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If you didn’t already know, I used to be a Liberal. I was a Liberal who felt somewhat uncomfortable under my skin. But, in my day . . . especially growing up in Montreal, virtually every Jewish person leaned to the LEFT.

When I used to host many of our American Media Clients at our company gatherings, all of our many Media Clients, being Radio Station Managers were very much Conservative, most of whom – in good humor, loved to berate me for being a Liberal.

Inevitably, they would tell me that I wasn’t a Liberal at all, and was in fact a Conservative with a somewhat Liberal social conscience, to which I would laugh.


After 9/11, seeing the Towers coming down, while listening to the LEFT analyze why America was somehow responsible for this attack. And after the Intifada, watching, hearing, and reading LEFTIST spin on why Israeli Soldiers who kill MURDERERS of innocents are nothing more than being opposite sides of the same coin as the MURDERERS, I completed my life-changing transition from the LEFT to the RIGHT.

And after much personal reflection, I think I was always a conflicted Conservative in denial.

It took years for me to develop a disdain of sorts for the LEFT, but after just three and a half years of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and far too many others; that disdain has evolved into outright contempt.


Life is too short to waste debating nonsense, and far too valuable to allow others to live it for you. So, as I witness the LEFT thriving off the hard work of others, while at the same time creating regulations that strip the RIGHTS of those who are the providers, my blood boils.

I really don’t care what someone wants to do with his or her own life.

I don’t care if an adult wants to eat too much, eat unhealthy foods, smoke out of my presence, have Gay or Lesbian sex . . . or do whatever. NONE OF IT IS MY BUSINESS.

So, how come – all of a sudden in North America, how I want to live my own life has become the business of MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of LEFTISTS?

As my transition from the LEFT to the RIGHT developed, I saw a gradual decline in the level of respect I felt I had to have for the arguments and thoughts of people who believed in BIG government, BIG labor, the COLLECTIVE, and “SPECIAL” Rights for selected minorities.

As a Liberal, I even supported AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, until one day, I recognized that Affirmative Action was nothing more and nothing less than reverse discrimination, where the winners won on Color, Gender, Culture or Infirmity – RATHER than on MERIT.

But, if you stood up for yourself or others who were the MOST qualified against those who were substantially less qualified, but won out nonetheless because of Affirmative Action, you were either a racist, a misogynist, a bigot, or uncaring for the physically or mentally “challenged”.


The primary weapons in the arsenal of the LEFT are LIES, INTIMIDATION, and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION. And if you let them get away with it, they will always win.

Here are just two recent attempts to unfairly delegitimize Romney, which are not working:

While in the UK, Romney was asked about London’s preparedness to host the Olympics, since London’s LACK of preparedness on a host of levels was very much in the British news.

So, Romney, using the British News Reports as his informational background, simply repeated their concerns in a very professional way, which led to a chorus of contrived British media OUTRAGE, which led to LEFTIST American media derision and ridicule at home.

But, what Romney said about London’s preparedness was NEITHER a criticism NOR an observation beyond what he picked up from the British media and existing public concern.


Here’s the bottom line . . . NO ONE GIVES A CRAP WHAT THE BRITISH THINK!

More than that, I think most Americans are offended not by what Romney “SUPPOSEDLY” said, but by the very BOORISH behavior of the British Media, and many within the British government.

And in spite of what the LEFT tried to do . . . Rack up London as a win for Romney.

In Israel . . . Romney observed that the reason for Israel’s spectacular SUCCESSES in comparison to the Palestinians’ equally spectacular FAILURES was based upon the differences between the two cultures, which drew HOWLS and accusations of RACISM from the Palestinians.

This too was reported back in the American LEFTIST Media as yet another International Romney Blunder, even though Romney was 100% correct in his analysis.

The bottom line . . . is that the people are finally beginning to get fed up with the constant barrage of LEFTIST lies, distractions, and distortions.


I watch a good amount of FOX News, since it is the ONLY news provider that does deliver all sides, which to my chagrin are too often over the top, since I really don’t want to be bothered by the opinions of the LEFT, but, with LEFTIST opinion or not, FOX is hands down the best.

And as much as the LEFT on FOX really bother me, I’m seeing something from them that is very pleasing; they’re scared, tired, and have run out of excuses.

As a matter of fact, the more they try to explain OBAMA and his record, the MORE ridiculous and DESPERATE they and their arguments appear.

Perhaps I’m not alone in the way I’ve transitioned from the LEFT to the RIGHT, thinking that I no longer have to pretend to be polite and debate with people who deserve no debate at all.

And perhaps my anger is more than just personal and singular, and has become a trend by many people just like me, who have had more than enough with the LEFT.

I predicted right at the time Obama won in 2008, that by the time 2012 would roll around he would be a ONE TERM President, and destroy the Democratic Party Brand.

I predicted that Obama would make a mess of the American economy and screw everything up on the World Scene. I predicted that the LEFT would take an ASS-KICKING in the 2010 Mid-Term Elections.


Obama and the LEFT are scrambling as if the election were tomorrow, opposed to being THREE months out because the LEFT knows that short of a miracle . . . their day is done, done and done, while Romney and the RIGHT are cool, calm, collected and Presidential.

SPECIAL NOTE: I receive a mountain of emails, which I try to read and respond to. Sometimes, because of the sheer volume, it takes a few days to get back to the sender. And sometimes, when people send me LONG emails, I just don’t have the time to read them.

But – MOST of the time, I do read the emails I receive, and very often respond with a simple Best Regards Howard Galganov as confirmation that I have indeed read what you sent.

So, please feel free to send me your opinions in as few words as you can, and do not feel offended if my reply takes some time, or if I’m simply too swamped to respond at all.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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