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In 1996, Hillary Clinton wrote a book titled: “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.”

Just this past week, MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry repeated Clinton’s notion that IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. And she meant it.

She actually went even further than Clinton, by explaining that children “DO NOT BELONG TO THEIR PARENTS OR FAMILIES” . . . and that we should “RECOGNIZE THAT KIDS BELONG TO WHOLE COMMUNITIES”.


What makes this ridiculous notion beyond belief and DANGEROUS . . . is that amongst the LEFT . . . this kind of thinking makes sense.


Not only is the LEFT a disgrace to the eminence of what the United States USED TO BE, it is indeed the ENEMY FROM WITHIN.

It didn’t take a village to raise the exceptional men and women who made America the ONCE-UPON-A-TIME greatest country that has ever been. It took strong, honest, dedicated, demanding and LOVING parents to raise INDEPENDENT minded children to lead the world.

We see just how good a job the VILLAGE has done in raising children from fatherless homes, where mothers are more or less children themselves, ESPECIALLY in the Black communities.

You can look in the prisons, on the welfare lines, the unemployment lines, at places where junkies go to get their fixes, and in the grocery checkouts where food is paid for with PLASTIC FOOD-STAMP CARDS – Almost FIFTY MILLION of them.

The fact that this MSNBC television personality (Melissa Harris-Perry) is a Black Woman, who said such an appalling thing, SHOUTS volumes about a mindset that is LITERALLY destroying Black America – is simply OUTRAGEOUS.


The very notion that anyone but loving parents should raise America’s children, is so OBSCENE, that it harkens back to the mindsets of the likes Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and others of that despicable ilk . . . is as UN-AMERICAN as it gets.

If America’s LEFT, especially those within government, the social services, and education have even the slightest amount of support for this contemptible concept, which they do . . . all that can be said is America has come to its end. And the job now is to save only what can be saved.


America . . . like much of the rest of the world is printing money as fast as the presses can turn, putting the country and the rest of the world at extreme risk once the FED’S Ponzi Scheme runs its course, and people finally figure out that the American dollar will be worthless.

The Stock Market is booming . . . ONLY because the FED is flooding the Big Banks with useless money. And only because there is nowhere else for investors – large or small to grow their savings.

So, when the truth hits the fan, and the REALITY of American investment is laid bare for all to see, there will be a HUGE collapse. And in spite of all that the government is doing to hide the truth from the people, the very near future is now evident for all to see.

1 – Unemployment and underemployment is at best hovering just above 20%, and probably closer to 25% when everything is taken into account. And there’s nothing in the winds that suggest that it’s going to be getting any better any time soon.

To the contrary . . . EVERYTHING indicates that it’s only going to be getting worse.

2 – Almost FIFTY MILLION Americans are on Food-Stamps AND GROWING.

3 – Just about HALF of all Americans are on some type of Government Social Assistance.

4 – Less than 20% of the entire American population is carrying the entire weight of the country upon their shoulders.

5 – The American Government has DECLARED WAR upon the American Working Middle Class, including Small to Medium Size Businesses.

6 – Hollywood Elitists, Big Bankers, Giant Corporations, Unions, Civil Servants, Intellectuals, and all manner of Limousine Liberals have a FREE RIDE in America at the expense of America and the America people.

7 – America is no longer a Deterrent to Global threats, as can be witnessed as a pissant country like North Korea brings American Foreign Policy to its knees.

8 – The Arabs and Persians (Iran) couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass to what America thinks. Yet, the ONLY country America is prepared to BULLY is Israel, the ONLY true Democracy and FRIEND to America anywhere in that part of the world (Middle East), including most of Asia and Africa.

9 – With every passing day, the government is stripping more and more FREEDOMS from the American people with a plethora of ridiculous anti-choice regulations. How long do you think FREE people are going to continue to take this?


What does it say about Americans’ trust in their own government, when MILLIONS of Americans, including those who never held a gun in their hands, are all of a sudden buying all manner of guns and ammunition, as if it was their last chance to do so?

What does it say about wealthy and even not so wealthy Americans who are selling off dollars for Gold and Silver? Or are keeping their money under their mattresses?

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT AMERICA . . . is that America is about to come a apart at the seams as Conservative RIGHT TO WORK States put daylight and distance between themselves and the LEFTIST States that can’t survive without the money from the Conservatives.

I have held this opinion for quite a while. And whenever I’ve tried to find even a SLIVER of a silver lining in this dreadful cloud, all I found was more cloud.


With this new uncontested revelation by the LEFT . . . that children DO NOT BELONG TO THEIR PARENTS . . . but in fact BELONG TO THE COMMUNITIES, I truly believe that the RUBICON has been crossed.

I know animals . . . especially dogs. And I can tell you with 100% confidence, that barking dogs very rarely bite. Even growing dogs usually just posture. But dogs that are silent, yet stare with true malice, are the ones to be very much afraid of.

I’m not hearing much barking coming from a very angry Conservative populace. Are you?

I don’t want to be seen as a Conspiracy Theorist, but, one really has to wonder if the American government isn’t seeing the same thing that I am, since Homeland Security is purchasing as much military grade bullets (1.6 BILLION Rounds) as fast the manufacturers can produce them.

And could someone please explain to me why the Department of Social Services purchased 174,000 Hollow-Point bullets?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Here is another thought regarding Keystone and oil price. Due to the ingenuity of American oil and natural gas producers with regards to fracking and horizontal drilling we have increased our energy supplies and reducing our dependence on foreign energy sources. Here is the impact, Saudi Arabia is reducing their oil prices to lower the profit margins for domestic producers. It is having some impact; however, most of the impact is on Iran, Russia and other global oil producers.

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