If You Voted For Obama And Cheered His Arab Spring . . .


There is this incredible myth, which the LEFT and other assorted poorly informed Obama supporters are flogging for all they’re worth . . . that Obama’s White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department are the BEST Foreign Affairs Team in American history.

Obama was such a SURE THING as the greatest World Leader–To-Be, that the Nobel Committee gave him their Peace Prize for all the great things they were ABSOLUTELY certain he would do in the near future for World Peace.


1 – I defy anyone to illustrate just ONE meaningful Obama/Hillary Clinton Foreign Policy success.

2 – Before Obama’s Arab Spring, Israel had rocky but passable relations with Turkey, and a tenuous but relatively secure peace treaty with Egypt.

3 – Libya was not run by the Moslem Brotherhood and Al Qaeda . . . along with a multitude of Tribal War Lords.

4 – Syria wasn’t awash in the blood of more than 10,000 murdered people, locked in a war where there are no good guys.

5 – Iraq wasn’t cascading into its own civil war, as Iran becomes a much more intrinsic player in Iraq’s internal affairs.

6 – The Hashemite Kingdom wasn’t in the gun-sights of Jordanian Palestinians and Al Qaeda.

7 – Al Qaeda wasn’t in full growth from Africa all the way through to Asia.


If this is what Obama, Clinton and the LEFT consider to be a series of great Foreign Policy successes, then the world should rethink the history of how Neville Chamberlain handled the Nazis before WWII.


The ONLY reason as I can see, for the Gaza Arabs to provoke Israel, is because they TRUST in Obama’s incompetence to do nothing to stop them.

MORE THAN THAT . . . I believe that the Gaza Arabs believe that not only will Obama do nothing to stop them, but his nothing would include wrestling “concessions” from Israel to enter into a cease fire of sorts, where once again, the Arabs start a serious fight, MURDER Jews, and walk away looking like winners WITH ISRAELI CONCESSIONS.

Which seems to me, to be what might be happening, since Obama is busy talking to a bunch of hapless Arab/Moslems, trying to figure-out what Israel will have to concede to stop the Gaza Arabs from killing Israelis for no reason.


What I see happening in Israel, at the behest of the Gaza Arabs, is an opportunity for Israel to teach the Arab/Moslems of the entire region, that there MUST be ZERO tolerance for the MURDER of Jews and any attack on the Jewish Homeland.


After whatever serious preparations Israel needs to make ready her troops, Israel should simply go into Gaza with extreme prejudice and far more firepower than is needed.

And once they cross the line . . .

. . . they should NOT sacrifice Israeli soldiers on the altar of not harming civilians, specifically since the Gaza Arabs use civilians as cover . . . as they always do.

And if civilians are killed in the battle because Hamas used them as a shield, that is on Hamas . . . not on Israel.

Israel should show no mercy to TERRORIST fighters . . . especially if they have a weapon on or near them. The Israelis should just pull the trigger and send them to Virgin Heaven.

I know this sounds callous, but, we don’t live in a fairytale world where all things are sugar and spice and everything nice . . . least of all NOT in the Middle East.

Israel MUST destroy Hamas bases of operation, demolish their government buildings, and wipe out their stockpiles of weapons.


And before the hate email starts filling my In-Box, which it will . . . think about this:

Since and before 1947, the Arabs have done whatever they could to wipe out Jews in the Middle East.

They even aligned themselves with Hitler, so that with the help of Nazis, the Moslem Brotherhood could create their own Holocaust in the Middle East, after the Nazis were done slaughtering Jews throughout Europe.

Since 1948, the Arabs have fought FOUR (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973) major wars against Israel – not including TWO Intifada’s, several Wars of Attrition, at least TWO wars with Lebanon, and several TERROR wars with Gaza.

Iran has a public PLEDGE to WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP, while the Moslem Brotherhood that runs Egypt, contains in its Charter the promise to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Jewish State.

Does anyone with a MODICUM of intelligence really believe that the Arab/Moslems aren’t SERIOUS about DESTROYING Israel anyway they can, regardless of their sometimes “good-guy” propaganda?

If anyone really does believe that the Arab/Moslem world is NOT ABSOLUTELY 100% DEDICATED to the death of Israel and SIX MILLION JEWS who live in Israel, then they would also believe that Hitler really was NOT the murderer that he was, and that the Holocaust was indeed nothing other than a huge Jewish lie.



So . . . Israel has one of two choices:

1 – Pretend that there really is a chance for peace and reconciliation with the Arab/Moslem world by being nice to people who REALLY want you and yours dead.

2 – Or . . . MAKE the wannabe MURDERERS of Jews understand that the cost of spilling Jewish Blood is so expensive, that there is nothing in it for any of them to want to pay a price that goes beyond any logic.

So . . . As I wrote in the preceding paragraphs; now is the chance for Israel to use Gaza as that extreme example of the cost of MURDERING Jews and attacking the Jewish Homeland.

For Israel . . . fighting for a tie is a loss. Allowing Obama to sell Israel-out by any measure, especially by delaying a REAL Israeli response would be a disaster for the Jewish State.

As I see it . . . when the Israeli TOUGH-GUY Leaders in the likes of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Avraham Stern, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and others, who were MOSTLY responsible for the REBIRTH and modern existence of Israel, Israel’s enemies knew how far to push, and what the penalties were if they pushed too far.

When the Prime Ministers of Israel were Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Arial Sharon (before Sharon capitulated), the Arabs understood consequences.

And ONLY when the PACIFISTS of the LEFT, in the likes of Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert traded-in Israel’s backbone for a LILY-LIVER . . . did the Arabs lose their fear of Israeli retribution.

And when Bill Clinton resurrected Yasser Arafat in the 1993 HORRIFIC Oslo Accord, in partnership with the combined leadership of Peres and Rabin, did Israel’s security begin to unravel.

THEN CAME George W Bush with Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, who together pushed Sharon to leave the Gaza Strip with absolutely no QUID-PRO-QUO, which was the very beginning to where Israel finds itself NOW.


So . . . here it is, at least as I see it – Israel has the chance here and now, to send an unambiguous message to the Arab and Moslem World, that if you attack Israel, the punishment will be swift and severe.

And what’s the worst that can happen if the world doesn’t like the message?

1 – The Arab/Moslem World will hate Israel even more after Israel destroys Gaza than it does now. But, how can that be . . . since the Arab/Moslem World already wants to see Israel and all Israelis WIPED OFF THE MAP?

2 – Europe and the United Nations will turn on Israel. So what? The EU and the UN already hate Israel. So what are they going to do . . . hate Israel even more?

Even today . . . and even though Israel is taking a pounding from Gaza Arabs, with other nations’ rockets financed by UN money – in Europe, in the USA, and in Canada, the LEFT are already CONDEMNING Israel for the way it’s defending itself.

So, one way or the other, the LEFT, the Arabs, the Moslems, the EU and the UN are going to HATE Israel no matter what Israel does, so Israel might as well go all the way and send the message.

When the world had the chance to send a message to the Nazis, it didn’t, and we all know the result.

By the way . . . If you voted for Obama, especially if you’re Jewish, what is happening here and now against Israel, is a little more than just somewhat on you, since Obama empowered the Israel-Hating Arab/Moslems to feel LUCKY.

I know that if you are a LEFTIST or Jewish supporter of Obama, this is a TRUTH you won’t buy. But, whether you believe it or not, it really is what it is.

I have great fear for Israel, and real worry for every Israeli soldier who will be stepping into this viper’s pit called Gaza. But, I worry more so for Israel and the Jewish people if they do not go in.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have never felt so helpless and so afraid for my Country.

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