Why America And The Conservative West Are At Outright WAR


I believe without reservation . . . that the future is always written in the past for all people to see in the present – whose eyes are focused on tomorrow.

The problem with what I just wrote, is that MOST people have very little to no knowledge whatsoever of the past. More so . . . the vast majority of people have no inkling of what is happening in the here and now.

So . . . if people don’t know what happened yesterday, and are unaware of what’s happening today, how in the world can they make a decision for tomorrow?

THE ANSWER IS THAT THEY CANNOT. Or at least . . . they cannot with any intelligence.


Or perhaps the REAL question should be . . . WHY DID ROMNEY LOSE?

Or MOST succinctly . . . How do Conservatives win in the future?

There are many facets to the questions and answer, but they all emanate from one word – DEMAGOGUERY.

The LEFT were brilliant in their understanding of several EVIL Truths:

1 – In general, the majority of people are poorly informed, uninformed, or outright stupid, and prefer to believe in what they WANT to believe, rather than what is true.

2 – People like stories . . . more than they like reality.

3 – People would rather watch “Reality TV”, late-night Comedy Shows, and afternoon Chat Shows for their news, rather than REAL news.

4 – An incredible number of people can’t separate television and movie fiction from REALITY, and vote for the sizzle rather than the steak.

5 – For several generations, our education system, which is essentially the cornerstone of a nation’s future; from grade school to post university, has veered heavily to the LEFT, to the point of dumbing down our children, removing real competition, leveling a playing field that CANNOT be unlevelled, and making Patriotism a dirty word, while investing far too much in the benefits of teachers and UNIONS . . . opposed to the students.

6 – The Nazi’s understood better than anyone, that most children can be molded into any mental form desired from the earliest age, which has not been lost on today’s LEFT.

7 – The Nazis also understood, and perhaps even perfected the art of the “BIG LIE”, to the point that the LIE becomes the unquestioned truth. The BIGGER the LIE, the MORE time it is told, the more believable it becomes.

8 – AND THEN THERE’S THE DEMONIZATION OF THE OPPOSITION, which is in itself an extension of the BIG LIE.

What won the election for Obama in 2008, and then again in 2012 . . . is a combination of the entire aforementioned, culminating with the character assassination of Mitt Romney in 2012.

Obama and his LEFTIST surrogates did a masterful job of DEMAGOGUING Mitt Romney as a heartless businessman, who destroyed companies for huge personal gain, who had a hand in the death of a woman because he LOVED to fire people, and PURPOSEFULLY wiped-out American jobs to send them offshore, who was a tax-cheat, and hid money in offshore accounts.

They painted Romney as a man who had nothing but disdain for the working class, who couldn’t care in the least if people starved on the street, and was somehow engaged in an all-out war against women.

They even attacked his beautiful wife Ann, who rides an expensive horse and dresses in designer clothes, as if that is somehow a crime. The LEFT forgot to mention though, that Ann Romney’s horse and wardrobe are paid for out of the Romney’s OWN pockets, while Michelle Obama dresses at least as expensively, if not more so than does Ann Romney, while spending TENS of MILLIONS of dollars on extravagant vacations . . . all paid for by the Middle Class Obama is supposedly so determined to defend.

And then there was the LEFT’S other “truths” . . . that Romney hated immigrants and cared nothing for Hispanic people.

But the saddest truth of all . . . is that not only is none of the above true, but the TRUTH is just the opposite. In REALITY, they lied and demagogued a really decent, extremely talented and competent man to distraction.

SO . . . HOW DID THE LEFT MAKE ALL OF THIS HAPPEN? And why can’t the Conservatives do the same in reverse.


Without a willing, compliant, dishonest and biased media, none of it could have happened. Had the media really done its job . . . for Obama to have ever been in the White House, he would have had to line-up with the rest of the Tourists.

Instead . . . by IGNORING and whitewashing Obama’s past, and demeaning his opposition with outright lies, the media PROMOTED the BIG LIES into outright “TRUTHS”. So, to the average uninformed voter, Obama was by every measure a man of great compassion, who is OF THE PEOPLE, while Romney, was the epitome of those evil Capitalists who feed like vultures upon the carcasses of the poor people they render on the alter of greed.

Near the beginning of this editorial I wrote:

“And MOST succinctly . . . How do Conservatives win in the future?”

Here’s the answer . . . at least my answer – DO NOT CAPITULATE.

Do not surrender your values and beliefs to try to assuage the “BIG LIES”. And most of all – DO NOT STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL.

The LEFT’S strategy to defeat Capitalism and create a Socialist (Communist) State, has always been to seize the education system, the media, and collapse the economy, all of which they’ve been 100% successful in doing.


Forget about taking back the public school system, because that is already too far-gone for now. Don’t bother debating the LEFTIST media, because they have all the LIES and LIARS in the world on their side.

Instead . . . ONLY tune into Conservative Radio. Read ONLY Conservative Newspapers. And watch ONLY FOX News.

All media LIVE-OR-DIE on their size of audience, so . . . deprive them of that vital LIFEBLOOD that determines all of their advertising revenue.

AND THEN TAKE THEIR MOST IMPORTANT PAGE OUT OF THEIR PLAYBOOK, and COLLAPSE their system like they’re collapsing ours.

1 – The anti-LEFTIST Boycott is gaining traction. I know, because the LEFT is REALLY upset and is threatening to fight fire with fire. GOOD – our message is being received loud and clear.

2 – Don’t hire any people you suspect of being on the LEFT, or who voted for Obama unless you have no other choice.

3 – If you have to lay people off, make the effort to keep Conservatives employed.

4 – Shop, dine, and buy services from people who voted Republican.

5 – DON’T be shy to ask people on which side of the political divide they stand, before you give them your hard earned after-tax dollars.

6 – HOLD YOUR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVE’S FEET TO THE FIRE. Make certain that he or she understands that any capitulation with the LEFT will be met and dealt with in a severe fashion in the next election.

TELL your representatives in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS . . . that you are willing for them to collapse the economy if that’s what it takes to win back the country, because the ONLY thing that will wake up the people, who have chosen to live in a FAIRYTALE world, is when that FAIRYTALE crashes down upon them.

If you don’t think that what is happening in our Western Democracies is ALL OUT WAR, then you really don’t understand, because, the LEFT has indeed declared WAR on the MAKERS – that most of us never saw coming.


In my next editorial, I will write about why I believe Obama, the majority of American/Canadian Jews, and Israel’s LEFT are responsible for the death and destruction now facing Israel.

It all relates back to the essence of this editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Maybe it’s more than voters that are tired of hearing the whining capitation of their president’s appeal to illegal residents. Apparently all three alphabet networks, ABC CBS & NBC will not be carrying the speech live. When his enablers turn on him, who’s left? Or should that be, Left?

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