The PERFECT Anti-Obama Storm


There are several gathering storms about to collide into a world-class political spectacle no one could have imagined a month or so ago.

The wheels started to fall off the Obama Bus the moment he had to face a REAL-DEAL honest to goodness challenger, who wasn’t going to be intimidated by Obama’s “Hollywood” stature, coupled to his booming prepared empty rhetoric.

It further came apart for Obama and his LEFTISTS as the population saw that Romney and Ryan weren’t taking the politics of destruction debate into the gutter, where Obama and the LEFT are most proficient.

Then came the first debate, where Romney exposed the President as the phony he really is, followed by the Vice Presidential debate where Biden played the role as the Village Idiot to perfection.


The minutia of what happened in Benghazi that the mainstream media is bending over backwards to avoid doesn’t matter, because this picture is too big for people to be drawn into the weeds of the LEFT.

What happened in Benghazi struck a tremendous blow to any person who loves America. It was the absolute failure of the White House to keep America safe, to keep Americans safe, and to exhibit American strength as a rabble of Moslem cutthroats beat the crap out of the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE in the eyes of the world.

This is not spoken about in the mainstream media, but it is everywhere on the Internet. It is on the lips of Conservative Talk-Radio Shows in every nook and cranny of America. And it is on the minds of every person who cares even just somewhat for OLD GLORY.

For Obama, Clinton and the rest of these REPREHENSIBLE LEFTISTS, Benghazi stripped away Obama’s fiction that his foreign policy is a great success, and that he KILLED Al Qaeda, which has been proven to be just one of Obama’s many great lies . . . another exposed so late in this game.


By the time you might be reading this editorial, you may already be taking a beating at the hand of Hurricane Sandy, but so will Obama and his cortege of LEFTIST ne’re-do-wells.

There is no question in my mind . . . NONE whatsoever, that the BIG momentum is on the side of Romney and the Conservatives, who I believe will crawl through mud if need-be to cast their ballot. But, that cannot be said for the LEFT, especially the something-for-nothing bunch, who have a limited will to do most anything other then to cash in their entitlement checks.

That said – from now until election day, Republicans, Independents and frightened Centrists will be heading out to vote in droves, because SAVING America and the American Dream that has been under attack for the past four years means everything to them.

While the Obama Team needs every vote they can get, legitimate or otherwise just to stay close, Hurricane Sandy is that October Surprise that has come to surprise everyone.

Hurricane or no hurricane . . . as I’ve been writing for the past 4 years, Obama will not win a second term regardless of who he will be running against. But, with this hurricane hitting at the worst possible time for Obama, it’s almost a sign of divine intervention to seal the deal that Obama is done.

In less than TWO WEEKS, as the storm subsides, the truth of Obama’s guilt over his unbelievable abdication of responsibility over Benghazi, and the reality that he was and has always been an America-Hating empty-suit . . . America, Israel and the rest of the world will soon be cleansed from this LEFTIST disease brought about by America’s Enemies From Within.


Anne and I will be taking a HIT from Hurricane Sandy where we live too. It won’t be as bad as much of the US and Canada will take all along the coast and around the Great Lakes and some points inland, but, nonetheless, we will get slammed with high winds and plenty of rain coming from the North East.

So . . . we’ve prepared.

We’ve battened down the hatches so as to speak. We’ve secured as best we can the storage buildings on the property. We have tuned and tested the generator. We have plenty of food on the property, and I’m off as soon as I post this editorial to purchase a week’s supply of gasoline to keep the generator humming if need be.


So, make certain to be as prepared as you can be, and be willing to help out those who might need some help, because that really is the Conservative way.


I’ve just been informed by the producer of Joyce Kaufman’s Radio Show on 850 WFTL Florida, that I will be her guest at 11:00 o’clock tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, where I think we will be talking about Benghazi.

You can hear this broadcast LIVE online by going to – or . . . by Googling WFTL Radio.

Best Regards And Stay Safe . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,

    Thanks for all you do!!! May I suggest a Square Register Account. Have it for my small business and find it brilliant and far far superior to using PayPal!

    It’s quicker, cheaper and more efficient in depositing monies straight into your account. One to two business days, you DONT have to ask for your monies and no extra transaction fee charges (EI: 0.50) per transaction.

    Just my twoonie’s worth! We will be able to help out in January! Thanks again,

    Colleen and Steven Mc

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