Capitulation Is An Invitation For Genocide

Jews . . . my CORELIGIONISTS - are our own worst enemy.

When Obama says to Israel: “I’ve got your back” . . . it means beware of the knife, because, as sure as Obama is on a CRUSADE to destroy the American Dream, he is just as determined to do as much harm to Israel as he can get away with.

SOMETIMES IT’S BEST NOT TO SUCCUMB TO THE PRESSURE . . . no matter what the consequences might be.

I cannot imagine the pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu coming from every direction imaginable, NONETHELESS though, living with this pressure is what real leadership is all about.

And in spite of the pressure . . . Netanyahu should not have succumbed to the Arabs, Clinton, or Obama, all of whom I simply do not trust.

A great many people have called for Israel to launch a ground offensive, INCLUDING me, but I’m not the one who will charge into a viper’s pit, or watch someone I care about going headfirst into a misery like few others. But, what must be done . . . must be done.

Netanyahu and his Generals did it right.

They punished and softened up the ENEMY from the skies, where Israeli warriors were relatively safe. And then they ramped things up with their artillery.

The next step should have been the ground assault, and unless Netanyahu had changed his mind from his comments made more than a year ago, when he said that he would not order Israel’s troops to hold anything back, placing themselves in extreme danger so as not to harm enemy civilians in close-up fighting, he should have given Israel’s ready and willing troops the GREEN LIGHT.

Therefore, this time-in, it should have been very different from before, and it should not have been a mission to do the minimum damage to teach the Arabs a lesson. This time, had Israel decided to go-in, it should have been for ALL OUT VICTORY.


As much as I wanted to believe . . . that between Israel and the USA, Iran would never be able to develop and build a nuclear arsenal, I think now, that was just wishful thinking.

Because Israel chose NOT go after Hamas, where they live and breathe . . . I truly believe that Israel, by its own hand, and by the hand of American Jews who voted for Israel’s greatest foe (Obama), Israel has written its own destiny of destruction.

Jews . . . my CORELIGIONISTS – are our own worst enemy.

For whatever reason one can imagine, and I cannot fathom what that reason is no matter how hard I try, that most of us as a people refuse to recognize and believe that there are whole cultures on this planet whose greatest desire is to see us dead, gone, and forgotten, no matter how nice and understanding we try to be to people who hate us.


In the late 1960’s, when French Gangs in Montreal roamed Jewish neighborhoods beating up Jewish boys on their way home from high school, while some of these French thugs groped and terrified Jewish girls, I, and others like me didn’t wait for the French police of Montreal to continue doing NOTHING, in the hopes, that perhaps if our ELITISTS ask nicely, they might actually do something . . .

I joined the JDL (Jewish Defense League), a group who took care of things our own way.

We were cursed by the French Media. Vilified as thugs by the English Media. And DISOWNED as an embarrassment by many within the Established Montreal Jewish Community, even though the violence against Jews came to an immediate halt within a matter of a month or so, once the French thugs got the painful message.

And as for the Media and Elitist Jewish Community, we couldn’t care less what the French and English Media thought of us, least of all the Establishment Jewish Community.

And when it came time to fight for the FREEDOM of Soviet Jews, known as REFUSNIKS, we were there too, doing whatever needed to be done to embarrass and disrupt Russian activity in Canada, whenever and wherever we could get at the Russians in the name of JEWS.


So, when I speak of caring about my religion and coreligionists, and standing up to any and all who would challenge our RIGHT to live in peace, I speak from experience and personal deeds.

I believe wholly in my Jewish Traditions, History and Religious Morality, just as I BELIEVE in the History, Message, and Morality of Christianity.

I am in every way a Jewish Zionist, who believes in Israel’s RIGHT to exist in its own ancient Biblical Homeland in peace and prosperity.

And I also believe MORE THAN ANYTHING . . . that Israel’s PRINCIPLE purpose is to be a sanctuary where every Jew on the planet can call home, if and whenever the need might arise for Jews to find a safe haven, as they couldn’t before Israel, once Hitler began his “FINAL SOLUTION”.


If Israel cannot, or is unwilling, or is so dependent on the USA, so as to succumb to the demand of the likes of Obama, NOT to stand-up to Gaza TERRORISTS . . .



It’s indeed easy for armchair quarterbacks to call the plays, when they’re not the ones on the field to take the beating. So, if people think that I’m one of those folk telling the Israelis to do anything that I would be too scared to do myself – THINK AGAIN!

In 2002, during Arafat’s Intifada, when Jews were being slaughtered almost day in and day out throughout the country by Arab suicide bombers, and Israelis were sending their women-folk and children out of the country because nowhere was safe in Israel, THAT’S WHEN I WENT TO ISRAEL FOR THE FIRST TIME.

I was so outraged at the despicable anti-Israel coverage of the LEFTIST mainstream media, that I took it upon myself to fly to Israel at my own expense, to broadcast back to the USA and Canada on national radio networks such as Entercom in the USA (WHAM Rochester), and Corus Broadcasting throughout Western and Central Canada.

I did these broadcasts LIVE from Jerusalem, from the top of Masada, and from the border of Syria and Lebanon while Hezbollah watched me watching them.

