As Obama most famously said: “Elections have consequences.”

It would take the sun and the moon for anyone to convince me that Barack Hussein Obama, who has still not turned-over his scholastic records . . . NONE OF THEM, is anything but an outright liar.

Obama’s Press Office just released a photo of him skeet shooting, with perfect gunpowder smoke coming out of the shotgun barrel in front of an equally picture-perfect background of green scenery.

IT’S ALL JUST TOO PERFECT . . . As I see it, this picture is probably no less staged (Photo-Shopped) than just about everything else about this phoney-baloney’s life . . . AND HERE’S WHY.

This PICTURE-PERFECT image of Obama is supposed to be about him skeet shooting. OK – If that’s what this image is supposed to be, I would like to know why the shotgun Obama is firing is being held almost parallel to the ground . . . WHEN IN FACT – SKEETS ARE FIRED INTO THE AIR.

And if you get a chance to look at the photo, check-out Obama’s trigger finger, and ask yourself why the trigger isn’t fully depressed, if the shell is JUST-JUST being released as the gun smoke indicates.


What’s really important isn’t whether Obama lied about this photo or not, what’s most important is that I and MILLIONS of others like me don’t have enough faith or respect in our politicians to believe anything they do or say . . . NOT EVEN THINGS WE CAN SEE FOR OURSELVES – LIKE A PHOTO.


The other day, Hillary Clinton had a grand farewell at the State Department carried live by many of the Television Networks. She was described by virtually all of the Mainstream Media as the GREATEST Secretary of State ever . . . all with the exception of FOX News that is.

So . . . If Hilary Clinton was the BEST Secretary of State EVER, what does that say about how bad all of her predecessors must have been, since everything Clinton touched has turned to crappola?

I won’t go through the whole litany of messes Clinton left in her wake, right up to and including Benghazi, the Arab Spring (nightmare), the reset with Russia where Putin has eaten Obama’s breakfast and is coming back for his lunch and supper, the mess with Turkey, the disaster with Iran and how Clinton was in there while Obama screwed-over Israel.

Otherwise, if you pay attention to Obama’s LEFTIST Mainstream Media, Clinton was simply the best. I guess we all have our own set of standards.


1 – John Brennan . . . Director of CIA:

Here are two quotes from the man who will be Obama’s new Director of Central Intelligence (taken from FRONTPAGEMAG.COM).

“The President’s strategy is absolutely clear about the threat we face. Our enemy is not “terrorism” because terrorism is but a tactic. Our enemy is not “terror” because terror is a state of mind, and as Americans we refuse to live in fear. Nor do we describe our enemy as “jihadists” or “Islamists” because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam.”

“Moreover, describing our enemy in religious terms would lend credence to the lie—propagated by al-Qaeda and its affiliates to justify terrorism—that the United States is somehow at war against Islam. The reality, of course, is that we never have been and will never be at war with Islam.”

In addition to the above quotes, Brennan has wasted few words describing all that is wrong with Israeli policies, while ignoring anything that is wrong with the Palestinians.

2 – John Kerry . . . Secretary of State:

I won’t go into the inventory of things that make Kerry amongst the poorest of choices for Secretary of State, other than I believe that people are like Leopards . . . BORN WITH SPOTS – DIE WITH SPOTS.

While American boys and men were fighting, being blown-up, dying in Vietnam, and while still in uniform himself, John Kerry, much like Jane Fonda, he met with America’s enemy in Paris to give aid and comfort.

If that’s not TREASONABLE . . . I don’t know what is. It’s one thing to criticize your country. But, to collude with the enemy goes beyond reason.

And when Kerry came home from Vietnam, also while still in uniform, he went before a LEFTIST Congressional Hearing, and the America HATING Media of the world to tell all who would listen about the horrible WAR CRIMES committed by American troops in Vietnam, as if all American soldiers were rapists and murderers.

It’s just too bad that Kerry’s version of what the American troops did in Vietnam didn’t quite come close to resembling the truth. But what the hell, since when does truth, honor and patriotism have much bearing on a LEFTIST?

And now . . . this man with all the answers, who has a long history of enmity to the UPPITY State of Israel, because Israel won’t succumb to the HATE of her Arab neighbors and the Anti-Semitic World . . . is about to TEACH the Israelis a lesson in how to get along and play nice.

3 – Chuck Hagel . . . Secretary of Defense:

What can possibly be said about Chuck Hagel . . . that Hagel hasn’t already said about himself that describes him to a “T”?

Hagel REALLY doesn’t like Israel. He REALLY does like the Iranians and Arabs. He REALLY doesn’t want America to have a large and strong military. But he REALLY does want the USA to be just like any other military power leading from behind.

AND TO BOOT . . . Hagel thinks the American Jewish lobby intimidates Congress.


What would Obama say to Egyptian and Moslem Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Morsi, if Morsi said the above about Blacks rather than about Jews?


Would Obama think the same of Morsi publicly, as he does today, if Morsi said that White Folk should teach their children to HATE Black People, just as he said that Arab/Moslem Children should learn how to hate Jews?


It seems to me that Obama would have no problem with this premise that American Slavery never happened, since he obviously has no problem with Morsi stating as FACT that the Holocaust never happened.

Here’s a man whom Obama can’t say for certain if he’s an ally or a foe, who Obama is having at the White House as his guest, who he’s just authorized the GIFT of 20 F-16’s and 200 State-Of-The-Art A1M1 Abram Tanks, who Obama helped to put into power by encouraging the overthrow of Mubarak, a known and reliable ally to the West.


Obama is responsible for this Egyptian NIGHTMARE . . . but so is Hilary Clinton, the BEST Secretary of State EVER, that is if you’re to believe the Mainstream media and the rest of the LEFT.

The fact that Morsi and Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas are Jew Haters, Israel-Haters, and Holocaust Deniers seems not to faze Obama or any of his upper echelon, not even the GREATEST Secretary of State EVER, should be reason enough for Israel to be concerned.

BUT . . . When you take into account the entire HORROR-SHOW facing Israel, with a cast of villains who are absolutely dedicated to the task of DESTROYING the Jewish State, and a US President who fills the THREE most important foreign executive positions . . . CIA, STATE and MILITARY with three SELF-HATING Americans who LOATHE Israel, I think Israel should have far more reason and right for concern . . . MORE than just somewhat.

THE GOOD NEWS . . . is that the three Israeli Parties who won biggest in the recent Israeli Election are not led by appeasers or wimps. These are smart, dedicated, and very successful (relatively) young CONSERVATIVE men who are not about to allow Israel to be rolled over.

And just like Conservative Americans will have to MAN-UP and withstand the Obama whirlwind of LEFTIST treachery and incompetence, so will Israel.

And not to miss an opportunity to stick-it to the LEFTIST Jewish Lobby FOR Obama; whatever happens as a result of Obama’s distaste for Israel is on them for supporting Obama by a margin of just about 70%.

I wonder how the Pro Obama Jewish Lobby is feeling now, that Obama’s Administration through Joe Biden has just announced that they’re looking forward to a one-on-one between Obama and Ahmadinejad? It’s no less like Hitler meeting with Neville Chamberlain in September 1938.

As Obama most famously said . . . “Elections have consequences.”

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello Howard,

    Regarding Pollard he should have been shot for this treasonous
    act. You sell out your country for another you deserve no mercy.
    He chose Israel over his own country and that’s wrong.

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