Chamberlain – Czechoslovakia . . . Obama – Israel?


In FEBRUARY 1775, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WROTE . . . “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

ON SEPTEMBER 30, 1938 . . . Neville Chamberlain – Prime Minister of England, SOLD-OUT Czechoslovakia (Munich Agreement) to the Nazis in the cowardly pursuit of a non-existent Peace with a THUG.

ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1939 . . . almost a year to the day from the negotiations and the signing of the Munich Agreement that SOLD-OUT the Czechs, England was officially at war against the Nazis, AS WERE POLAND, FRANCE AND MOST OF THE REST OF EUROPE.

Had it not been for the entry of the United States of America into World War Two, England and the rest of Europe would UNDOUBTEDLY have fallen under the thumb of Nazi Germany.

And even with the incredible commitment of troops, equipment, treasure and blood from countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand from the outset of WWII, England and all of Europe needed America to survive . . . So much for negotiating with a THUG.

Fortunately – that was America then . . . Unfortunately not the same America today.


I suspect that Obama’s purpose in visiting Israel had far more to do with strengthening his own ego and stature in the USA and around the world, than anything that was positive for Israel.

I also think that Obama is so into his own self, that he is egotistically absorbed by creating a Peace Treaty between the Palestinians and Israel, no matter what the cost is to Israel, as a personal Messianic Mission to assuage his own ego more than anything else.


Israel is a geographically minuscule country, with up till now no natural resources to speak of. Israel is is ONLY 8,000 square miles in total size, comparable in size to North America’s Lake Ontario.

Israel is surrounded by more than THREE HUNDRED MILLION Arabs, and EIGHTY MILLION Persians, virtually all of whom want the Jewish State DEAD.

But, in spite of their best efforts through multiple wars, the Arab and Moslem hordes could not defeat Israel, no matter how many times they tried.

And even though Israel is on a continuous WAR-FOOTING, which involves near daily attacks on its homeland, including rocket-fire against its people, and BOYCOTTS from around the world, and a European Continent that has returned to it’s open Hatred of Jews . . . it is indeed a MIRACLE to see what the Israelis have done with this unbelievable land.

ISRAEL has a desperate lack of water; yet, Israel has become one of the world’s great agriculture nations. Israel is a GLOBAL leader in the world of High Tech, Medicine, Engineering, and a host of other technologies and sciences that benefit the entire Planet.

In the world of environmental responsibility and alternative energy, Israel takes a back seat to NO other nation, yet, the environmental LEFT hates Israel nonetheless.

In terms of Fiscal Responsibility and Israel’s overall economy, Israel’s currency (the Shekel) is EXTREMELY stable, Employment – in spite of all the challenges facing Israel is solid, just as are Israeli Banks.

And investment in Israel is the envy of the world.


By comparison . . . In the USA, especially under Obama, it seems that everything in America is heading towards disaster, where personal responsibility and sound government have become nothing more than a national joke, AND THAT TOO IS BECAUSE OF LEADERSHIP.

So . . . what could Obama possibly say to Israel that Israel needs to hear?

Everything Obama has touched has turned to CRAP. In his first weeks on the job in 2009, he screwed America’s European Allies Poland and the Czech Republic.

Obama RESET America’s relationship with Russia . . . to the detriment of America.

Obama cajoled the Arab World to revolt against America’s strongest Arab Allies such as Egypt’s Mubarak, creating a HOME for the vile America-Hating, Israel-Hating and Jew-Hating Moslem Brotherhood.

Through Obama’s strategy, or lack thereof, he has lost the peace in Iraq. And the Afghans are no better-off today, than they were 10 years ago when NATO first went in there to clear out the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Syria is in a full-fledged civil war, where America’s influence is nearly non-existent. Libya is no longer a real country, where Obama LIED about the murder of FOUR Americans including the US Ambassador. And Iran is well on its way to creating a nuclear arsenal in-spite of Obama’s BEST EMPTY THREATS.

Jordan and other somewhat friendly Arab States to America are in a panic because of what Obama has allowed to happen to their neighborhood, certainly not trusting Obama to provide them with REAL security if and when “IT HITS THE FAN”.

