Gutter Politics From A Gutter President


I really want to finish the last Chapter in: “And The Truth Shall Set You Free” series.

And I really want to write about the horrific anti-Freedom of Speech decision delivered by Ontario’s Court of Appeal, at the hands of three Activist Judges.

But, I cannot ignore the disgraceful LEFTIST Obama campaign against AMERICA, since the outcome has world consequences.

There are so many things about Obama and the LEFT that bother me, that the number is far too many to list, but, here is what bothers me the MOST.

I cannot believe that that there are so many Americans who are not LEFTIST ideologues, who are either so dreadfully uniformed, too naive to see what is happening, too disengaged to even care, or too stupid to understand what Obama was all about when he won in 2008.

But . . . in a very generous analysis of 2008, I could really stretch the assessment of the people who voted for this horrible man partly because McCain ran one of the worst campaigns ever, and regardless of Obama’s empty and lofty rhetoric, people really wanted to believe.

I’ll also give some people the benefit of the doubt for the way they voted, because people, ESPECIALLY amongst White Democrats, REALLY wanted to feel good about themselves by voting for a Black person, even if that Black Person was an out and out phony.


Obama and his Leftist CADRE should be very careful about how they are going after Romney.

1 – Bain Capital is an extremely successful company that broke no laws. As a matter of fact, it is a poster-corporation for how business should be done.

2 – Romney did exactly what a corporate leader is and was expected to do with GREAT success.

3 – Romney has no obligation whatsoever to turn over any of his past tax records.

4 – If Romney has overseas bank accounts and offshore corporate interests . . . SO WHAT? The American government has overseas bank accounts and corporate interests. Is it against the law?

Besides, who wouldn’t like to have a Swiss Bank Account?


There seems to be panic in some of the ranks of Conservatives, because they don’t think Romney is sufficiently answering the charges and accusations against him.


That’s exactly what Obama and his team of GUTTER MERCHANTS want. They want to drag Romney into their GUTTER where they are most comfortable.

And by the sheer fact that Romney won’t take their bait, I am even more confident that when all the counting will be done in November, Romney will making plans to move into the White House, while Obama will be making plans to move wherever Gutter Rats go when their environment changes.


Just about every American lives in the hope of LIVING the American Dream, which is all about reaching for the BRASS RING, whether they can get it or not. And the equal chance to get RICH and live like royalty.

As a matter of fact, the American Dream is all about living like the Obamas. But, if it was up to the Obamas and the Limousine Liberals who are closest to them, the DREAM WILL DIE, leaving ONLY the already rich and privileged SOCIALISTS to enjoy and live the dream to its fullest.


By the time Romney’s campaign gets into full swing, Obama will have shot his load, leaving Romney to make a REAL pitch to rescue the DREAM, which the people care so much about.

The ONLY reason why Obama and his GUTTER pals are launching this typical Chicago campaign of personal destruction . . . is because they have nothing else to sell to the people.

Do not forget this very important fact about a Presidential election. IT IS NOT A SPRINT. The election is a very long Marathon where the campaigner who paces himself best . . . will certainly win.

And in this case, with Obama RACING off the blocks, as if the election will be held tomorrow, what will he have left to campaign-on in the final stretch, when all this GUTTER Crap has been long forgotten, especially by people who are for more interested in how they can become successful, opposed to becoming dependant on the government.


As Obama keeps DEMANDING that Romney should reveal his past 12 year tax returns in the interests of full transparency and disclosure . . . what will the Pretender-In-Chief say or do when Romney asks him to do the same by fully releasing his scholastic records from high school, though college, through university, and show PROOF that he really was a Constitutional University PROFESSOR?

The more I see, the more I hear, and the more I read, the more I am convinced that not only will Romney win in November, Obama will crash and burn like no other one-term President before him.

I am utterly convinced that Obama will become the MOST REVILED President in American History, more so than Nixon and Carter COMBINED. So much so, that Obama might even have to leave the USA just to live in peace after he loses his Presidency, and the truth about his term in the White House will be made public.

Make no mistake about this . . . By the time the election rolls around in November, enough “right-thinking” Americans from all walks of life will have figured it out, that Obama’s CLASS-WAR isn’t just against Romney and the Republicans, but is in absolute REALITY, a war against America . . . and their American DREAM.

And when this reality hits home, it will be . . .

“GOODBYE To Bad Rubbish. And Obama, Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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