The Blood Of The Benghazi Four Drips From The Hands Of Obama


Forget the debates. Forget the ads. Forget the rallies. This goes so far beyond politics, that there are no words for it.

There is no good way to describe how the media and government have handled the MURDERS of FOUR Americans. Frankly, I don’t know which of the two is more reprehensible.

Let this statement be as clear as it possibly could be:

The responsibility for the MURDER of the four Americans in Benghazi stops at the doors of the White House and State Department, but . . . more so at the White House, since it is the ABSOLUTE job of the President to keep America and Americans safe.

The way these four murders are being portrayed in the media, and by the government is disgraceful. It’s almost as if it was part of a movie or television program, where there is no feeling, no hurt and no fear.

Stand back for a second and FORGET about the sanitized version of the attack, and think REAL hard about how these four people had to feel knowing that this wasn’t make believe, as withering fire from RPG’s, mortars, and bullets rained all about them.

Try to imagine these four people as being your fathers, sons, or boyfriends, as they endured this TERROR waiting for the Marines to come to their help as bloodthirsty Islamist BASTARDS did all they could to snuff out their lives, as they finally did BECAUSE the President NEVER sent in the Cavalry.

Just imagine the pain they felt, as they died a most violent death.

Forget about all this crap of the video and Hillary Clinton’s empty words of disgust, coupled to Susan Rice’s REPEATED lie about the video.

NONE of that is important . . . HERE’S WHAT’S IMPORTANT:

The Ambassador begged for help and Obama did NOTHING other than to leave him and them suffer in abject fear, to die at the hands of Moslem SAVAGES.

That’s what’s important . . . That’s the ONLY thing that is important.

Obama said that he didn’t know. Then he said that he did know. Then he said that he didn’t know. Then he said again that he did know.


They knew while it was happening. They knew that the Ambassador was BEGGING them to save his and their lives. They knew that the Marines and Air force were less than an hour away, and all Obama had to do was GIVE THE WORD, and Ambassador Stevens with the other THREE would be alive.


It is one thing for Obama to throw the likes of domestic TERRORIST and former close friend Bill Ayers under the bus, along with indicted fraud artist and friend, Arab born Tony Rezko who he also threw under the bus to help him along his narcissistic way.

Obama threw his beloved White-Hating, America-Hating, Jew-Hating and Israel-Hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright under the bus to further his own agenda.

Obama even threw his “TYPICALLY WHITE” Grandmother who raised him under the bus.

I couldn’t imagine him getting any lower than that. BUT HE DID.

To continue Obama’s CHARADE of great personal diplomatic success with the Arab Moslem World, he couldn’t possibly send in a fully armed rescue team to shatter his myth of being the great global conciliator. SO OBAMA LET THE FOUR DIE.


The buck stops with the President . . . If Obama didn’t know what was happening in Benghazi, he should have known, since that’s his NUMBER ONE JOB. His job isn’t shooting hoops, playing more than 100 rounds of golf, going on date nights, appearing non stop on entertainment television or being interviewed by the Pimp with a Limp and attending never ending fund-raisers.

His job is to keep America and Americans safe.

If Obama did know, of which I am 100% certain that he did, the murder of the Benghazi FOUR can be laid at his feet as if he himself PULLED THE TRIGGER. As a matter of fact, whether Obama knew or not, HE IS STILL RESPONSIBLE.

Forget all the noise about commissions, Congressional hearings, investigations, missing videos, redacted emails and who knew what when.

The simple TRUTH is there for everyone to see and know.


And to make things go from UGLY to HIDEOUS . . . instead of staying at the White House the day the news broke in order to take care of America’s business during what was a TRUE crisis, Obama headed-off to Las Vegas as if nothing had happened.

God help America, Israel, and the rest of the world if this horrible empty suit wins FOUR more years. Because . . . if he does, there will be nothing else but the ruins of what used to be an incredible dream of that “Shining City On Top Of A Hill”.

I cannot imagine anyone who could vote for Obama. NOT ANYONE. But almost half of all people who vote . . . will indeed vote for the man who will kill the American Dream.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard—Will mail you a check. Good luck to you both in your new ‘abode’! It is said, “Be careful what you wish for…” Well, those who viewed Barack HUSSEIN Obama as a “SAVIOR” are now experiencing a very different OUTCOME! He has spent millions of dollars to hide his PAST which means that whatever he was HIDING was detrimental to his becoming president. The man is a NARCISSIST who continues to LIE to the PEOPLE—-as proven by Jonathan Gruber’s most recent revelation. God help us all!

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