When I flew to Israel on an El-Al flight out of Toronto, on what seemed to be a brand new Boeing 777 that seated some 300 people, there were so few people on the flight, that everyone on that plane was able to lift the armrests to lie down and sleep along the three seats in the row, still with plenty of empty rows to spare.


It was so unusual for anyone to be going to Israel during the Intifada as a “tourist” . . . that Israeli Customs and Border Security gave me a hard time to get on the plane, since they couldn’t understand why I would be going to Israel when so many people were leaving.

I am telling you this – so you should know that I am no armchair quarterback telling the Israelis to something that I would never consider doing myself.

AS I SEE IT . . .

1 – The Moslem Brotherhood just scored an unbelievable victory, catapulting them as the Moslem World’s voice of reason and legitimacy. Imagine that, LEGITIMACY for the Moslem Brotherhood. Who could have ever guessed it?

Soon enough, we will hear that Moslem Brotherhood Leader – President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi will be an honored guest at Obama’s White House and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and why not? They gave it to Arafat – didn’t they?

2 – Hamas and the world of TERRORISTS just scored an unbelievable victory by staring-down Israel, no matter what Israel says to the contrary. I saw them dancing in he streets of Gaza as soon as Israel SURRENDERED.

4 – Moslems throughout Europe, who constantly demonstrate against Israel and Jews, have just become even that much more empowered, endangering Europe’s Jews even more so today than yesterday, as Jews in many European centers are already frightened to be seen to be Jews in public places, for fear of being attacked.

5 – Iran no longer has to have any doubts about Israel’s and America’s resolve to stop them from becoming a regional nuclear power . . . because, if Israel cannot deal with a pissant organization of thugs in their own backyard, how in the world will Israel ever be willing to deal with a REAL country LOOKING for a FIGHT, willingly STANDING-UP to the BIG SATAN?

6 – And then there is Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister . . . Tayyip Erdogan, who during all of this has called Israel a TERRORIST State, while accusing Israel of committing crimes against humanity, with a not-so-veiled threat that Israel will be punished in the future for what it has done to the Gaza Arabs, as one of Hillary Clinton’s “PARTNERS” for peace.

I think that if I was an Israeli here and now, I’d be considering a move to Canada or the USA, because this is NOT the country that brave and determined men and women took-back AFTER the Holocaust.

These are not the people who RECREATED a nation against unbelievable odds in 1948. Or who fought and won multiple wars. Or who rescued Israelis held captive 2000 thousand miles away in Entebbe Uganda. Or airlifted a secret state of the art Russian Radar system. Or sailed away with FIVE gunboats from France. Or defeated multiple Arab armies in SIX-DAYS in 1967.


It very well might mean that Obama will ORDER Israel to accept whatever he demands in terms of Israel going back to the 1967 borders, including where Israel’s capital will be.

Obama and the Arabs call them the 1967 borders. But they are not. They are the 1948 armistice lines which even back then was far less than Israel was PROMISED by the British Empire (Balfour Declaration 1917 – Peel Commission 1937) and the UN in 1948.

What Obama and Hillary Clinton just did to Israel is reprehensible. And who knows, maybe Obama, Clinton and Morsi could all share the next Peace Prize?


If ever there was a time when Israel should have stood tall and firm, this was it.

I am so concerned for the future of Israel and Jews everywhere, that last year (May 31, 2012), I organized an event on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Canada, where hundreds of Motorcyclists that included Evangelical Christians, most of whom rode in from as far away as Texas for this event, all took an oath of NEVER AGAIN to a second Holocaust.

As a result of this gathering, Pastor Gary Burd of the Evangelical Mission of Hope Riders (M25), took it upon himself to make this Pledge of NEVER AGAIN an annual event.

This Second Pledge will be held on July 22, 2013 in Dallas Texas.

In turn, I registered that has become part of the organizing arm for each annual Pledge Ride of NEVER AGAIN.

I ask you to visit this Website, and tell everyone you know about it. I ask you to help us raise the money we will need to cover the travel and hospitality costs of our fabulous guest speakers who’ve volunteered to otherwise attend for FREE.

We also have to pay for facilities, marketing, sound systems, flags, banners, security and other incremental costs directly associated to staging this event.

Here are two ways you can help beyond spreading the word:

1 – There is a DONATION (support) window on the Registration Page of, where you can donate from $10 to $1000.

2 – Also on the Registration Page, there are several TERRIFIC Pledge Riders products, which include beautifully embroidered Patches, Caps and T Shirts that you can purchase to show your support.

Whatever you can do to help and show your support will be more appreciated than you might realize.

To me and the people involved in this event . . . Jews and Christians alike – NEVER AGAIN means NEVER AGAIN.

As depressing as all of this is – DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. For those of you who follow Canadian politics you will have seen just how stupid the voting public can be in Ontario.
    Despite the scandalous waste of taxpayer dollars on windmills and solar panels, the huge increases in hydro charges, and scandals in the multi millions, the voters returned the same party that got us into this mess. Yes indeed, a lot of people are stupid. Wake up America you have the same disease.

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