The Election Best Is Yet To Come


Tonight’s one of the BIG NIGHTS for America (Thursday August 30, 2012), when Mitt Romney will take to the stage and formally accept the Republican nomination.

I write that tonight is just one of the BIG NIGHTS, because I think the night of the FIRST Presidential debate will be the BIGGEST night.

It will be then and there where the American people will be able to compare Romney and Obama side-by-side . . . up close and personal. But that said; make no mistake about it, this whole Republican Convention has been incredibly important, culminating with a speech by Romney that I’m certain will be more than just hollow words.

All of the Republican speakers with the exception of Chris Christie were exceptional. Ann Romney was a ROCK STAR, while Paul Ryan exceeded expectations so far above and beyond, that his contribution to the Republican Ticket is invaluable.


Thus far, the Republican Convention has been so superb; that I just CANNOT imagine what the Democrats will possibly be able to bring to the table in contrast next week during their big moment.

What’s Obama going to sell? He certainly can’t run on his record.

Will he still be blaming Bush, ‘cause that’s kind of worn-out?

Will Obama sell healthcare as a woman’s RIGHT to have sex on the taxpayers tab, as his Obamacare defining moment, because . . . if not, why bother having Sandra Fluke as a speaker at such an important event?

And what will she say? Will she tell the people how important it is to all women that they could get laid on the taxpayers’ dime, making this one of Obama’s Cornerstone Achievements to LIBERATE women?

Then there’s Jimmy Carter who will be speaking. Remember him . . . the peanut farmer who was bailed-out of his bankrupt farm by Arab money, who never missed an opportunity to scum-out Israel?

Remember Carter and 21% interest rates? The long lines at the pumps as gas prices went through the roof? Remember the massive unemployment under his watch as he convinced the American people that their best days were behind them?

He too apologized for America, making Vietnam VETS feel like War Criminals.

And then there was this little thing of 53 American Hostages held by the Iranian Ayatollahs for 444 days. Funny thing about that . . .

The “activist” leader of the group that took the Americans hostage during the Carter Presidency . . . is the same Ahmadinejad who is now holding Obama hostage all these generations later.

And then there’s another similarity . . . Just like Carter SCREWED-OVER America’s and Israel’s closest Middle East Friend and Ally, The Shaw of Iran in favor of Moslem EXTREMISTS . . . Obama did the same in Egypt to Mubarak with the SAME results.

And unlike Ryan who shone amongst the brightest stars, Obama’s dimwit Vice President will have all the media sitting on the edge of their seats, just waiting for the “STUPID” Biden quote, which is almost as inevitable as the sun rising in the East.

I cannot fathom what positive message the Democrats could possibly bring to the table next week during their Convention – that could hold a candle to the show put-on by the Republicans.

If a HORNY nobody like Sandra Fluke, and an ABSOLUTELY failed President like Jimmy Carter are amongst their important speakers . . . what can anyone say?


Vice Presidential debates are generally not all that important. They put on a good show, and give the VP Candidates an opportunity to take nationally covered jabs at each other’s Presidential Running Mates . . . BUT NOT THIS TIME.

This Vice Presidential Debate will be real, since Ryan is REAL, and will be far more than just a figurehead in the White House. Paul Ryan didn’t leave such an important job in the House just to be Romney’s backup.

Ryan will play an extremely important role in the recovery of the United States . . . Perhaps the MOST important role imaginable.

So – just try to picture this Vice Presidential debate between a man of exceptional knowledge and talent (Ryan), versus a guy who is so stupid, as to incorporate a verbal image during a campaign speech of sending American Blacks back into slavery . . . “They’ll put y’all back into chains.”

Or so sloppy and unprofessional as to declare on-camera in front of the nation and the world how Obamacare was such a “BIG F-ING DEAL”.

As I’ve said from the day Obama won in 2008 (check my archives), he will be a one-term President. He will destroy the Democratic Brand. And he will cause the Democrats to take a beating in the 2010 Midterms.

And as I’ve been saying from the moment Romney became the presumed Nominee, Obama will lose in 2012 by a large margin. I believed then . . . and I believe now; Obama will lose by at least FIVE to EIGHT percentage points.

I simply can’t wait to watch the impending Democratic Disaster coming to the little screen next week.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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