Jews And Christians TOGETHER

Obama believes that HE KNOWS WHAT’S BEST FOR ISRAEL, more so than does Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and all the people who support the Israeli Prime Minister.

According to Obama’s sycophant insider media supporters, Obama believes that if Netanyahu doesn’t take his (Obama’s) advice, and does not capitulate (my word) with the Palestinians, Israel will become totally isolated from the civilized world.


What Obama is portraying through third parties while he PRETENDS to be the good guy is thus . . . The ONLY real friend Israel has of consequence is the United States of America. And as President of the USA, by De Facto, he is Israel’s BEST friend.

So . . . by extension – Israel should be very careful not to isolate Obama.

Obama has made it absolutely clear that Israel will become a “PARIAH” State (his word) if Israel does not toe-the-line according to Obama.

And for Israel to do that:

1 – Israel MUST return to the 1948 armistice lines (before the 6-Day War in 1967) with some alterations.

2 – Israel MUST surrender East Jerusalem to the Arabs, where the Palestinians will create their capital.

3 – Israel MUST evacuate much of the so-called Settlements on what Israel-Haters define as OCCUPIED Lands.

4 – Israel MUST cease building housing within Israel, unless Obama says that Israel can.

And then there’s the question of allowing so-called Palestinian REFUGEES the right to return to what is now Israel.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . Israel is becoming more isolated by the day. Jews throughout Europe are openly being assailed reminiscent of the early 1930’s, and are being set-up as FALL GUYS for a government (Israel) whose ONLY crime is to survive.


It is easy to look at MORE than ONE BILLION Moslems who have a visceral hatred for Jews and Israel. It is less obvious, but no less true that there are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Europeans who also HATE Jews and Israel.

And then there are American LEFTISTS, including no shortage of Jewish American Obama supporters who think that criticizing Israel will somehow elevate them to a higher moral plateau.

Between 1936 (Nazi Nuremburg Laws) and 1945 (Liberation of the Death Camps), there were plenty of Elitist European Jews who were only too quick to capitulate with Europe’s Nazis, convincing their co-religionists that acquiescence was the best choice.

WORSE . . . There were no shortage of Elitist Western European Jews who blamed Jewish VICTIMS for bringing this upon themselves. And there were far too many German, Austrian, Hungarian, French and British Jews who looked down in embarrassment at the “backwardness” of their more religious and less sophisticated Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian co-religionists.

It’s LESS than 70 years since the Liberation of Nazi European DEATH Camps, and here we are WITNESSING the repeat of HISTORY, but this time, instead of the world painting Jews as either Communists or Capitalists; whichever invoked the greatest amount of public derision at that time, JEWS ARE NOW BEING PAINTED AS EVIL THROUGH THE CONTRIVED SPECTRUM OF ISRAEL BEING AN APARTHEID STATE.

I am not surprised that so many LEFTIST North American Jews (USA and Canada) see Israel as the GUILTY Party . . . or as the problem rather than the solution.

And the reason why I am not surprised . . . is because throughout almost 6000 years of Jewish history, we have been our own worst enemy.

There are MANY people within the Jewish community who believe that I, and others like me are OVER-THE-TOP, but then again, there were no shortage of Jews in Nazi Europe who said the same thing about people then, who like me, would not bend a knee or remain silent.

Because of Obama and America’s LEFT . . . with the enthusiastic support of America’s LEFTIST Jews (70% voted for Obama), Israel is in VERY serious trouble. And if Israel is in very serious trouble, so is the Global Jewish Community.

And if history is to repeat itself, as it always does . . . when Jews are attacked, the RIGHTS of the world are attacked. And when the Moslems get done with Israel – that is when they will really begin their war on North America, just as Islamists are successfully engaging in Europe.


I cannot begin to properly express my absolute GRATITUDE to America’s PENTECOSTALS, who have embraced the battle to save Israel, more so than have most North American Jews.

In partnership with the Evangelical M-25 Motorcycle of Hope Riders, North American Jews along with some Israeli Jews, will be Riding our Bikes from across Canada and the United States to stand as one with Israel in Dallas Texas on July 22, 2013.