And not just to throw more fuel on the Obama fire, Turkey is on the verge of becoming yet another Islamic State that the West will not be able to depend upon.

The Palestinian WEST BANK is nothing more than a HATE-FILLED welfare region governed by TYRANNY. And Gaza is a PIT of VIPERS.

North Korea looks upon the Obama led USA as an amusement, as they continue to explode nuclear devices AGAINST Obama’s demands for them not to, while North Korea exports products and technologies of death and mass murder to Israel’s and America’s many enemies . . . one of them being Iran.

Under Obama . . . America’s Credit Rating was devalued for the FIRST TIME in US history. And the Chinese economy is scheduled to surpass the American economy within just TWO-YEARS.


Obama pulled his usual SHTICK . . . Instead of addressing the people of Israel through the Israeli government in the KNESSET (Israeli Parliament), as any respectful world leader would do, Obama opted instead to give his address to hand picked LEFTIST Israeli students, knowing that he would be idolized by the CHILDREN he spoke to.

Obama also knew . . . that had he given the same address to Members of Israel’s KNESSET, as he gave to the LEFTIST Children, not only would he have not been cheered, it is indeed possible that he would have been BOOED out of the Chamber.


For umpteen years of hanging with Israel-Haters and Jew-Haters, where Obama NEVER acknowledged Israel’s LEGITIMATE claim to the Jewish Homeland (including all of Judea and Samaria), someone must have shown him a copy of the Bible and the irrefutable antiquities that PROVE Israel’s MORE than THREE THOUSAND year history to Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land.


Obama really believes that he is a genius. That he is God’s GIFT to humanity, if not actually ordained by God himself to be the Messiah . . . BUT HE IS NOT.

Israel’s leaders are NOT LEFTIST school children waiting on bated breath for the words from America’s Messiah-In-Chief.

Israel’s leaders actually know which side is up. What is real, and what is smoke and mirrors. And can recognize a pile of manure when they see it and smell it.

They also know who and what Obama really is, and what they need to do to feed his insatiable ego.

And EVEN if it takes some serious PUBLIC ASS-KISSING of Obama on behalf of Netanyahu, just to stroke that colossal Obama ego in order for Israel to get what Israel really needs, I assure you, that is exactly what Netanyahu and the rest of Israel’s responsible leadership will do.


I don’t believe for a second, that under the surface, the relationship and trust factor on behalf of MOST Israelis for Obama has changed by one whit.

Israel has not survived against all odds because they’re gullible at best . . . and stupid at worst. And in a contest between the competence of Israeli Leaders and Barack Hussein Obama, there is no contest.


Perhaps Obama’s CRAPPOLA still plays well in the USA amongst many of the LEFTISTS, the Mainstream Media Sell-Outs, the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, the Hollywood Elitists and Limousine Liberals . . . but in Israel, where every decision can mean the difference between life and death, and the potential for another HOLOCAUST, the Israelis WILL NOT BE DUPED.

If Obama really believes that he made a difference to how Israel will behave in Israel’s Middle East Neighborhood, just because of his visit and the handpicked fawning children his advance-team setup as his backdrop and theatrics, he’s a bigger DUFUS than I already think he is.

I don’t know this for a fact . . . but I would bet that after Obama got on Air Force One to leave, Obama said MISSION Accomplished, while Netanyahu said: GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE PUTZ, knowing that he (Netanyahu) made no public concessions, while Obama the NARCISSIST was roped into several.

In my opinion . . . Obama’s Israel Victory was that he didn’t embarrass himself or America too much, except of course for his Ramallah speech under the huge banner-photograph of Yasser Arafat, the Father of Modern TERRORISM who died with the blood of Americans on his hands, not to forget the blood of THOUSANDS of other Arabs, along with the BLOOD of thousands of Israelis . . . including women and children.

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  1. Everything that I have seen and heard since 2008 leaves me 90% convinced that Obama’s a closet jihadist, aspiring to “The Caliphate”.

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