Avoiding The Truth And Responsibility


I was besieged with more than the usual volume of harsh criticism I receive for some of my editorials, but this time for my last editorial on what happened at the school in Connecticut.

I was called heartless because I focused on cause rather than the event, and that I was homophobic because in the mix of what I perceived to be wrong with our societies; I included the promotion of Gays and Lesbians as NOT being a “normal” lifestyle, while in the schools, it is indeed promoted as being “normal”.


Chicago is on track to more than FIVE HUNDRED murders in the year 2012. That’s more than FORTY murders per month, which is more than twice the number of children who were murdered by a very sick individual on Friday December 14, 2012, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.


So, what about all the other inner cities where extraordinary youth on youth violence is a daily misery?

What about the children who die every day from drug related causes?

We know from available statistics that millions of people in America die every year from drug use, but, there are no reliable statistics for how many of them are children under the age of eighteen. But you could use your imagination.

We do know from published statistics through childhelp.org – that as many as FIVE children die EVERY DAY in the USA from neglect and abuse. And according to childhelp.org, that number of deaths related to child abuse and neglect is probably double that.

Also . . . according to the latest statistics I could find vis a vis the American Medical Association and the FBI, less than 20% of rapes are reported to the police. However, conservative estimates for women raped in America are startling, at more than TWO THOUSAND rapes per day.

But even MORE disquieting than that, is that about 60% of all rape victims . . . almost two thirds – are under the age of EIGHTEEN.


If you click-on YouTube and you search girl on girl fistfights or anything like that, you could spend days watching girls beating the crap out of each other while their “friends” stand on the sideline cheering them on.

In some occasions, there are gang beatings of one girl getting pummeled by several.

But, what I find to be even more disconcerting than the actual fights themselves, which are more disturbing than just somewhat, are that they are posted on YouTube as a form of perverse and perverted entertainment.

The same is true for boys and young men who are more forceful in their fights than are the girls, but not any more violent by comparison.


And of course . . . there are violent video games, demeaning reality TV shows, racist and violent rap music, really bad Hollywood movies and “LIBERAL” parents who want to be friends with their children rather than parents.

I wrote the preceding . . . not to diminish what happened at the Connecticut Elementary School on December 14, 2012, but to illustrate a pervasive sickness in our modern society that touches on the very SOUL of our culture and future.

I watched the initial reports of the massacre during the first day of the shooting, because it was news and because I wanted to know why it happened. I also watched the second day because of new facts that were being disclosed.


It bothers me how the media has pounced on this event, to the point that it has now become a new Reality TV Show in itself, drawing massive audiences, even though there really isn’t anything new in this news, other than a total invasion into what I believe should be the personal grief of those who have suffered one of the worst kinds of loss.

TWENTY children are dead. SIX adults are dead . . . And nothing anyone can say and do will bring any of them back. So, the question that should be open for discussion is this:

What can be done to make certain that things like this might not happen again?

The raw truth is that there is no stopping insanity. But, there is no reason why our countries cannot spend the BILLIONS of dollars needed to treat and or institutionalize those who are truly disturbed.

If the government has so much money that it can promise and deliver FREE stuff to people to buy votes, OVER-PAY our politicians right to the day they die, and maintain an obscenely costly and bloated civil service that does very little to nothing, then the government SHOULD have MORE than enough money to properly deal with mentally unstable people, if they would simply CUT-OUT THEIR OWN WASTEFUL NONSENSE.


Even though you will never find a greater proponent of Freedom of Expression than I am, there comes a time indeed, when this FOUNDATIONAL Freedom must bear responsible restrictions.

We all know that you cannot yell fire in a movie theater. Or even whisper highjack on an airplane. So, why can’t we place reasonable restrictions on other things that should not be said or seen over a public venue?

The government has it within its power to ban all gratuitously violent videos from YouTube and other Internet sites, unless the government thinks that it is not a problem.

