To Be Arrested . . . Or Not To Be Arrested?


So . . . here I am, sort of minding my own business amongst a dozen other people on a major street in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada – holding a sign that said EQUALITY FOR ALL, in terms of RACIST anti-English Ontario Government hiring policies.


Ontario is 96% English . . . and at best about 4% French (if that), but, to work in any government office provincially or municipally, where there is a French presence, you have to be able to pass a French Proficiency exam to get hired, which in effect means that ALL Public Sector Jobs go EXCLUSIVELY to the French.

The TYRANNY of the minority has become so venomous, that in towns and townships where there is a French presence, there are laws that make the sole use of the English language on PRIVATE Commercial Signs ILLEGAL.

Anti-English discrimination is so outrageous in ENGLISH speaking Ontario, that there are French ONLY publicly funded healthcare clinics, where if you are not French you are not welcomed . . . no matter how much in need you are.

At Cornwall’s Civic Hospital, nurses who cannot pass a French Proficiency exam can ONLY work part time, but cannot get hired FULL-TIME, but French speaking nurses who live in Quebec and pay their taxes in Quebec get FULL-TIME positions.

Even amongst the school system . . .The French have segregated the school busses not wanting to have any English kids mixing with French kids going and coming from school.


Two extremely qualified nurses, a husband a wife (Chris and Debbie), who’ve worked all over the place at some of the most exciting and best known hospitals in the USA and Canada cannot get full-time employment in English Speaking Cornwall have had enough.

THEY’RE PICKETING . . . and they are not alone.

What’s happening in Ontario is contemptible. Imagine, 96% of the population (English) . . . are under the thumb of the 4% French minority, ONLY because no one wants to be called a Racist or anti-French if they stand up for their 96% MAJORITY rights.

And as for the politicians . . . THEY ARE DESPICABLE.

There are no laws that prohibit the use of the French language anywhere in Canada, INCLUDING the Province of Ontario. But, in the ETHNOCENTRIC RACIST PROVINCE of Quebec, the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST THE LAW.

While in Ontario, French speakers have no restrictions . . . as it should be – to use their language anyway and anywhere they wish, even at the TAX expense of the majority English population.

And here’s a FACT that REALLY compounds the lunacy of all of this:

French Ontarians BOAST about being bilingual. So, if 99% of all French Ontarians speak English, what the hell is their problem?


So . . . while standing quietly in front of the Eastern Ontario Health Clinic, which is a government of Ontario agency, holding my sign, a big cop approached Chris, the nurse organizer of this little protest, to have a few words.

I couldn’t hear what was being said between them, but I saw Chris nodding his head a lot. After a moment, the cop walked back about 20 feet from Chris, standing with his arms folded across his chest looking very pleased with himself.

Chris approached the little group of respectful demonstrators (many of them nurses), to tell them that they had to stay off the lawn of the Health Unit building, remove their extra signs from the lawn of the Health Unit building, and remove any cars parked in the Health Unit building parking lot, which meant I would have to move my motorcycle.

And as would be expected, these decent law abiding demonstrators gathered their signs and stepped off the Health Unit property. And as I was walking to get my BIKE, it dawned on me:


I walked up to the stupid cop who was so pleased with himself . . . got right into his face and said: “I’m not moving my BIKE, and I’m not getting off the lawn!”

He was stunned – and in a very sharp voice told me with no uncertainty whatsoever: “If you don’t move your BIKE, I’ll have it towed to impound. And if you don’t get off the lawn, I’ll have you arrested.”

MY RESPONSE – “You do what you have to. Tow my bike if that’s what you want to do, and I’ll have my lawyers deal with it later. And if you want to arrest me for occupying PUBLIC PROPERTY – go ahead . . . ‘cause I’m not moving!”

With that, I walked to the sidewalk, picked-up a sign, walked back on the lawn of the Public Healthcare Unit building. and sat down. SCREW HIM!


