Disgraceful – Disrespectful – Dishonest – Buffoonery . . . Biden


I had written previously, that Biden would be the Dufus he is. And I wasn’t disappointed.

But, I wasn’t ready for the stupid facial expressions Biden displayed all night long. And I wasn’t expecting to see a debate where it was TWO AGAINST ONE.

Martha Raddatz of ABC News had the opportunity to moderate what could and should have been a very important exchange of ideas. But, instead of measuring-up to what should have been one of her finest moments – SHE BLEW IT.


Raddatz inserted herself in this debate as if she and her opinions were as important as the two debaters.

1 – She continuously cut Ryan off in mid-speech, before he could properly finish his thoughts.

2 – She questioned Ryan’s answers repeatedly, if she thought they were incomplete or inaccurate, which really was the job of Biden . . . NOT HERS’.

3 – Raddatz allowed Biden to incessantly interrupt Ryan while Ryan was making a point.

4 – And throughout the debate, Biden would make some kind of comment, which Raddatz would not allow Ryan to respond to.

If this debate was about Raddatz she won. But, it wasn’t about Raddatz. It was about two men, who are part of separate teams vying to become the leadership of the United States of America, in what is certainly the MOST important election in American history.

And maybe this was lost on most if not all of the media, but Biden in effect called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a LIAR, while revealing what Biden said were White House conversations with Netanyahu that Israel did not have what it took to Attack Iran.

If nothing else mattered in this debate – these two comments were as far over the top as any could have been.

1 – Biden effectively . . . said that behind closed doors in PRIVATE meetings, that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks that there is nothing Israel can do to stop Iran.

2 – That Netanyahu doesn’t even believe in his own RED LINE.

I cannot think of anything Biden had ever said that I am aware of that is MORE disgraceful than his remarks about “BIBI” Netanyahu’s PRIVATE White House conversations.


I watched some of the opinions of focus groups, which couldn’t fathom what they had just seen, to the point where they couldn’t properly articulate high and low points of the debate.

To Obama supporters, and undecided voters who had voted for Obama in 2008, they “sort of” gave the nod to Biden.

But . . . to everyone else who saw this debate as it really was . . . it was a disgrace.

For Paul Ryan, EVEN under these unbelievable circumstances, HE DID EXTREMELY WELL. And on behalf of the Republican Team, he scored BIG-TIME in securing MORE votes from women and more votes from LEGITIMATE undecided voters.


All in all . . . Biden was the DUFUS I expected him to be. Ryan was the RESPECTFUL Boy Scout who came to have an honest debate, while Raddatz reaffirmed my belief that the LEFT can simply NOT be trusted.

In the final analysis – if you are a Republican . . . It was a good night. If you are a Democrat, it was simply a disgraceful night from a DUFUS who is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Thanks, Howard.I too will lend a financial hand.The election was encouraging but only a first step. our real followup work has just begun. I t will take a steady barrage of phone calls, emails, faxes etc to stiffen the backbones of the congress lest they revert to the easy way out by playing the traditional shell/media game…real leadership is tough to come by since political talk/PR is cheap. We can not get the job done by simply voting.We must devote full time attention to politicians.

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