Because of Pastor GARY BURD of Amarillo Texas, who heads the M-25 Riders, this will be the SECOND time Jews and Christians on Motorcycles from across North America will be coming together to make a Solemn Pledge of NEVER AGAIN to a SECOND Holocaust.


WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE . . . Some of the Jewish Riders in this event approached MAINSTREAM Jewish organizations to see what kind of support they could offer us, which could have been as modest as an event endorsement, of which NONE was offered.

I guess hobnobbing with the Elitist and well connected political class in the name of the Jewish Community trumps supporting such a GRASS-ROOTS initiative.

During the FIRST Pledge Ride in Ottawa last year (May 31, 2013) . . . which I organized, we were told flat-out by several Jewish Elitist Organizations that we could not count on them for anything. NOT EVEN THEIR BEST WISHES, which were NEVER forthcoming.

And all we asked from them was to help spread the word amongst Jewish Organizations, so we would have as large a turnout in support of this event as possible . . . AND THAT SEEMED TO BE TOO MUCH.

If the silence of Canaries is the sound of alarm in the coalmines, so is the sound of silence of support for the Jewish people that is the alarm for everyone’s FREEDOM.


Our goal is to turnout THOUSANDS of additional people to the Dallas Pledge, where several thousand Pentecostals will be gathering, and HUNDREDS, if not as many as 1000 Christian and Jewish Bikers from across North America will meet to deliver this very important message.

And if we do this RIGHT, we will have no shortage of premium media coverage on radio, television, in print and on-line to make our voices heard and the RIGHTS of Israel to live in peace and prosperity as the legitimate goal for all FREE loving people.


So . . . Here is a very heartfelt PERSONAL request: PLEASE HELP US GET THIS DONE.

There are many expenses that must be covered . . . I have to pay for the expenses of two of our MOST important speakers and supporters, who are JOYCE KAUFMAN of WFTL Radio in Florida, and NONIE DARWISH the founder of ARABS FOR ISRAEL.

Both of these incredible women have volunteered their time to be at this event. They want NOTHING in return for their participation. But, we have to get them to Dallas. We have to pay for their travel, their accommodations and meals. AND THAT’S A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS.

We need to pay for the cost of several Emergency Chase Vehicles and Flat-Bed Tow Trailers that will stay with the two main Motorcycle formations from beginning to end.

We need to pay for artwork, printing, brochures, flyers, business cards, patches, our Web Site – etc. And even though we are asking the Riders to pay a registration fee, not everyone in this economy can afford to do that.

In mid February . . . on the day of my 63rd birthday, I have agreed to fly to Georgia to participate with Gary Burd of the M-25 Mission of Hope Riders in the making of a Video that will be used to promote this event and our ABSOLUTE Commitment to the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN.

Imagine what it would have been like some 70 to 80 years ago, if this same in your face attitude had existed amongst UNITED Christians and Jews who would have willingly stood together against the European Nazis and their supporters.


Access to is FREE. I try my best to read and respond to all of your letters. AND THAT’S FREE TOO. I generally ask the THOUSANDS of people who routinely visit this Web Site for very little. But, I’m asking now.

I would like you to visit our Pledge Riders Web Site at so you can read for yourself what this RIDE is all about.

And once on the Web Site, you can actually purchase Pledge Riders Patches, T-Shirts and Caps on the Registration page, where you can also make a DONATION.

But . . . You can donate to this event simply by clicking on the button that says HOW TO SUPPORT GALGANOV.COM, which is located on every page including the page you are currently reading.

All of the money collected on either Web Site will be directed towards supporting the Pledge Ride. And even though has an impressive number of visitors, those who contribute are but a mere fraction of those who visit.

If you can help, that would be GREAT. If you can’t afford to help financially, no problem, you can help by spreading the word.


As I see it . . . Israel has not been in as much peril since the FALL OF MASADA at the hands of the Romans in 73 AD. And the Jewish people have not been in as much peril since 1936 when the Nazis passed the Nuremburg Laws.

We are not large in numbers. But we will make certain that we will be heard. We are not powerful. But we will not bend a knee . . .


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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