Over The LEFTIST Cliff


I have never been a TAKER . . . NEVER!

I have done far MORE than my “fair” share in helping others; not because I was compelled by government to do so, but rather, because I was compelled by my conscience and sense of right and wrong to contribute as I saw fit.

I have never envied someone else for his or her successes or possessions. And I have always felt sympathy for those good people who had tried and had lost.

I never asked anyone to sacrifice for me. I have never asked for pity. And when things in my life, whether in business or health had gone terribly wrong, I never asked WHY ME?

And I have never made anyone I’ve helped feel as if they owed me something – NOT EVER!

AND I’M NOT UNIQUE . . . there is no shortage of good people who do what is right, without the government telling them what to do, with no regard to reward or acknowledgement. In fact, there is an army of hard working people who take nothing while giving plenty.


I’ve been writing editorials for so many years, that I’ve forgotten when it all began. But, what I do remember is why . . .

The only reason a person writes social and political editorials is because he or she is angry, because he or she sees abuses, incompetence, and people who should be held to public account.

Also . . . in my case at least, it was because I thought that my editorial contributions might be able to make a difference, which my editorials have . . . but not the way I had intended.

As I continued to write editorials over the years, and as my thoughts became more focused, the large contribution I made wasn’t to others. It was to me.

I morphed from being a small “c” Liberal Conservative, into a Full-Blown Constitutional and Fiscal Conservative . . . as if I had a socio/political epiphany.

There are of course many other circumstances that changed the direction of the course of my socio/political thinking, but, nothing as much as me writing about the wholesale collapse of our Democracies.


Most people are under the impression, that if the worst were to happen, it will evolve slowly until it hits the proverbial fan.


The evolution towards the social/political/national abyss has been happening for generations, to the point that we are no longer at the edge, but have already gone over, and are in FREE-FALL.

Amongst the many problems this presents for everyone, and perhaps the MOST significant problem . . . is that the vast majority of people are either too stupid to know that we are already in total collapse, or are too engrossed in nonsense and ignorance to even know that the problems that all but guarantee the total crash of our societies are insurmountable.


When a Mayor like Bloomberg of New York City can dictate to his employers (the voting public), what size soda they can have with their restaurant meal, and that restaurants can’t put salt on the dining table, and that new mothers be denied baby formula in the hospitals unless they specifically ask for it, and there isn’t an absolute OUTRAGE from the people . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

When a government DEMANDS by law that taxpayers MUST pay for the sexual contraceptive devices of women who want to have sex – OR ELSE, and there is no real OUTRAGE . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

When people admit with PRIDE, that they cheated at the voting booth by voting multiple times for a candidate to be President, and suffer no real consequences . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

When people are punished and demonized by the government for being financially successful, while those who live to TAKE are given food stamps whether they need them or not, welfare whether they need it or not, free cell phones and two-years of unemployment insurance whether they are looking for work or not . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

When elected officials are caught stealing, cheating and lying, and face no real consequences . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

When the MEDIA becomes a willing propaganda organ for the State . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

When the government comes to the reality that the people work for the government, opposed to the government working for the people . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

And when the people fear the government more than the government fears the people . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

When the Justice System is unavailable to the people, and exists to serve itself and the government . . . IT’S ALL OVER.

And then there is the economy, where the government can never pay back the money it owes, while the MAKERS go broke paying for the TAKERS . . . IT’S ALL OVER.


Everything in the preceding has happened and is happening, telling me that the forces that will end our societies as we know them are already upon us.


Our Democratic Societies were built upon the concept of competing and confrontational ideas and philosophies that focused on one CORE CONCEPT, which was best stated by Abraham Lincoln at his Gettysburg Address:

That . . . “Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth” . . . ONLY IF THAT WERE STILL TRUE.


What happens when the opposition is no better than the government? When the opposition stands for nothing more than getting elected and then reelected? And when it surrenders its values and principles to buy votes?

We are bearing witness today of the painful consequences when government becomes bigger than the people it serves. And the people so willingly serve the government.


Not only have the American people, and the people of my country (Canada) surrendered their FREEDOM on the altar of the NANNY-STATE . . . but in the case of America, American voters chose twice to elect the most UN-AMERICAN President in American history – based on Obama’s color opposed to his character.

My worry is no longer about what can be done to keep from going over the cliff, since we’re already in FREE-FALL. My concern is about what happens after we hit bottom.

If you are a TAKER opposed to being a MAKER, God help you, because there will be no government or anyone else who will.

For me and mine . . . for my likeminded family, friends and neighbors, now is the time for all of us to think hard about how we will shape our new tomorrow. Because, when it’s all over for the TAKERS, it will be a new beginning for the MAKERS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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