonated small bombs, and all of a sudden America is on a type of a lockdown.

It’s incredible how a single act in just one part of a huge nation like the USA changes everything.


If this violence were proven to be a Domestic attack, it would signal that some in America have crossed the Rubicon, and things are about to tear the country apart.

On the other hand, if this attack was the work of Islamists, and the Islamofascists see how easy it is to lockdown America, America better brace itself, because America is not immune from Islam’s TERROR War on the Infidels.

There is no question whatsoever, at least not in my mind, that a SERIES of attacks on American soil on this “limited” scale would generate as much fear, and probably more national paralysis than did 9/11.

And if the Islamists can relentlessly attack Israel, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other targets as they do, then why in a million years would anyone think they wouldn’t go for the big prize?

JIHADISTS understand two things above all else.

1 – Strength

2 – Weakness.

Before the 1993 Oslo Accord that brought back Yasser Arafat . . . the Modern Father of TERRORISM, Israel dealt from a position of strength.

Prior to Oslo, the Arabs understood the consequences of attacking Israel. And except for isolated cases after the 1982 Lebanon/Israeli War that drove Arafat out to TERRORIST retirement in Tunisia, there was relative peace for Israel, and a better lifestyle for the Palestinian Arabs, AND THEN CAME WEAKNESS THROUGH OSLO . . . courtesy of Bill Clinton and LEFTIST Israelis (Rabin and Peres).


America has a President whose VERY FIRST foray into international politics was to go on his multiple Apology Tours, telling the world, but especially the Moslem and Arab World how great they are, and how bad and unfair America has been to them, and to just about everyone else.

Obama even went so far to sub-contract America’s space missions to the Russians, while instructing NASA’s man in charge to open a dialogue with Islam.

And when push came to shove between the Israelis and the Palestinians after Obama finished his Apology Tour, Obama ordered Israel to stop building Settlements in East Jerusalem as a condition for the Palestinians to restart negotiations.

And then to top-it-off . . . Obama told Israel to return to the 1949 Armistice lines.


In Egypt . . . Obama cast away America’s MOST important Arab Ally (Hosni Mubarak), preferring to give the Moslem Brotherhood a clear path to power.

In Iraq . . . Obama simply cut and ran, leaving the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds to fight it out, with Iran’s shadow casting large over Bagdad.

In Afghanistan . . . Obama told the Taliban when the USA was going to leave and quit the battle, giving a start date for the Taliban to come back like nothing had ever happened.

In Libya . . . Four Americans died, one of them being the US Ambassador, while several others were wounded, all of which is part of a huge cover-up.

And the list goes on and on with Iran laughing in the face of America.

But it gets worse . . . A Pecker-Head leader in North Korea makes some bizarre threats, and Obama cancels missile tests so as not to provoke the little NUT-JOB.


It must seem to the outside world that the ONLY people on the planet whom Obama and the LEFT are brave enough to uncompromisingly attack without mercy, are America’s most productive citizens.

And the ONLY institution that Obama and the LEFT are willing to take apart seems to be the US Constitution.


What are the Moslems supposed to think when Obama doesn’t have the grit to take them on face to face to remove them as the international threat they are, BUT IS ONLY TOO HAPPY to GIVE the Egyptian Brotherhood 200 Abram Tanks and 20 State of the Art F-16 Fighter Jets . . .

. . . but has no problem taking away guns and ammunition from law abiding AMERICAN CITIZENS?

SO . . . If I was an Islamist seeing all of this, PLUS knowing that Obama and the LEFT are so frightened of offending Islam, that they wouldn’t even call a Moslem American military officer a TERRORIST, even after he murdered THIRTEEN innocent people . . . and wounding more than 30 others while yelling Allah Akbar at the Fort Hood Base in Texas, I’d figure the time for reigning TERROR on America is RIPE.

The sick irony of this . . . is that if the attack was carried-out by Domestic American TERRORISTS from the EXTREME Fringe instead of Islamists, it is indeed possible that it would have been executed for the same reasons; because they too might see weakness in their OWN American government, and use this type of TERROR to punish the LEFT for what they’ve done to the USA.

In essence though . . . no matter who did it, nothing can possibly give any legitimacy to the Boston Marathon Bombing. And the sooner these people who are responsible for this Act of TERROR are caught and REALLY brought to justice, the better it will be for everyone.

But that won’t end it.

If there are any lessons to be learned from this TERROR attack, it is that weakness is nothing LESS than an invitation for MORE TERROR.

Unfortunately though, this is a lesson that will be lost on Obama, his administration and MOST of the people who support him.

I keep hearing people in the media and people on the street describe this HORROR as a tragedy, which it is not. Events where people die in a road accident, a fire, a hurricane . . . etc can be described as tragedies.

This wasn’t a tragedy . . . It was MURDER through TERROR. And once people understand that, they will also understand that America is at war, and no matter whom the enemy is, America will finally be able to deal with it appropriately. But not until then.

The REAL tragedy here is what the American people have allowed their government to do to their country that would invite this HORROR.

Just one more thing . . . I would be pleased if the News Media, INCLUDING FOX News would give it a rest. There’s no new news about the attack. So, for the Networks, it’s now just a grotesque regurgitation of perverted non-stop voyeuristic “entertainment”.

And every time they show the bombing, the people laid-out on the street, wheel chairs and gurneys being run down the road, the blood and carnage, not only do they further dishearten the people, they empower the TERRORISTS.

In Sadness for the Victims and plenty of Anger to go around . . .

My Best Regards To America . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Speaking of money, money does not just grow on trees! It has to come from somewhere. These people who have never learned to “work” for a living and stand with their hands out need to learn this. A society aclimated to taking everything they can get their hands on without giving an inch such as the current White House Administration which is inclined toward socialism, led by a majority, will always fail. This is coming to pass becausue few people like you are speaking out.

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