Are You Stupid For Reading This Web Site?


Most Pundits (Opinionists) are no different than the Politicians and the News Gatherers who report on them . . . for the most part . . . THEY ARE ALL INSIDERS.

When I see, hear, and read opinions from the Pundits, I see, hear, and read from people who are looking through the tinted glasses of OPINIONISTS, most of whom are generally far removed from the people they are preaching to.

And that . . . especially during these very frightening times is not good.

People like Bill O’Reilly of FOX News, whose ego is on a par with Obama, takes great relish in crapping all over Bloggers who he sees as a modern-age irritation.

Others refer to Bloggers like me as “Citizen Journalists”, which I find to be quite patronizing, since I don’t consider myself to be journalist, nor do I consider them to be special-citizens, as if they are somehow the anointed guardians of the gates of truth and knowledge.

The BIG reason for this form of condescension from the mainstream media and Opinionists against Bloggers, is that Bloggers like me, collectively reach MORE millions of people on their “LISTS” . . . than probably does the entire NEWS media as we know it.

While it is absolutely true that there are an enormous number of kooks and conspiracy theorists online, it is also true beyond debate, that there are an enormous number of slanted Mainstream Journalists who go from being incompetent, to dishonest, to being outright liars.


Mitt Romney’s Press Conference that heavily criticized the Apology released by Obama’s State Department for that Stupid Video was BANG-ON. He said what had to be said. And the way it should have been said.

But, instead of the media coming out in huge numbers to support Romney for saying what the Dufus-In-Chief should have said, the media CONSPIRED and COLLUDED to demean and diminish Romney.


Then . . . to pile insult onto injury, the media kept at it, while doing the job of the Obama Reelection Campaign Committee to damage Romney with all they had, making this ATTACK on America secondary to their ATTACK on Romney, and the ATTACK on the Video that had as much to do with the ATTACKS on the USA throughout the Arab/Moslem world, as is the cost of coffee beans in Columbia.

But, that wasn’t the case with Bloggers like me . . . who saw what happened at the hands of Islamists as an attack on America, and supported Romney’s REASONABLE and ACCURATE response.


I foresee a horrible near-term future for the planet because of Obama, the LEFT, and WORST of all . . . a dishonest media, the very worst in my memory and knowledge.

At least the FREE WORLD knew who were Pravda and Der Strümer, which did exactly what the State expected of them. But . . . for a North American FREE PRESS to be so slanted and dishonest is downright dangerous.

And that’s why the Mainstream Media, including OPINIONISTS, perhaps especially Opinionists, have a minimal to zero regard for BLOGGERS like me.

Unlike “professional” writers, Bloggers write from the heart.

Bloggers see the real world that we live in through non-filtered glasses. We are answerable to no one. We rely upon no one. We write what we believe. And believe in what we write. AND THAT BOTHERS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TO THE HILT.

So . . . when Opinionists of the “professional” media are busy impressing each other and themselves with their “Solomonic” knowledge and insider privilege, the people who they are trying to reach are instead reaching out more and more to people like me on the WEB.

And unlike what FOX News’ O’Reilly would like people to think; that Internet consumers of opinion are somehow daft to turn to NON-professionals like me, it is very much to the contrary.

Not all the people who consume opinions on the Internet are as stupid as the mainstream media would like to think they are, since consumers of Internet opinion rate the OPINIONISTS quite diligently, throwing the jerks aside, while promoting the people who really GET-IT and DISSEMINATE-IT.

And that’s what bothers the “professional” Pundits and Opinionists the most. As time progresses and more and more people come to realize that the mainstream media are at best slanted and at worst not to be trusted, more and more they will turn to Web Sites like mine.


To all my coreligionists . . . Jews celebrating FIVE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED & SEVENTY THREE years of history, all of which emanated from the Middle East, where MOST of the world says Jews have no standing, I wish upon them, me and mine, and all decent people regardless of religious beliefs a very Sweet and Happy Jewish New Year.

Shanah Tovah . . . Howard Galganov

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