Lessons From A Crisis Too Good To Waste


Whenever there is a disaster of any kind that can have a negative impact on the government in any way, shape or form – the first comment from the government is:


A perfect case-in-point . . . is how the Obama White House responded to Romney’s comments immediately following the Egyptian ATTACK on the American Embassy in Cairo, even before news of the Murders of FOUR Americans came to light in Benghazi Libya.

The truth . . . is that everything that happens that touches the government in any way from the minimal to the extreme is political. And any politician who says . . . let’s not politicize it, always makes that statement because he or she will come out of it not looking too good.

Otherwise . . . it’s politicize-it to the maximum.

When the Navy Seals took down Bin Laden, if it would have been possible for Obama to have politicized-it any more than he did, I can’t see how.

But, when Romney stated what turned out not ONLY to be factual, but important in terms of the ridiculous government response to the attack on the Embassy in Cairo, which made the White House look bad, all of a sudden, Romney was painted by the LEFT, including the Yellow Journalists of the mainstream media as an OGRE for politicizing what somehow should be an issue too IMPROPER to be discussed during an election.


The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy were still ongoing, while Obama politicized it for all he’s worth.


For those of you who have been longtime readers of Galganov.com, especially during the Republican nominating process, you would probably know that when so many people were begging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to throw his hat into the ring, I was not one of them.

Even though Chris Christie has an extremely interesting character, he is all over the board on critical issues such as the Second Amendment and Sharia Law.

But, to best illustrate who Christie is, just before the hurricane pounded New Jersey, he was out on the stump bashing Obama on behalf of Romney. Christie couldn’t find enough negative adjectives to describe how incompetent Obama has been for America, and how America CANNOT afford FOUR more years of him.


Why all of a sudden . . . after the storm and Obama’s super interest in pulling out all stops for New Jersey, NO RED TAPE . . . Don’t tell me (Obama) what can’t be done . . . JUST DO IT . . . and on, and on, and on, and on . . . is Christie kissing-up to Obama like it’s nobody’s business?


They all use politics anyway they can when it suits them, INCLUDING Christie, and ESPECIALLY Obama. And what makes it all that much more reprehensible, is that they do it with the people’s money, giving the impression that they themselves are generous beyond description, which they are absolutely NOT.

No one knows how much this hurricane mess is going to cost to cleanup and repair.

We’ve heard numbers like TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS. But, once you factor-in the GREED, CORRUPTION, INCOMPETENCE & BUREAUCRACY, the cost could very well teeter nearer to the $100 BILLION range, WHICH BEGS THIS QUESTION:

Where is America supposed to find as much as $100 Billion, or even “just” the $20 Billion they’re currently estimating, that will be needed for the cleanup and repairs, since America is BROKE-BROKE-BROKE?


I heard Obama’s NOT political speech about how the people can REALLY depend on him and his administration to move heaven and earth to fix the problem . . . “That no one will have to wait more than 15 minutes to have a call returned by his administration.”

WOW . . . This coming from a President whose people don’t respond to Congressional subpoenas, as in the case of Fast and Furious. Or, who is yet to deal with the Benghazi murders. Or, who spent almost a TRILLION borrowed dollars on a Stimulus program for “Shovel-Ready” jobs that weren’t all that Shovel-Ready.

Or . . . the BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of borrowed dollars that were thrown onto the garbage heap of Obama’s FAILED Green Energy Projects.


This is a disaster that is PRIME Obama territory . . . something he could get his voice around. Something he can ‘TAKE CHARGE” of without having any idea of what to do and how to do it. Something he can make GRAND promises about. Something that elevates him as a SAVIOR . . . It is tailor-made for him, but it isn’t politicized right?

America is BROKE because of the politicians. And because of the electors who over the years have been TOO stupid to realize that the politicians were buying their votes with their OWN money . . . but NEVER with the money of the politicians.

The broken promises are ALWAYS bought and paid for with the money of hard working folk, who today, and for generations to come, have to carry the load of America’s SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT created by the Politicians, all of whom at one point said: “TRUST ME”.

The disaster left over from Hurricane Sandy . . . coupled to the financial disaster left over by Obama both have to be fixed. BUT NOT BY OBAMA!

I wrote several paragraphs up, that the Politicians are all Prostitutes with few exceptions.

I truly believe that Mitt Romney is an EXCEPTION, and that he is in this thing because of his love for country. We all know from all of his many successes, that if anyone can manage and inevitably begin to put America on the road to salvation, it will be Mitt Romney.

I’m sure of it. Just as I am sure that FOUR more years of Barack Hussein Obama will be the LITERAL END OF AMERICA, and a full-blown disaster for the world.

Watching Obama POLITICIZE the misery of this hurricane sickened me right to the bone, because, just like every other right thinking person, I have seen this performance before back in 2008.

Don’t forget these words: “A CRISIS IS TOO GOOD A THING TO WASTE”.

I cannot wait for November 6th and the rebirth of the American DREAM.

In the meantime, I don’t sleep at night thinking about the hardships that have befallen MILLIONS of people through absolutely no fault of their own, only because crap happens.

America really needs a break – And REAL change you can believe in . . . MUCH SOONER rather than LATER.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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