A Convention Of LIARS

Best Convention EVER For The Republicans:

When I recently wrote how spectacular the Republican Convention was, and how I wondered what the Democrats could possibly do to measure-up, I was quite certain that the DNC couldn’t, but, as much as I believed that they couldn’t measure-up, I also never thought that their Convention would be such a disaster.

I’m not going to list the litany of DNC Convention horrors other than to say that it was one of the most negative and dishonest displays of politics I had ever witnessed. It was show business . . . nothing more and nothing less.

The DNC Convention was so poorly done and lacking of any relevance whatsoever, other than how miserable America is . . . that even Obama’s MOST important speech of his lifetime was empty.


What really set the tone for me about the emptiness and negativity of the DNC Convention was the utter lack of IMPORTANT speakers with meaningful messages. I won’t list them all, but I will list some of those who in my mind were perfect examples of what the Democrats stand for.

1 – Julian Castro . . . The young Latino Mayor of San Antonio Texas, the KEYNOTE SPEAKER, who is being touted as the NEXT Democratic great hope, was chalk-full of accusatory, negative, and collectivist doom and gloom. His speech was quite dynamic; it’s just too bad that it was the opposite of uplifting.

WOW – what a great way to encourage the masses by listing everything that is wrong with America.

But . . . more important than that, at least to me . . . was that Castro’s mother, Maria del Rosario Castro was one of the founders of LA RAZA, the FAR LEFT American Hispanic (Mexican) Separatist movement, who is on record in the New York Times in the year 2010 as having said that the defenders of the Alamo were nothing more than “DRUNKS and CROOKS”.

REALLY . . . Davy Crocket, William Travis, Jim Bowie and the other near 250 who gave their lives at the Alamo were nothing more than “Drunks and Crooks”?

And after winning the Mayor’s Office in San Antonio, the first thing Castro hung on his wall was a poster of his mother’s fight for the LIBERATION of Texas from the USA – under the banner of LA RAZA.

I wonder if it’s like MOMMY like SON.

Perhaps Julian Castro should heed the words of Sam Houston . . . “REMEMBER THE ALAMO”.

2 – Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law Professor who is campaigning hard against Scott Brown for the Massachusetts US Senate Seat was full of piss and vinegar, lies and distortions, as she revved-up the red-meat crowd of American LEFTISTS.

But . . . to Elizabeth Warren, LYING comes as natural to her as breathing, much like another lying Democrat, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, because who else but a liar would claim that she is part NATIVE AMERICAN (Cherokee), which opened all kinds of doors, opportunities and subsidies for her . . . when in truth, she is nothing of the sort.

More so, Natives for Obama were so pissed-off with her, that even at the DNC Convention, they wanted her to take a blood test to see if there is even one speck of Native Blood flowing through her veins.

3 – Ted Kennedy was dragged from his grave, shown to be one of the all-time GREAT American Democrats, the “LION” of Congress, who was the conscience and driving force for all things that were good and great in America; so they pretended.

It’s kind of sad how the Democrats forgot to remind people that he was a DRUNKARD, a Misogynist, and had DESERTED a beautiful young woman, Mary Joe Kopechne to drown in Chappaquiddick Creek, after he crashed his car off the bridge, running away to hide as her lungs filled with water.

4 – Sandra Fluke, THE YOU PAY for my sex advocate. Nothing more needs to be said.

5 – John Kerry, the Heinz Ketchup GIGOLO was in fine form auditioning for Hillary Clinton’s job, as he did his best to insult and diminish a self-made-man (Romney) who is more qualified in his sleep to do anything than Kerry could do fully awake on Steroids.

Remember Kerry’s phony claim to fame and his actions of infamy?

The claim to fame was his Purple Heart as a Combat Swift Boat Captain during the Vietnam War that he received, even though his “wound” was less than a man experiences after nicking himself with a razor while shaving.

During Kerry’s campaign for the Presidency against George W Bush, Kerry’s former crew couldn’t wait to dump on the phony they sailed with . . . with the devastating SWIFT-BOAT ads

Kerry’s DAYS of Infamy began with him meeting, aiding, and abetting America’s enemy (Communist Vietnamese) in Paris, while the war raged on, and Americans were being killed everyday while he palled with the killers.

When Kerry came back from Vietnam . . . before Congress, he accused American soldiers of being murderers. And during the Iraq War . . . he did it again, accusing American soldiers of “RAPE, MURDER and TORTURE”.

. . . And he wants to be the next Secretary of State.

6 – Bill Clinton was the Star of the show, who spoke for about forty-five minutes, stirring the crowd with laughs, applause, chants and fairytales. THEY LOVED HIM. And why shouldn’t they, since he put-on a stellar performance worthy of a Broadway TONY award.

Just because every other statement was a lie . . . didn’t matter to the “Stepford” people in the audience.

While the fans were cheering, I was thinking of the poor young intern (Monica Lewinsky), whose life he ruined, as he fiddled with her with his Churchill Cigar in the Oval Office.

The only thought I have of Clinton . . . is of him being a sexual deviant and a CRETIN who lied to Congress, was IMPEACHED for it, and disbarred all at the same time.


And then there was the speech of Michelle Obama . . . that everyone described as being incredible. I don’t know which speech they heard and saw; but taking away her very studied delivery, I heard nothing that was sincere, unlike the fabulous from the heart speech delivered by Ann Romney the week before.

When I see or hear Michelle Obama . . . all I think about is the following:

“For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”, which she stated AFTER her husband won the Democratic nomination.

I guess that a country that has freed the world from Nazism and Communism, that put men on the moon, and has led the planet in every form of humanity and sciences imaginable was not a country she could have been proud of before her husband won the Democratic Nomination.

That American BLOOD and TREASURE has been spilled worldwide fighting for the Freedoms of others was nothing to be proud of. Or that she and her husband received FIVE-STAR Ivy League Educations in a country she thinks of as being racist and worse is nothing to be proud of.

I also remember when during the 2008 election she said as part of her comment: “ . . . that in 2008 – America is a downright mean country”.

It seems now, that Michelle Obama can travel on many MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR vacations, have a mega million dollar staff befitting a queen, and gets to wear any fashion she wants, at a cost of THOUSANDS of dollars for a skirt, a blouse or a sweater, while rank and file Americans are terrified that they won’t be able to put food on the table . . . America is no longer so mean.


She is the absolute Poster Girl for the Democrats. If I had a prayer for the Republicans, it would be to see and hear far more from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

And then there was that “little” thing about omitting God and Jerusalem from their platform, and the vote to put them back in that failed THREE times, but was passed nonetheless.

Kind of says all that needs to be said about how the Democrats view Democracy.

I cannot imagine a better Convention for the Republicans held by the Democrats, since this phenomenal embarrassment is just the beginning.

I’m CONVINCED . . . Romney will win by at least 5% and MOST probably MORE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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