When the people fear government more than the government fears the people, democracy is dead.

It’s one thing to play the RACIST Card by denying English speakers a chair at their own table, but, it becomes a totally different thing when a man with a gun and a badge tells you how and where to demonstrate your Freedom of Expression, and your RIGHT to assemble wherever you wish, especially on public grounds.

Within a few minutes the dumb-ass cop came to where I was sitting on the grass, and once again threatened to have my BIKE impounded and have me arrested.

MY RESPONSE – “Do what you think you have to do. I’m NOT moving the BIKE. And I’m not getting off the lawn.”

He then went to Chris and spoke with him for a moment. Chris then came to me and said that the cop had asked him (Chris) to convince me to comply. Yeah like that was ever going to happen.

Another moment passed until the bad-ass cop came back for yet another bite at the apple, making certain that I understood, that if I didn’t move, I was going to be arrested. To which I once again replied – “I’M NOT MOVING!”

In the meantime, the dozen or so protestors were beside themselves feeling guilty as hell for not staying on the lawn with me. But, that’s what the government depends upon from decent law-abiding people, to whom I have no animosity whatsoever for not standing-up with me, because we are all conditioned to obey authority.

BUT THAT’S WHY I’M THERE . . . By every metric, I am a decent law abiding person. But, unlike most, I will not give an inch when it comes to my Constitutional RIGHTS. I will not be pushed around, and I will not stand-by while the heavy hand of authority is pushing others around.

Ten to fifteen minutes passed, and another police car arrived, this time it was a supervisor who approached me on the lawn, who very respectfully asked me to comply and leave.

I told him the same thing I told the bad-ass cop. I wasn’t going anywhere, and neither was my BIKE. So do what you have to do. The conversation went back and forth as I explained to him that this was NOT a private property. This was a building, built and paid for with MY TAX DOLLARS.

To which he said that it was a government building, and they didn’t want me on their property, to which I said: “PRECISELY . . . It’s a government building, which means that it’s MY building, it is the people’s building, built and run with by the people’s money, INCLUDING the parking lot, AND I AM NOT LEAVING until I’m good and ready.”

The conversation between us was actually amicable, and got a bit humorous when he asked for my name.

I told him that my name was Howard. He asked what my last name was. So, I told him that it was Galganov. To which he said: “No – really, what’s your last name?” To which I repeated – Galganov.

His response was – “Can I see some ID”, to which I said “Why”, to which he said “I can get it off the BIKE’S license plate if you don’t want to give it to me”, to which I said “I’ll save you the effort” and handed him my driver’s license, which kind of changed the entire dynamics of the conversation.

At one point during the exchange I told the cop that laying here on the bumpy lawn was very uncomfortable, and that I was sweating buckets in my black shirt under a very hot sun, so, please do something. Arrest me or forget about it.

Within a few minutes after this exchange, there were no more police cars or police officers to be seen anywhere.

I also guess that it didn’t hurt that there were plenty of people with cameras and the media paying close attention to the goings-on. And as soon as the police left, the demonstrators returned to the lawn feeling good about a double victory.

A lady who was standing with the group came to me just before we were all set to leave at noon, with a check for $25, saying that she couldn’t make it to the Saturday BBQ, but wanted to be there in spirit nonetheless.

SPEAKING ABOUT THE BBQ . . . The BIG Tent was erected early this morning. And all the delicious Hot Dogs and Hamburgers are being prepared, along with the condiments. We’ve ordered a whack of chairs, but would be grateful all the same if people coming would bring their own.


So far, we have people driving in from as far away as Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and from within the community, which pleases me to no end.

And for those people who make it to the BBQ, they will all walk away with our FIRST very DYNAMIC brochure that will be sent to businesses throughout rural and small town Ontario, as the first shot fired in what is going to be a very long and aggressive battle to win back our Province, and end the anti-English discrimination amongst other important issues.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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