When Do We Stop Taking This Kind Of Advice From Boehner?


I made a trade with Anne (my beautiful wife) . . . that if she installed the new wireless Internet router, I would bake a STUPENDOUS sugar-free, whole-wheat, banana/apple loaf, loaded with walnuts, topped over with a very generous amount of pecans.

Not to brag – but . . . my baking talent from scratch is really good. And as I’m writing this, the aroma coming from the oven is mellowing me down somewhat.

But . . . To make certain that I don’t get too mellow, I’m listening to Bill O’Reilly, the FOX News narcissist, who could easily give Obama a run for the title of the biggest EGO in the land.

Generally – I have much better things to do than listen to, or watch O’Reilly. But, nonetheless, here’s his voice in the background as I’m baking, AND HE’S STILL accusing Mitt Romney of BLOWING the 2012 election.


I’m going to say this for the UMPTEENTH time . . . NO ONE could have beaten Obama in 2012 for a whole host of CRITICAL reasons:

1 – Obama PROMISED the entire SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch a FREE RIDE. And since about half of all Americans pay no federal income tax, and about half of the American people receive benefits from the federal government, there is no way in a GAZILLION years that they would vote for someone like Romney who might take away their FREE-RIDE.

2 – This wasn’t a campaign between two men running for the same office, since it was NEVER a fair fight.

This was EVERY LEFTIST Media, which included ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and MOST of the Printed Media, INCLUDING most of those horrible Hollywood CRETINS, all of which and whom brutally savaged Romney.

3 – This election was ALSO all about Obama and his media SYCOPHANTS waging an outright vicious war of lies and character assassination against a decent man, whom – had he won, would have probably been one of America’s all-time great Presidents, at a time when America really needed a great President in the White House.

Back to O’Reilly for a moment . . . Even though O’Reilly likes to talk about how TOUGH he was on Obama, when Obama deemed O’Reilly’s show worthy of his presence, the truth . . . is that O’Reilly couldn’t have been a bigger ass-kisser.

O’Reilly talked tough . . . and he sounded tough. But in the final analysis, the O’Reilly interviews with Obama were nothing more or less than a show.


During the 2012 campaign, when O’Reilly’s Conservative guests would accuse or hint that Obama was a Socialist – O’Reilly would chastise those guests saying: “You don’t have any evidence that the President is a socialist.”

It seems that ONLY O’Reilly didn’t get the Obama/Socialist memo.

And on one show that I happened to watch during the 2012 election . . . when O’Reilly’s on the scene reporter Jesse Waters referred to Obama as just “Obama”, O’Reilly publicly insulted, spanked and demeaned Waters for NOT referring to Obama as “President Obama” – demanding that Waters should show the President all due respect.

Jesse Waters looked more embarrassed at this very public dressing-down than I can describe. But . . . as PROTECTIVE as O’Reilly was of Obama at every opportunity, O’Reilly screwed-over Romney because Romney wouldn’t appear on O’Reilly’s show.


In truth . . . O’Reilly was with the mainstream media he claims to really dislike, while he too piled-onto Romney right along with the rest of them.

And then there’s O’Reilly schmoozing it up BIG-TIME with ultra LEFTISTS like David Letterman, the Women on the View, and John Stewart. My old fashioned folks always warned me to be careful, because whether we like it or not, we’re judged by the company we keep.


A few brief words were exchanged between Harry Reid and John Boehner during the Fiscal Cliff debacle, that SUMS-UP everything about the politicians, the debt, the deficit, the FREE RIDE and all the other bad-stuff.

It seems that Reid had so pissed-off Boehner, that when the two of them came into contact just prior to the vote on the Fiscal Cliff, Boehner told Reid that he should GO F*** HIMSELF.

Not once . . . but TWICE.

What is most appropriate about this exchange of words . . . is that this is exactly what the politicians have been saying to all the American people – THAT THEY SHOULD ALL GO AND F*** THEMSELVES . . . just as Congress, the White House and the Judicial System continuously shows their utter contempt for the people they are “SUPPOSED” to serve.

But it’s not just in the USA, since our Canadian system is no better.

As a matter of fact, what is happening today in the USA has been part of our Canadian culture for years, where multiple levels of government effectively do whatever they want, while our UNELECTED Judiciary decides from day to day what our FREEDOMS will be and won’t be at their very own whim.

On December 6, 2012, Canada’s Supreme Court decided NOT to hear a critical appeal for Freedom of Expression; the DIRECT result of this Supreme Court decision NOT to give LEAVE for a hearing, simply means that the unrestricted use of the English language anywhere in Canada is NO LONGER a guarantee.

I will go into this in much greater detail in future editorials, and explain what I intend to do about it.


As far as the media goes, at least in the USA, there are real Conservative Radio Talk-Show Hosts willing to take it to the establishment, where in Canada, people like me are virtually NON-EXISTENT.

And even though there is FOX News in the USA, which is a voice in the wilderness, that does have a Conservative bent, there is an inadequate equivalent in Canada (SUN News) that does their best just to stay alive, since Canadian apathy is something to behold.

But in the long run, whether it is in Canada or the USA, the media is NOT our friend.


If we do not do whatever must be done to win back our FREEDOMS, I guarantee that by the time the people wake up to the truth, we will be living under the thumb of the people we pay to manage our affairs. AND TO A GREAT EXTENT . . . WE ALREADY ARE.

And if we do nothing NOW, much sooner rather than later, there will be no recourse for any of us, other than through insurrection by the few.

And if you don’t believe me . . . look at what the REPUBLICANS allowed to happen in the Fiscal Cliff vote, essentially voting AGAINST the will of the people who put them in office.

Look at Boehner, who was just reelected to be the Speaker of the House, in spite of his disastrous Lack Of Conservative record as the Speaker.

Look at the decision by the US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who betrayed his own Conservative values by judging in favor of Obamacare AGAINST the will of the majority of the people.

And look at Canada’s Supreme Court . . . that has opened the door to the restriction of unlimited Freedom of Expression to Canada’s English speakers who comprise NINETY-SEVEN Percent of Canada’s total population, excluding French Separatist Quebec, where the unrestricted use of the English language has been against the law since the 1970’s.


Boehner could not have said it better, than when he said to Reid that he should GO F*** HIMSELF, when in absolute truth . . . in juxtaposition, it is WE THE PEOPLE, whether we are in Canada or the USA, who pay the freight for the entire country, who are being told to GO F*** OURSELVES everyday by OUR OWN ELECTED AND APPOINTED EMPLOYEES.

Personally – I’m kind of tired of it . . . How about you?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I do not know of anyone that could have said it better. Again, all this is the responsibility of the American People. Starting back in 1989 it was all there for everyone to see. As this Clown stumbled his way through the 90″s and into the 20″s he
    left a trail of lies and failures. He babbled about everything in his life from his Birth until he fell backwards into the White House…..no one bothered to look. The USA is a very large Country both in size and population. We are all to blame.

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