The Arab Spring – Obama BUILT IT.

Somehow, according to Obama and Clinton's State Department, America had to apologize for the attacks on the Embassy and Consulate.

As part of Hillary Clinton’s Press Conference, following the disasters in Libya (Benghazi), and Egypt (Cairo), she called what happened in Cairo at the American Embassy “A DEMONSTRATION”.

Was she kidding?

When an organized mob breaches the boundaries of a sovereign nation by storming the gates and walls of an Embassy, it is not a “DEMONSTRATION” . . . it is by every reasonable definition an outright ATTACK.

Clinton’s State Department’s first inclination was to blame the producers of the “offending” video, followed by an apology. Is that how a powerful country should respond to an unprovoked attack on its sovereignty . . . by apologizing?

Then Clinton reinforced the apology with a statement that went on to say that there is no reason or excuse for anyone to do what the Egyptians did to the US Embassy – BUT . . .


It goes beyond description to how much disdain the Democrats have for the intelligence of the American people.

Knowing that the apology for Free Speech didn’t go over that well with the American people, especially in light of the MURDERS of four Americans INCLUDING the US Ambassador to Libya, they still didn’t drop the hammer on those Moslem countries that preach America and Jew HATRED.

In fact . . . during Obama’s Press Conference, he never even mentioned what happened in Egypt. SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?


Romney didn’t wait for someone to tell him what to say and how to say it. Romney came right out with it, INCLUDING a damning statement on the government’s APOLOGY for a stupid amateurish video, the government and the people had nothing whatsoever to do with.

And even at that – I saw the video, which was an insult to the art of movie making as much as it was to Mohamed – and it was very much anti Mohamed . . .

SO WHAT? In FREE countries like America, the people have the RIGHT to express their honest opinions and views without having to worry about being murdered for them.

To me, apologizing to SAVAGES, especially Moslem savages are what Obama and Clinton do best. And what places the USA and Americans in the greatest jeopardy.

It’s interesting how the LEFTIST media have been trying to extol Obama and Clinton’s foreign policies as having been one of their great successes, when in truth, because of Clinton, the lying piece-of-work, who lied about how she was received when she visited Bosnia after the war had ended . . .

Their foreign affairs “accomplishments” are no less a series of disasters than what Obama and others on his disgraceful team of amateurs have done to the USA at home.

The following is how Hillary Clinton depicted her experience visiting Bosnia . . .

“I remember landing under sniper fire . . . Running with our heads down to get into our vehicles to get into the base . . . There was no greeting ceremony” . . . when the actual media video showed just the OPPOSITE, with her casually walking on the tarmac along with daughter Chelsea, attending a greeting ceremony where a smiling young girl presented then Senator Clinton with an envelope.

During the 2008 Democratic Nominating contest between Clinton and Obama; Obama said that all the foreign affairs experience Clinton was talking about was more a part of her imagination than it was reality.

So how come she’s his Secretary of State?

That Hilary Clinton LIED so openly about her visit to Bosnia, should have been more than enough to disqualify her from the Senate, let alone heading the State Department so many years later.


As it turns out, when Clinton ran that ad about who would you want in the White House when that call comes in at THREE AM, her or Barack Obama? The answer is obvious after seeing how these two Dufuses (Obama and Clinton) dealt with these most recent attacks on US Sovereignty . . .

MITT ROMNEY is the person America and the rest of the world should want in the White House to answer that THREE AM phone call.

THIS IS FOR JEWISH AMERICAN VOTERS . . . Obama and Clinton will NOT impose a Red Line on Iranian nuclear weapons development, but is ready to eviscerate Israel for building a few apartments in Jerusalem.

Obama has an open door to the Moslem Brotherhood at the White House, but has no time to meet the Israeli Prime Minister when Netanyahu is in New York at the same time Obama will be there.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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