What Did You Do This Morning?

I weep for the loss of the American Dream.

At PRECISELY 8:46 this morning (9/11/12), Anne and I lowered our two beloved flags (Canadian/American) to half-mast. We then listened to the playing of TAPS on my I-Phone, remembering those horrible images we all saw live, up close and personal, as just under 3000 innocent people perished in the fires of hell courtesy of Islam, just eleven years ago today.

We came into the house after standing for a few moments in silence, where we lit a Yarzeit Candle (a Jewish candle to remember and honor the dead) that will burn for 24 hours.

This is something Anne and I have done every September 11, including September 11, 2001 . . . on the day of INFAMY.

For people to associate this criminal act of undeclared war, as an attack on the Twin Towers, or the Pentagon, or the target of the plane that went down in Shanksville . . . they are mistaken.

NINE-ELEVEN was an attack on the very FOUNDATION of Freedom.

America was the recipient, only because America represented the greatest threat to the growth and spread of Islam and its draconian philosophy that is hell-bent on destroying the Secular Rule of Law, Modernity, Freedom, Equality for Women, and all other Religious Beliefs.

I wept on the day America was attacked eleven years ago. I weep on every anniversary re-watching the horrors that befell America on that day, including this morning . . . but I weep much more today for America, when I see what has become of what used to be the GREATEST country and society on the planet.

The attacks on America on 9/11/01, and prior to 9/11/01, when Moslems first hit the Twin Towers in 1993, were nothing compared to the attacks America is absorbing everyday by the LEFT, and by the current President of the United States of America.

That so many Americans could have voted for this Obama charlatan, whose only public record was atrocious, while he and his handlers did EVERYTHING they could to hide his past, says MORE about the utter stupidity of the people who supported him and voted for him than anything else.

What is truly devastating however . . . is that almost as many Americans four years later, after all that Obama has done to harm America, will still vote for the man, who with the help of the LEFT has all but destroyed the American Dream and Economy.

As a Jewish person, I stand in shame of the MILLIONS of American Jews, who so adamantly support a man whose not so camouflaged goal is to do whatever he can to diminish, if not outright destroy the State of Israel.

America can withstand many 9/11’s. America can meet and defeat all enemies from all foreign lands. But America cannot survive a President whose ambition is to reduce the USA in the eyes of the world and on the global stage.

Even as I am writing this, I am hearing Obama speaking in the background at the Pentagon, using this hallowed day for yet another photo-op, and an empty speech to further his quest for another four years to finish what he started, which is to me nothing less than the absolute decline of the United States of America.

I weep more for the United States of America today, not as much because of 9/11, but because half of the population of America are willingly and enthusiastically aiding and abetting an ideological President who is a traitor to the founding principles that has made for what used to be American EXCEPTIONALISM.

I weep for a planet that will be lost without the leadership and dream of America, as the Lights Of That Shining City On The Top Of That Hill flicker before they might become extinguished forever.

GOD BLESS AMERICA . . . Howard Galganov

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