A New Low In Political LOWS


If you don’t remember . . . or if you never knew, at the outset of Obama’s Presidency, while he was screwing around with his MASSIVE bailout (social engineering) plans, he summoned the Director (Douglas W. Elmendorf) of the ALL-IMPORTANT CBO (Congressional Budget Office) to the White House.

The CBO’s ONLY function is to be the 100% NON-PARTISAN, totally A-POLITICAL government agency that estimates future costs of government programs – specifically to see if they meet estimated costs.

The importance of the functions of the CBO is multi-dimensional . . . such as:

1 – Is a government LYING to the people by underestimating costs in order to push through favored legislation?

2 – By estimating the costs of programs at its very best and honest ability, based SOLELY on facts and numbers, Congress and the President are able to establish budgets.

But, seeing that Obama doesn’t much believe in budgets, the CBO becomes more of a political prop than an important check and balance for the American people.


To my shock . . . during the heated debates over all of Obama’s costs, but specifically to the gargantuan cost of Obamacare, Obama SUMMONED CBO Chairman Douglas W Elmendorf to the White House, to “discuss” how the CBO should “score” Obamacare.

This move by Obama should have had every politician SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER, along with the media, since ordering this PRIVATE meeting with the man who at that time would make or break Obamacare, would be the equivalent of one Team Owner in an upcoming Super Bowl Game having a “PRIVATE” conversation with the Chief Referee of the BIG Game, just before the Coin Toss.

And now, after the Dirty Deed has been done, the real cost of Obamacare is so much more than the CBO had projected, that it has in my opinion STRIPPED the CBO of any and all legitimacy.


On Wednesday October 3, 2012 . . . Obama took a POUNDING at the hands of Romney in a fair and unfiltered contest of ideas and projected competence.

The beating was so thorough, that even Obama’s LEFTIST minions couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing as Romney deconstructed the President, revealing Obama to be the fraud that he really is.

And anyone who suggests that it was just a great night for Romney and a bad night for Obama is full of beans.

For Romney . . . it was just Romney being Romney . . . nothing more – nothing less.

For Obama . . . it was perhaps the first time everyone got a chance to get a peak at who he REALLY is, which is nothing more than an empty suit who knows how to read from a teleprompter and deliver a speech someone else wrote for him.

And if anyone on the LEFT thinks that it will go better for Obama in the next two debates, I’ve got news for them.

IT WILL GO WORSE . . . particularly because Obama now knows that he is no match against Romney, and Obama’s own dismal failure in every possible Presidential category one can imagine, with the exception of golf games, date nights, Air Force One jaunts, and undeserved adulation from Obama’s Sycophants, will be “politely” rubbed in his face.

There is no question that the LEFT sees Obama’s chance to win FOUR MORE YEARS, is being dashed on the political rocks by Obama’s arrogance, narcissism, exaggerations, really bad policies, and outright lies.

And they also know that in the two future debates, it will only get worse for Obama – not better.


Remember how Obama SUMMONED the INDEPENDENT Director of the CBO to the Oval Office to COOK-THE-BOOKS on Obamacare? Well . . . that is what Obama’s Chicago thugs did, almost immediately following the debate-beating Obama received, by arranging the release of figures showing that the unemployment rate has fallen to 7.8% from 8.1% in just one fell swoop.

Think about this for a second . . . In the last 4 years, the unemployment average fell and rose by fractions of percentage points. And when there was a significant increase or decrease it was by just half a point or by one point, but now, all of a sudden, after this SHELLACKING Obama took just two days prior, the unemployment rate falls by a WHOLE THREE POINTS?

Does that make sense to you, especially when every acceptable employment indicator shows that more fulltime jobs are being lost than added? That MORE people are getting out of the work place because they’ve given-up? That the GDP is more or less dormant? That as many as half of all graduating students can’t find a job of any kind? Or that job creation isn’t keeping-up with the birth rate?

Or . . . how virtually EVERY economist expected the unemployment rate to go up by one point, let alone fall by three?

The last time the unemployment rate fell by as much as 3 points, goes all the way back to Ronald Regan, who ushered in the MOST robust economic recovery in American (World) history.

When asked how this MIRACLE came to be . . . The answer becomes somewhat lost in the fog of Obama’s campaign. Somehow, magically, a jobs’ INTERVIEW . . . NOT even a poll, was taken in September amongst a miniscule sampling of nondescript individuals by telephone that changed the world.


There will be a great number of people who will believe this nonsense because they really want to believe it, or that they are too stupid to DISBELIEVE it.

But, most people are finally beginning to wake up to the smoke and mirrors of Obama and the LEFT, because SEVENTY MILLION people saw Obama undressed in public just a few days ago, by a challenger who looked infinitely MORE Presidential than the President.

These same people will also DISBELIEVE the Obama unemployment numbers, simply because they make no sense whatsoever.

And no matter how Obama and his Chicago henchmen try to spin it, more than 23 MILLION people in America are STILL unemployed or underemployed. That 47 MILLION people are collecting food stamps. That the cost of groceries is rising beyond the ability of many people to afford them. That gas is now OVER $4.00 a gallon . . .

. . . And that under Obama . . . tomorrow doesn’t look any better than yesterday.

Obama and his Chicago Mob can lie and cheat all they want to. But, what they cannot do is change the truth.

It is what it is. And Obama is who he is.

In a nutshell . . . Obama’s Ass Is Grass – And Romney’s The Lawn Mower.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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    I recommend a Pay Pal account. They are easy to establish and you can put a link on the bottom of your page and readers can easily contribute as the mood strikes them. My new motto:

    I have quit trying to explain things to stupid people. I am not the Jackass Whisperer.


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