Freedom Of Expression Is REALLY Under Attack


As the sun set on Judaism’s HOLIEST Day (September 26, 2012) . . . Yom Kippur, when Jews worldwide stand before God confessing their sins in a global act of atonement, begging for forgiveness, I stood before the Council of the Township of South Stormont in Ontario Canada.

During my 20-minute speech to Mayor Bryan McGillis, Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, and three Councilors, my thoughts went back to my late parents; to how they lived their lives and stood firm for Black and White principles that guided how they lived and how they raised their family.

I envisioned both of my parents in Canadian Military Uniforms some 70 years back, when both of them answered the call of duty to serve Canada and the FREE World in the greatest war of all time, to rid the planet of Nazis and that sort.

My mom died 25 years ago (September 28, 1987). My dad died 18 years ago. Both of them are resting in Montreal, side-by-side in perpetuity.

Friday morning, on the date that my mom died . . . Anne and I visited the cemetery in Montreal, as we always do to pay our respects to both of my parents, both of whom who gave and sacrificed so much to raise myself and sisters to be good people.

While I spoke to the Council in a packed chamber of some 300 people, I saw my parents in my mind’s eye scurrying as they used to do, to prepare for the Jewish High Holidays. And how they invited far more people into their home, than we had room to comfortably accommodate, for everyone to partake in a veritable FEAST my mother prepared for Rosh Hashanah, and the after-FASTING meal prepared for the week later, when the sun would finally set ending Yom Kippur.

These thoughts of my parents gave me incredible strength and resolve as I stood before the South Stormont Council, asking them to pass a bylaw to guarantee FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, as is already “supposed” to be guaranteed through Canada’s Constitutional Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that in reality is being eviscerated through activist LEFTIST Courts on behalf of French RIGHTS, that supercede all the RIGHTS of Ontario’s 96% English population.


What is happening throughout Canada, concerning Freedom of Expression and equality in hiring is shameful, as the minority French-speaking community through Canadian AFFIRMATIVE Action is a disgrace to any semblance of fairness.


Canada’s Activist LEFTIST Courts are no less reprehensible than America’s Activist LEFTIST Courts. And our politicians are no better than the scoundrels who insult the intelligence of the people they are sworn to serve throughout North America.


On Friday, September 21, 2012, I spoke to my Member of Parliament . . . Guy Lauzon – to invite him to the Stormont Council meeting that would make history, by passing a law that would endorse Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms . . .

Lauzon’s response:

“I can’t . . . It would be too controversial.”

In a million years, I could never have believed that a sitting Member of Parliament, especially one who “pretends” to be a Conservative could ever think, even by the smallest measure, that an endorsement of our Constitutional Charter of Rights and Freedoms could be anything other than the FOUNDATION of what Canada should and MUST stand for, instead of being TOO controversial.


Like everyone with an interest in global politics and the American experience, I paid very close attention to how the Obama group of apologists dealt with the Moslem riots, and to what happened in Benghazi with the MURDER of 4 Americans including the Ambassador.

As bad as it was that Hillary Clinton repeatedly fell over herself apologizing for the YouTube anti-Mohammed snippet, followed by Jay Carney – Obama’s White House mouthpiece, Susan Rice – Obama’s Israel-Hating Ambassador to the UN, and everyone else on the LEFT who could get their face in front of a news camera; it was WORSE that Obama’s Justice Department (I hear nothing, see nothing, and know nothing about Fast and Furious US Attorney General Eric Holder) had the sad-sack Coptic Christian American/Egyptian producer of the YouTube snippet ARRESTED for exercising his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to Freedom of Expression, under the GUISE of violating a full-of-baloney parole restriction.

In effect . . . and by the way this Coptic Christian was taken into custody under the bright lights of the media, by an army of police officers, SCREAMED that Freedom of Expression in the United States of America is NOT a RIGHT, as much as it is a tolerance.

The most horrible part of this arrest and my Canadian campaign for what MUST be our “reasonable” unrestricted Freedom of Expression . . . is that there has been no outrage in either of our two countries.

As I said in my address to the Council of South Stormont, losing ones Freedom of Expression in small things . . . is only the beginning to losing Freedom of Expression in all things.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hate to say it but most of us are dumb as a box of rocks or we would have never ever let Washington get in this shape. I have asked so many people about who they voted for and what that person’s platform was and they did not have a clue.
    so sorry and so sad.
    Love your news letter,
    Big Bob

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