If anyone at any age wants to see raw pornography at any time of the day or night 24/7, all he or she has to do is go online and key-in in any type of porn he or she would like to see – and it’s all there.

BAN IT from the Internet, just like porn was banned when I was a kid. If an adult wants to go out and buy it with proof of age . . . that would be fine with me.

Make the sale of extremely violent video games ILLEGAL online and/or in the stores, since any incitement to violence is already against the law.

Don’t coddle violent children or children who break the law. PROSECUTE them with REAL punishment, to be used as an-honest-to-goodness deterrent and message to others who might as a result think twice before they act.

AND LOWER THE AGE OF RESPONSIBILITY FROM 18 TO 16 YEARS OLD . . . and in certain cases, even lower than that.

The FCC and the CRTC (Canada) like to regulate. So, let them start where it counts, and BAN violent and RACIST “music” from the airwaves, like calling women whores and bitches – and how to kill cops.

Everyone should BOYCOTT the movies of racist MILLIONAIRE movie stars Jamie Foxx, in his case . . . who places Obama on a par with God, and publicly REVELED in the fact that even though his latest movie is incredibly violent, he said that it is OK, because: “I kill all the White people in this movie – HOW GREAT IS THAT?”


If it means building a THOUSAND new prisons to incarcerate all the Gang-Bangers, dope dealers, pimps and anyone else who traffics in DEPRAVITY . . . JUST DO IT, and you’d be surprised how fast people will become respectful of the law, and how few prisons we would really need once the word got out.

Kids who are violent in school and/or on the streets . . . LOCK THEM UP.

STOP voting for TURD politicians, and hold every bureaucrat responsible to answer to the people, opposed to having the people answer to the bureaucrats.


It’s easy . . . TRAIN and ARM every teacher willing to CARRY an unconcealed weapon.

I have had more than enough with the media sideshow of this tragedy, because other than filling time on television and space in newspapers, nothing will change this horror unless the overall attitude of the people change. And I don’t think the media is doing anything to make that happen.

And unless we as a society are willing to get back to basic family values and personal responsibilities for people of all ages, color, religions, gender and cultures, what is happening everywhere around us will just get worse, to the point of a total moral breakdown, because that’s the message of what happened in Newtown Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

The shooter was severely mentally deranged . . . and even though that was more or less a consequence of birth, it is how we as a society dealt with him and God only knows how many others like him, that is indicative to how far we have not travelled in a direction of responsibility.

The LEFT is always screaming for MORE compassion and MORE government intervention. But, when it comes down to it, where’s the LEFT when it really counts?

I used to own licensed guns. I had pistols, including revolvers and semi-automatics. I also had rifles. But I never hunted. I owned these guns YEARS ago, strictly for recreational target shooting. And when I became bored with this, I sold all the weapons I had.

But now . . . now that I see where the world is headed, especially because of the LEFTS’ “laissez-faire” attitude to personal responsibility, and their takeover of our society, I truly fear that the worst is indeed possible.

I hope that I am absolutely wrong, and that society will not break down. I hope that REASON will prevail, and that people will understand that the LEFT is wrong, and there are NO FREE RIDES.

But, in the event that the worst does happen, I do not want to be unprepared.

In January, I am taking the Canadian Firearms Acquisition Course, which will enable me to legally purchase all lawful Long-Guns, which exclude automatics and assault rifles.


After the course, I will purchase a 12-gauge pump-action shot gun, put it aside, and forget that I have it, in the hope that I will NEVER need it.

Maybe the Mayans were warning us to beware of ourselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Republicans have been in a no win situation for years. Anything they do or say is ridiculed by the Dems, the Left, but most importantly by the press; constantly made out to be wrong, wrong, or idiots. Trying to find a wishy-washy middle where they won’t be attacked, Republicans have been cowered. If they find fault with Obama/government, they are called “obstructionist” and the people are pounded by the media that they are. Remember, Obama wanted to limit what Right radio could say.

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