When Not-So-Good Men And Women Do NOTHING

Cowards in the guise of “GOOD” people are humanity’s greatest threat.


In a few days (September 4, 2012) Quebecers are going to the polls to elect a new government.


1 – The Liberal Party of Quebec is amongst the most corrupt governments in memory, that has done nothing to improve the financial standing of the province, other than to WEASEL more “equality” payments (welfare) for itself from the REST of CANADA, English Canada that is.

ALSO . . . The so-called “federalist” Liberals have maintained Quebec’s Draconian language laws that make the UNRESTRICTED use of the English language ILLEGAL.

2 – The Parti Quebecois is an openly Separatist Party that doesn’t even attempt to hide or disguise its outright ANTIPATHY for English speakers and Ethnics.

3 – The CAQ Party is lead by an unrepentant former member of the Parti Quebecois, François Legault, who is himself as anti-English and Quebec nationalist as any of them.


Over the years, Quebec “Anglos” had the ability to stand against this RACIST Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalism, but instead of FIGHTING BACK, the NOT-SO-GOOD men and women of the elitist English population, but ESPECIALLY the English media . . . convinced the people to “BUILD BRIDGES & A BIG TENT”.

In the 1930’s . . . men and women who railed against the Nazis were told to shut-up. To not make waves. To not make trouble. To not bring the forces of the government upon themselves. And to place their faith and trust in the elitists.

Sir Winston Churchill was called an EXTREMIST and a War Monger, when in government opposition he demanded that Hitler be stopped before Hitler had a chance to even begin.

I’m no Churchill, but I know the power of the cowards of the LEFT.

I was called every name in the book for my opposition to language laws in Quebec that were openly RACIST and DISCRIMINATORY against English speakers.

I too was called an extremist, a hardliner, a bigot, anti-French and worse, but not specifically from the Tribalist French, but MOSTLY by the Anglos who were too cowardly to stand and fight . . . and TOO trusting of their elitist media and political sell-outs to see the writing on the wall.

And on Tuesday (September 4, 2012), the English and Ethnics will go to the polls to vote for one of three Parties who think of the English as if they were vermin. And like always, the English have a choice they won’t take.

They could simply go to the voting booth and DESTROY their ballot.

But they won’t . . . because like the lambs they are, they will vote for the Liberals, because to them, the Liberals hold out a fairytale measure of hope.


In 1989, after one of many political insults foisted upon the English Community, a group of PISSED-OFF Anglos formed an English Rights Party that sent four of their Members to the Quebec “National” Assembly.

Four years later, the Equality Party was all but finished, because the Members who went to Quebec City were co-opted by the system, while being led by a person with more of a personal agenda than a true conviction for the fight.

And even though new leadership took over the Party, they were abandoned by the English for a return to the Liberal Party, in the STUPID hope that things will change . . . much like a wife who goes back to an abusive spouse, thinking that things will be different; even though they NEVER are.

So, here are Quebec’s Anglos, with no one to vote for who gives a damn about them, standing in the political pasture like little lambs waiting to see which of these three dreadful Parties will come to collect them for slaughter.

And to add insult to injury, the little Anglo Lambs get to vote for whom it will be who gets to hold the knife.

I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN IN ONTARIO, where FRENCH Speaking Ontarians are using the goodwill of the majority (96%) English community to slash and burn Anglo Rights, only because they’ve convinced Activist Courts, sell-out politicians and the elite that it is the RIGHT THING TO DO.

Quebec is TOTALLY lost to the English minority, whose only real option at this point in time and history is to leave for another province or country; or SHUT-UP and be good little COMPLIANT Anglos who don’t make noise while hoping for the best.

The big pity here . . . is that there were many Anglos and Ethnics who did stand-up. But for every one of them who came to the table with money, voice, and effort, TENS of THOUSANDS didn’t.

But WORSE than that – Those Anglos who didn’t come to the table with anything, stood in aggressive opposition to those of us who did, who would NOT accept second-class status. And at the hands of these SELL-OUT Anglo elitists and Quisling MEDIA, we were made out to be the villains who didn’t know how to get along. Who didn’t know how to build bridges . . . and who refused to live under the same “BIG TENT” with RACISTS.

And now that it’s too late . . . these horrific media members are wringing their hands while damning everyone but themselves for what has happened.


Barack Hussein Obama, in concert with the UN has just about achieved his Iran goals. Obama has convinced Israel and the world to allow the Iranians to buy the time Iran needed to do what Iran needed to do before their invulnerability to attack by Israel was established.

To a lesser degree, just like the Anglos in Quebec . . . and to a much greater degree, just like the Jews and others in Nazi Europe who didn’t have the courage of conviction to do what had to be done before it became too late, Israel is following the worst examples of history.

If Israel falls, which is a very REAL possibility. And if MILLIONS of Jews are murdered in the process, which is also a very REAL possibility, I will not point a finger at Barack Hussein Obama, only because he is what and who he is.

I will point a finger at every Jew who voted for him and gave him support. And I will point a finger at every LEFTIST Jew in Israel who were either too stupid or too cowardly to do what had to be done.

And I will point a finger at Benjamin Netanyahu, who under enormous pressure has not had his Churchill moment, whose ONLY response to Israel and Judaism’s GREATEST threat since the Holocaust was to continuously point-out ever diminishing RED LINES that Netanyahu would not allow Iran to cross, while Iran crossed them all.

Cowards in the guise of “GOOD” people are humanity’s greatest threat. For because of them . . . REALLY good people die.



Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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