With Friends Like The Jewish Left – Israel Does Not Need Enemies

TWELVE LEFTIST Jewish Senators Support An Anti-Semite For Secretary Of Defense.

Some people took the sub-headline of my last editorial (February 20, 2013) . . . “A New Brotherhood For Me”, as confirmation that I will be converting from Judaism.

That’s not true. Not even close to being true.

What is true . . . is that the Pentecostals with whom I met last week, and who have taken such a public and active position towards the defense of Israel and the RIGHTS of Jews everywhere to live in Freedom and Security have indeed become my Brothers.

Also . . . that these Evangelical Christians share my Moral Values and COMMITMENT to doing what is right, regardless of religion, also makes these incredible Folk my Brothers.

So . . . if some people are concerned that I’m changing TEAMS, stop being concerned, since I’m not all that much of a TEAM-PLAYER to begin with. And besides, the only TEAM that I’m on is all about decency, commitment, morality, personal obligation, fairness and FREEDOM.

And the last time I looked, one didn’t have to be of any specific religion to be a member in FULL STANDING of this TEAM.

Therefore . . . what I wrote in that editorial is EXACTLY what I meant – EXACTLY as it was – And EXACTLY as it will continue to be.

The people with whom I shared the few days of my Birthday were . . . and will continue to be folks that I cannot be more proud to call my BROTHERS.

And not to forget Carolyn Burd . . . my SISTERS too.

And anyone who has any objection to any of this would perhaps be more comfortable reading someone else’s BLOG.


Obama’s on his way to Israel to twist Netanyahu’s arm until Netanyahu yells uncle, or until Netanyahu’s arm breaks.

Netanyahu’s Coalition Government Is Cause For Worry:

From what I see in terms of Netanyahu’s choices to form his new coalition government, specifically with Tzipi Livni who has a severe allergy to the truth, who is a Political Opportunist, LEFTIST par excellence, and APPEASER to Israel’s enemies who is willing to sell-out Israel for a nonexistent peace with people who wish to see Israel DEAD and GONE; I am far more worried than just somewhat.

What Lessons Have The Jewish Community Learned From The Holocaust?

When I see that just a fraction of under 70% of America’s Jewish Community voted for a dreadful Israel-Hater like Obama, even after all the pressure and insults Obama foisted upon Israel and Israel’s Prime Minister, all I see is the reincarnation of Europe’s appeasing Jews who went through the gates of perdition less than seventy years ago.


ALSO . . . when I see prominent Jewish Members of Congress in the House and the Senate, but specifically in the Senate . . . like Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, ALL OF WHOM are supporting Israel-Haters and anti-Semites like Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense and John Brennan for Director of the CIA, the only word that comes to mind is QUISLINGS.

I have written repeatedly in a myriad of ways that the Jewish people need no external enemies, since we ourselves seem to be all the enemies we require.

I am aware that there are no shortages of LEFTIST Jews who believe that Israel is the problem. And how Israel is meaningless to them, since they are not Israelis. And how the Jews of Israel should stop being “OCCUPIERS” and perpetrators of “APARTHEID”.

These Quislings, many of whom are Lear Jet and Limousine Liberals, remind me of the people who blame the victim of rape, because she was too cute and her dress was too short, and because of that, she enticed the rapist . . . ‘cause that’s the way it is with Israel.

It’s ALWAYS Israel’s fault because Israel is Too Successful – Too Modern – Too Democratic – Too Western – AND TOO JEWISH.

I only wish that the 70% of American Jews who voted for Obama and are saying nothing about the THREE HORSEMEN OF ISRAELI ARMAGEDDON . . . John Kerry (State Department), John Brennan (Director CIA) and Chuck Hagel (Secretary of Defense) would be more like my Christian Evangelical FRIENDS and BROTHERS . . . than the Quislings they’ve become.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Teri Newman, thanks for the advice on the best ribs. I’ll be there tonight! Make sure that big rib steak is rare Howard.
    All who follow the news have to wonder long and hard: Why does Barry Obama work so hard and advocate so forcefully to get jailed terrorists back into the jihad? Who exactly, is this son of a Muslim and step-son of another Muslim, and what exactly are his goals?
    Coming to Florida soon, Howard?

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