Good On The Blacks Who Booed Romney


It’s been a while since I’ve published an editorial, mostly because I’m tired, and partly because I wanted to wait for a serious decision from the Province of Ontario’s Court of Appeal, on a Freedom of Expression Case that I am very much involved in.

Also, I want to conclude the series of . . . And The Truth Shall Set You Free.

So, now that we received the Court’s decision, which was a unanimous loss for our side, we are on our way to asking the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to Appeal what is one of the worst FREEDOM of EXPRESSION decisions one could expect, even from an Activist Court.

I will deal with this INSULT to Freedom of Expression at the hands of Canada’s (Ontario’s) Judiciary in the editorial that will follow the conclusion of: And The Truth Shall Set You Free.


I watched and listened to the speech delivered by Romney on Wednesday (July 11, 2012) at the NAACP, expecting to hear a moderate speech laced with polite applause, where I expected nothing much that would be newsworthy, until the Black Racists BOOED the Republican Presumptive Nominee.


I am sick and tired of everyone who pretends that the Black Community is somehow oppressed and entitled to claim the perpetual role of victim, which they use with great success to game the system.

I’m not going to list the enormous number of American Blacks who have EARNED and reached the great pinnacles of success in every field we can imagine, because the list would be far too large.

And in spite of them being Black, they’ve MADE IT BIG TIME – all the way to the Oval Office in the White House . . . so SHUT UP about being discriminated against, since the proof to the contrary is in the pudding.

If 95% of the White voters in America voted for McCain in 2008 because he was White, what would they be called . . . Racist perhaps?

So, what about the 95% of Blacks who MOSTLY voted for Obama because he was Black, and will do so again in 2012 . . . What should they be called?

The people who attend gatherings like the NAACP are not generally amongst the uneducated, unemployed and/or riff-raff; predominantly, they are the stalwart leaders of the Community. So, when they BOO a guest in their OWN House, it SCREAMS volumes about who and what they are.

Romney agreed to speak to the NAACP knowing that whatever he said would not make an appreciable difference to his electoral hopes, but, he had enough respect for the NAACP and the people it represents to INCLUDE them in his overall campaign plans.

Obama wasn’t interested in addressing their meeting, since I assume he thinks he already has their votes in the bag. So why bother? Besides, he knows that there’s more money amongst America’s Whites.


The fact that so many of these Blacks at the NAACP booed someone of Romney’s stature . . . shows that Black on White RACISM is not restricted to the uneducated or lowest class amongst the Black Community.

It shows that Black on White racism is ENDEMIC.

From what I saw and heard at this NAACP gathering, I can say with sad conviction, that for the majority of the Black Community in America, there is very little hope. If the leadership of the American Black Community can behave so incredibly poor, what expectations can anyone have for the rank and file?


If I were a Black American, I would be aghast and hold my head in shame at the abysmal treatment accorded to the man who in a few short months will be elected to the office of the President of the United States of America. So where’s the apology?


When I see Eric Holder fighting tooth and nail to stop States like Texas from enforcing Voter ID, because in his opinion it discriminates against the Poor, the Elderly, Hispanics and BLACKS, I have to wonder just how stupid and incompetent Holder and the LEFT think these Poor Folk, Elderly, Blacks and Hispanics really are?

But, make no mistake about it . . . Holder isn’t worried about the Poor or the Elderly. I don’t think he really cares all that much about the Rights of legitimate Hispanics and Blacks to vote, nearly as much as he cares for the RIGHT to VOTE for people who should not have the RIGHT to vote.

NOTHING is more important in a true Democracy than to hold HONEST elections, so much so, that America and other Democracies send observers all over the world to make certain that elections in other countries are honest, which seems to be totally lost on Holder and those who support him, when it comes to the USA.

Why in the world would Holder not want to have a guaranteed free and fair election, where everyone entitled to vote does have the opportunity to vote, and those who are NOT entitled to vote CANNOT?

By extension of Holders passion to make certain that everyone, legitimate or otherwise gets to vote, it tells me that stupid, lazy and illegal voters are more likely than not . . . to vote Democrat. How encouraging is that?


But, at the very least, voting should bear some obligation. And providing proper Voter ID is not a requirement that is so far over the TOP that it is an unreasonable obligation.

I figure it like this – If getting proper Voter ID that will guarantee a FAIR ELECTION is too much of an obligation for people who won’t make this simple effort – they should NOT be allowed to vote.

And for Eric Holder . . . America’s BLACK Attorney General, to claim that securing proper Voter ID is an obligation beyond the ability of Blacks is as RACIST as it gets.

Imagine the outcry from the LEFT if a WHITE Attorney General would allude that BLACKS are either too stupid or too lazy to acquire Voter ID, which is in fact what Eric Holder is suggesting?

In the final analysis, what happened to Romney at the NAACP speech was a good thing, since it stirred the pot on the RIGHT, and exposed Black on White Racism for what it really is, and left no question whatsoever where the “Official” Black Community stands on Racial equality.

Unless things change, my next editorial will be the conclusion (Part Eleven) of: And The Truth Shall Set You Free.

The editorial following that will detail my battle in Canada for Freedom of Expression, is indeed something that should be taken very seriously by Americans, because it is a battle coming to the USA much sooner than most people think.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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