Dumb Is About To Take A Beating


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Even though I send personal letters or emails to the people who donate to the cause, sometimes they take some time, since I’m snowed under doing so many things simultaneously.

So . . . I’m leading this editorial with a good old-fashioned THANK YOU.


Not all elected politicians are in the realm of the DUFUS category, but far too many are.

Being elected to the US Congress, as a Senator or Member of the House doesn’t make that elected person smart or competent. Usually, what it means . . . is that the INSIDERS/LOBBYISTS want that person elected for their own interests, that are not necessarily in the best interests of the electorate.

And holding elected Office for decades does not change the level of the intelligence or competence factor by one iota. In fact, it makes the long held elected person more savvy as an insider to protect his or her own ass . . . AND MORE IGNORANT AND LESS COMPETENT TO THE OUTSIDE.

I’m hearing, just as you are, how experienced, bright and competent Joe Biden is, and how Biden will be a debate factor for Paul Ryan to reckon with. That’s a load of crapola if ever I heard one.

Biden is a career political LEECH, like far too many Members of Congress who have lived a marvelous life on the public purse, who, to the very best of my knowledge has NEVER done anything of REAL positive consequence for the people, other than to give speeches, and feel too important while living the high-life.

If Biden and the rest of the Beltway incompetents were really smart and knew what they were doing vis a vis handling the people’s business, would America be in the dire circumstance it finds itself in today? I rest my case.

But then again . . . one cannot just fault the useless and far too often DUMB politicians for being where America and other Western Democracies are today, since none of them got their political jobs in a vacuum, since it was the people who not only put them in OFFICE in the first place, but keep sending them back to their gravy-train jobs IN-SPITE of their arrogance and incompetence.

So . . . I guess the people who send dummies to represent them, are actually dumber than the people they elect, especially since they do it repeatedly.

The absolute PERFECT case of how STUPID people can be when it comes to electing politicians . . . is the EMPTY SUIT who presently occupies the White House as the Pretender-In-Chief.

I have not yet been wrong about the direction American politics have traveled since the day Obama won in 2008. And I will NOT be wrong now.

1 – Biden is one of those DUFUS Politicians whose REAL claim to fame in spite of the Fairy Tale, is that he is nothing more than a glad-handing BLOWHARD, who thinks he is an awful lot smarter and more capable than he really is.

I remember Biden going head to head against Sarah Palin, especially when Palin was being unfairly pilloried by the LEFTIST media, and by the JERKS in McCain’s own campaign team, who weren’t smart enough to even come close to fighting the good fight themselves, while they hung her out to dry.

Therefore . . . to say that Palin was fighting with TWO STRIKES against her, and one hand tied behind her back when she went-up against Biden is not an overstatement . . . yet, she still managed to leave Biden in a heap.

2 – Then there’s Paul Ryan who is no pushover. And even though he looks and sounds like a Boy Scout, Ryan is as serious and focused a debater as anyone can be. He is really smart, knows what he’s talking about, and knows just how failed Obama’s policies have been for America and the world.

If Biden wants to debate economics against Ryan, he would do better by staying at home conceding the debate.

If he wants to debate Foreign Affairs, he would do well to forget his line that Osama is DEAD and General Motors is ALIVE, since GM is on Life-Support, and it’s not looking too good for their recovery. And while it is true that Bin Laden is dead, it is also true that Al Qaeda is very much alive and well.

So what’s Vice President Dufus going to debate on?


By the time the Biden/Ryan debate is done, Biden will take and even bigger beating in front of another close to SEVENTY MILLION folk, than his Empty-Suit Boss did at the hands of Romney in Round One.

This will simply pour MORE gas on a burning INFERNO, that is already consuming the Democratic Party, and any hopes Obama might have had to four more years.


What will be Biden’s dismal performance . . . will also do great damage to Democrats who are in tight races for the House or Senate Seats. And it will make things even worse for Obama in Round Two, as he will have to explain how and why the Nobel Peace Prize Winner could have possibly overseen such a Global mess as the world is watching with despair.

Perhaps the only thing that can save Biden . . . might be an intervention from Big Bird. But I doubt it, because even Big Bird cannot save the DUFUS from himself.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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