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Before writing a word about Romney/Ryan . . . a very special THANK YOU goes out to the many who attended the Galganov BBQ (Saturday August 11, 2012), where everyone had a fabulous time, and to the many who couldn’t make it but sent in contributions nonetheless.

Receiving the money makes it possible to take the FIGHT to the LEFT in a meaningful way, while at the same time invigorates those who are doing the fighting.

Freedom of EXPRESSION and Freedom from the injustices of the LEFT are two issues that will be fought to the end of time, and can never be ignored no matter how tired one is of defending that which guarantees the unencumbered PURSUIT of HAPPINESS for ALL.

ROMNEY/RYAN . . . And the ass-kicking that’s in store for the LEFT:

People repeatedly ask me what I think of Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his Running Mate. So, here’s the one-word answer . . . STUPENDOUS!

The Republican Bench Strength of potential Running Mates for Romney was so incredible, that had Romney picked any of a half dozen others on his short list, anyone of them would have also been a TERRIFIC choice – BUT . . .

Of all the tremendous picks, Paul Ryan brings so much to the Ticket, that the full extent of Ryan’s contribution is beyond description.


I’ve been flooded over the past months with extremely frustrated letters from visitors to, who were beside themselves that Romney wasn’t fighting back, especially against that torrent of ads of Personal Destruction against the Candidate and his beautiful wife Ann.

My direct response to these writers, and in editorials over that period of time all stated the following:

The last thing Romney should do, is to be allowed to be pulled into the swamp of Chicago Politics where Obama and his ilk do their best dirty work.


1 – It will either be fought by Chicago rules based on lies, distortions, fear and politics of personal destruction. IN SHORT – THE OBAMA WAY.

2 – OR . . . the Campaign will be fought on substance . . . on the real future of America and America’s place in the world. It will be contested on ideologies, whether America will become a Collectivist Socialist State where Obama and the LEFT want to take her, or continue to be a FREE Republic based on the American DREAM of INDIVIDUAL success measured on MERIT.

Had Romney allowed himself to be suckered into the Obama Swamp, the REAL debate about America’s future would never have seen the light of day. Instead, because Romney wouldn’t take the bait, the debate is going to be on . . .


When you add up the almost FOUR years of Obama, all you get is fiscal death and destruction. You get a people more divided today than they have been since the Civil War. And you get an America that has lost a great deal of her prestige and influence on the world stage.

Instead of campaigning on success, Obama campaigns on LIES and DISTORTIONS. He screams about the MILLIONS of jobs he created, when in actual IRREFUTABLE fact and TRUTH, Americans are MORE chronically unemployed today, than they have ever been since the Great Depression.

When Obama BRAGS about saving the American Auto Industry he LIES, LIES, and LIES again, since the American Auto Industry in the likes of GM and Chrysler are no less bankrupt NOW than they were BEFORE he supposedly saved them.

If GM had to pay back the American people what GM STILL owes the people (MORE Than TWENTY-FIVE BILLION Dollars), GM couldn’t come up with enough money to meet the interest.


Historically, automobiles and light trucks are deemed to be sold, only when they are sold off the DEALER’S lot. But, in the new marketing of Obama, cars and light trucks are now deemed to be sold when they leave the Assembly Plant for the Dealer, whether the Dealer sells the cars and trucks or not.

By industry standards, the Dealers start to lose money on inventory that has been on their lots for more than two months. But, now, according to automotive retail statistics, GM cars and light trucks are on average, sitting on Dealer lots for MORE than FOUR months.

Then there’s a question of who’s buying GM to GIN-UP the sales . . . How about the US Taxpayers, as Obama’s government automotive purchases measure about 75% in favor of GM? What about that other American-Owned Auto Maker Ford?

To sell GM products, GMAC, which was also bailed-out by the Taxpayers, is offering ZERO percent financing to virtually anyone who asks . . . credit worthiness-be-damned, akin to how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac blew-up the housing market.


Promoting a 100% Money Back Guarantee on cars and light trucks based exclusively upon whether the buyer likes the vehicle or not, is NOT smart marketing, it is a sign of extreme DESPERATION.

And what about Ford, which wasn’t bailed-out? Or other great brands made in America owned by Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagon – ETC?

So . . . when one measures Obama’s successes – where do you start?

1 – Bailing out the Auto Industry is definitely not one of them. Do you remember Cash For Clunkers?

2 – Green energy, especially solar energy that produces LESS than TWO-TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT of America’s energy needs is a JOKE, especially when you think Solyndra and the BILLIONS of wasted Tax-Dollars on multiple Solyndras.

3 – Jobs, debt control, inflation and foreign affairs are also better not discussed when referring to Obama successes.

4 – Then there’s the 800-POUND Gorilla in the room known to one and all as OBAMACARE, that no one on the LEFT wants to speak about, ESPECIALLY Obama?

So . . . what can Obama point to that defines his Presidency as a great success?

Could it be that it all comes down to Obama giving the order, almost reluctantly as we have learned, to allow the BRAVE SEAL Team to take down Bin Laden, upon which he and his White House is measuring more than three and a half years of his Presidency?

No wonder Obama wants to fight this election in the gutter against two men of great accomplishment and principle.

When all polls are taken into consideration, Obama is leading by the SLIMMEST of margins in virtually every SWING State, where in 2008 he won by substantial margins. But, when you consider that Obama CANNOT run on his record, and Romney won’t get into the gutter with the President, and theres a huge number of undecided or non-committed voters; HOW IN THE WORLD IS OBAMA TO INCREASE THE LEAD? . . . HE CAN’T!

On the other hand . . . As people start to pay attention to the campaign and measure a gutter-debate against a campaign of reason and responsibility, virtually all the UNDECIDED and Fence Sitting Voters will move to Romney/Ryan, INCLUDING some of the current Obama supporters, once they see that their Emperor is as Naked As A Jaybird.

By the time this is all over after the last ballot is counted in November, America will have a new President and Commander In Chief. There will be a respectful First Lady who has never said: “In her adult life, this is the first time that she is proud to be an American.”

And there will be a Vice President who will not be a Global Joke.

More to the point . . . America will once again . . . like the Phoenix Rising From The Ashes, take her place as the leader of the Free World setting the yardstick for greatness, leaving nothing but a very bitter taste in the mouths of most Americans toward the Democratic Brand, that Obama and the LEFT will have all but destroyed.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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