A One-Term Proposition


When I awoke this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was write an editorial.

I wanted to sleep-in to about 7:30. Even with the time falling-back.

I wanted to take care of the horses, have breakfast, read a few online newspapers, watch the Sunday news programs, do our big weekend cleaning of the house, clean the barn, and possibly get in one more Motorcycle Ride, even though the temperature is hovering just above freezing.

But, here I am, sitting at my keyboard, typing out an editorial because MOST of the people who visit Galganov.Com are panicked over the election.

So . . . LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR: Obama is NOT going to win reelection.

One of the ONLY positive promises Obama made soon after winning in 2008, is that whether he likes it or not, he’s going to keep the promise he made when he said:


. . . if he didn’t turn the economy around.

Not only did he NOT turn the economy around, he made it infinitely worse by setting a welfare agenda for America, which encourages people to be TAKERS rather than MAKERS.


Obama is a failure at everything he has done in the last FOUR years. Yet he goes out on the stump lying about his failures as if they were somehow successes . . . only in need of FOUR more years to finish the job.

There is no question in my mind that there are absolutely stupid, or naïve, or gullible people who will vote for Obama because they simply do not know better.

Or . . . they will vote for Obama because he really does reflect a MARXIST ideology, which they share.


Forget the polls. I do NOT believe them to be accurate. Not only that, I do NOT believe that they are all that honest or reliable . . . based upon a real lack of objectivity amongst far too many of the pollsters and media.

When I read that HUNDREDS of Generals and Admirals have come-out in unbridled support for Romney . . . that screams volumes.

When I hear BILLIONAIRES who not just voted for Obama in 2008, but were big-time supporters, now begging for forgiveness four years later for their choice in 2008 . . . that is no small thing.

When I see standing-room ONLY crowds for Romney wherever he goes . . . that’s a real poll.

When I read endorsements for ROMNEY coming from newspapers that are generally so far to the LEFT of Center, that they usually have to wash their mouth’s out with soap after uttering the words Republican or Conservative in a positive context, I have to check to see if Hell has finally frozen-over.

If a sitting President is just TIED to a challenger a few days away from the actual vote, not only is that REALLY bad news for the President, it is also really BAD news for the other candidates, each running for a Seat in the House or the Senate.

The Pollsters, the Obama Team of Spin Doctors, the Late Night Television Comedians, and the LEFTIST Media can spew their nonsense all they want about Obama’s “sure victory” . . . but the truth is what the truth is.

Romney’s turning-out RECORD crowds to his events; while Obama can barely attract a fraction of the crowds he did in 2008. And that’s with BUSSING them in.

Romney has collected enormous amounts of money from open and known sources, while there are no shortage of unanswered questions concerning where the money came from for Obama.

And nothing says enthusiasm better, than people willing to write a check. Of which, there are plenty with pen and paper in-hand within the Romney Camp.


1 – The Blacks who turned out to vote 98% for Obama in 2008 never got their “VIG” Obama promise in exchange for their RACIALLY BIASED vote.

They’re staying home.

2 – Jews voted for Obama by a margin of 78% in 2008. That’s not going to happen again, especially in Florida, where you can hardly drive through a Jewish Community over the past few weeks without seeing Romney Lawn Signs and many DOZENS of Jewish voters at Street Corners, enthusiastically waving VOTE FOR ROMNEY signs. MOST OF THEM HOME MADE.

3 – It turns out that not all women are so stupid, that they’ve bought into this Obama lie about “WAR ON WOMEN”, and want to trade their support and concern for the economy . . . in for a TAXPAYER paid birth control pill.

4 – Many Latinos will vote for Obama, at least those whose focus is on allowing ILLEGAL immigrants to stay in the country. But, there is no shortage of unpolled Latinos who care enough about the ECONOMY to vote for America by voting for Romney.

5 – The LEFT don’t even want to discuss Undecided and Independent Voters. I understand why?

AS I SEE IT . . . Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia will go Romney. It is even likely that a State like Nevada could also be a shocker.

I am a 100% believer that Romney will win by a much larger margin than most people think. And nothing will give me greater pleasure than after the last determining ballot is counted, for me to say to all who will read and hear . . . I TOLD YOU SO.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you for pointing out that the people being called stupid are supporters of Obama. Maybe if that was the way FOX news and talk radio had presented it to begin with then main stream media would have covered it. Especially if it looked as if the left were being made fun of for being called stupid. PayPal works great for me to donate but I don’t know how it works on your end. I can do $5 a month for now, the future will depend on what else Obama does to take our money.

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