All The Dirty Tricks In The Book


I think MOST of us are quite familiar with the term: ALL THE DIRTY TRICKS IN THE BOOK.

But . . . when it comes to Obama, the Democrats, and the LEFT – they’ve written a whole new book, with no tricks being so low and dirty that they are not willing to stoop.

When it comes to the mainstream media; they have become so dishonest, that the ONLY way to define them is CORRUPT.


The Media and the political LEFT could easily be charged with collusion under the rules that guide Election spending, not just because of the unfair pro Obama coverage, but more so because of what the media does not cover in order to protect Obama.

Obama hasn’t just been dishonest with the people, he has indeed broken a multitude of laws as are prescribed by the Constitution and the Congress . . . all the while the media stands silent.

And then there is the unrelenting media attack on Mitt Romney . . . that ranges from defamation, distortions, and a campaign that constantly shows Romney to be behind Obama in virtually every important category, even though nothing could be further from the truth.

Psychologically – showing someone to be a LOSER . . . actually carries a stigma that is hard to ignore. And this is what the media is doing to Romney everyday through slanted and loaded polling that takes the sheen off Romney’s Campaign, and the wind out of the sails of his supporters.

Then there’s the BIG LIE about Romney not having any specifics on how he intends to fix the economy and regain America’s international position of EXCEPTIONALISM, when in fact, Romney does have a REAL plan, while Obama’s ONLY plan is to SMEAR Romney through innuendos and outright lies.


In spite of a politically LEFTIST CORRUPT media. In spite of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars spent to demean and defame Romney. And in spite of doing everything they all can to hide Obama’s MONUMENTAL failures, this race for the White House isn’t nearly as close as the LEFT and LEFTIST media want everyone to believe it is.

If the contest was the sure-thing-victory Obama and his toadies want everyone to believe that it is, they wouldn’t be spending all their time and fortune trying to destroy the challenger, opposed to promoting the successes of the President.

But, what successes has Obama had that could be promoted, other than taking credit for the killing of Bin Laden as if he himself was in on the raid?


As I listen to the media state that Romney has to score a HUGE debate victory, just to get back in the game, I have to shake my head in incredulity, since all Romney has to do to seal-the-deal is speak the truth . . . loud and clear, to finish the job of convincing people to vote for him, who don’t really need all that much convincing.

While it is 100% true that Obama will get about 98% of all the Black votes, of the few Blacks who will even bother to vote. And as much as, and probably more than 60% of the Stupid Jewish vote. And close to 100% of the something-for-nothing vote, of people who are too lazy to work let alone vote. And about 100% of the dead-people’s vote, it won’t be enough for him to carry the day.


The America that was handed to Obama in 2008, has been so beaten-up by him and the LEFT, that every thinking American from the moderate LEFT to the Conservative RIGHT will either vote for Romney, or vote against Obama, or simply not vote.


I’ve read and heard that as many as 90 percent of people who intend to vote will be watching the first debate. I’ve also read and heard that this number will conservatively represent FIFTY MILLION people.

Imagine this for a moment . . . 90% of the voting population watching and listening to a REAL exchange between Romney, a hugely successful man-with-a-plan . . . against a massively failed FRAUD who isn’t too bright without his teleprompter; NOR without the LEFTIST media filters of lies and distortions.

As I’ve written repeatedly . . . Romney will win by at least 5 points when all the counting is done. If not, the American people do not deserve to keep their once-upon-a-time magnificent country. BUT THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN . . . and Romney will win.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks for this editorial! I’m sending a check to your Canadian address. Thanks for the reminder.
    Can’t do it often, but will help out when I’m able. Your work is too important to ignore.
    Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.
    I think we’re all relieved you made it ‘home.’

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