And The Truth Shall Set You Free . . . PART-TEN


I wrote in my last editorial concerning the R2R (Wednesday June 27, 2012), that the next editorial (PART-TEN) would be the conclusion . . . I was wrong. The next Chapter after this one will be the conclusion.

In the meantime, I’ve received an enormous number of emails on the recent editorial that complimented Chief Justice Roberts for waking-up the nation, and for shining a spotlight on the BIG HEALTHCARE LIE, that shows the mandate is indeed a TAX.

After thinking about Roberts’ Decision . . . what he did was actually far MORE important than just outing the tax lie, he stirred the sleeping GIANT.

Roberts revealed the GREAT danger faced by America through Judicial Activism, giving true American Patriots a reason like none other to replace the LEFT in the White House and Congress, with a government that will be representative of the people, opposed to being representative of the government.

I’ll be writing about this in the next few days.


Once everything got rolling on Parliament Hill, it was not just seamless, but GREAT in every way. The Anthems, which were dispersed throughout the ceremony, were simply perfect.

We started with the Canadian Anthem just before Canadian Cabinet Minister Jason Kenney was to speak; we then played the American Anthem before Pastor Gary Burd of the Evangelical M25 was to speak.

We played the UK Anthem after acknowledging the presence of the British Riders, followed by the Australian Anthem, after recognizing the Australian Riders, and just before introducing the Australian Deputy High Commissioner.

And then . . . in the context of this event that Pledged NEVER AGAIN, I saved the most emotional for last, and played the Israeli National Anthem just before the Israeli representative took to the podium.

Through it all, courtesy of MP Peter Goldring and his Office, the Color Guard, the Honor Guard, the Bagpiper and the Bugler were just perfect.

Beside the two politicians who I had personally invited to speak (MP Peter Goldring and MP David Sweet), the other people who I had invited to make statements were those who had something to say representing non-political REAL folk.


PASTOR Gary BURD of the Mission of Hope Riders (M25), who brought with him 35 of his members, rode in all the way from as far off as Texas, Georgia, and the Carolinas . . . delivered a heartfelt benediction.

And after delivering his brief prayer, Gary Burd told an attendant audience why he, as a Christian person, made the Long Ride to stand with Jews in Ottawa Canada, to make his solemn Pledge OF NEVER AGAIN to another Holocaust, and to the defense of Israel in the name of God.

The Pledge and the event in total would not have been the same without Gary Burd.


Then there was Steve Stein, who was there not because I cared one whit about what he had to say, but because I gave him my word that he could speak under very specific conditions.

The speakers following represented not just the heart of the issue, but also the spirit of why we were all there. And in just one minute each, each of them spoke volumes.


Mark Laxer is one of those people who doesn’t just Talk the Talk, but is always there to Walk the Walk when it comes to many issues, including standing up for the RIGHT of Israel to exist in peace, and for Jews NOT to live in fear anywhere.


Beryl Wajsman who is the Editor of the Montreal Suburban Newspaper spoke about genocides in general, while concluding with an impassioned and repeated personal Pledge of NEVER AGAIN . . . NEVER AGAIN!


Major Greg Shepherd . . . who is a cofounder, CEO, and organizer of the National Memorial Ride (Canada’s National Military Cemetery) spoke from first-hand knowledge represented by his very own history and experiences fighting Genocide in Bosnia amongst other theaters . . . ended his brilliant speech with his Personal Pledge to NEVER AGAIN.


A Man Mountain took to the podium, walking slowly and deliberately with the aid of a cane; he was grizzled, dressed in leathers, sporting a beard and longish hair, looking every inch the part of a Biker not to be messed with.

His name – appropriately enough . . . is Trapper-Cane. And he’s not just a wounded military hero, but a legend amongst Canada’s Military, and many within the American Forces. Trapper is the undisputed leader of the CAV (Canadian Army Veterans) Riders, with members in more than 70 cities across Canada.

Trapper also rode with us all the way from the Pocono’s, and when he stood up to speak, he silenced the crowd with his memories of getting a tattoo in Australia, in celebration of completing a specialized military training course.

Trapper described how he felt somewhat diminished when the taxi driver who picked him up outside the tattoo parlor showed him what a REAL TATTOO on his arm looked like . . . A tattoo with irregular shaped numbers in faded blue.

He ended his speech with his declaration to NEVER AGAIN, to an audience who by now REALLY understood what this Pledge was really all about.


The last scheduled speaker was Lou DeVuono, who along with his friend and HHR partner Graeme Hume, organized the Heroes Highway Ride, where Lou made certain to include and pay honor to all the Jewish and the M25 Riders, by inviting us to ride at the lead of the HHR procession of more than 3000 Bikes, just behind the VIPS at what has become Canada’s most significant motorcycle event.

DeVuono spoke as a layman, not as a retired warrior, not as a politician, not as a man of the cloth, and not as Jew . . . Lou stood on Parliament Hill to make a Pledge to Jews everywhere, and to Israel of NEVER AGAIN – simply because it was the RIGHT thing to do.

And more than anyone, Lou spoke on behalf of the common man. And maybe more than anything else, this is what the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN was all about.


Even though I developed this event from its inception, I chose not to speak. I also asked the people who were speaking not to mention me, because whatever I had to bring to the table was already there, just by making this Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on Parliament Hill a reality. And that was far more then enough for me.


Even though I was the only person who knew what to expect, the conclusion of the event brought tears to my eyes.

After all the speeches were done, Chabad Rabbi, Leibele Rodal, took to the podium and stood in silence as the incredibly beautiful rendition of “Jerusalem of Gold” was performed by the late Ofra Haza.

(To hear and see Ofra Haza perform Jerusalem of Gold with English sub titles, copy and paste the link below. It is really worth the time and effort.)

And just as the melody of Jerusalem Of Gold went from a crescendo to a valley, in his operatic voice, Rabbi Rodal delivered the ancient Hebrew prayer for the dead – THE KADDISH, in the same melody of “Jerusalem of Gold”.

When the Rabbi was finished, he quietly stepped away from the podium, while the Bugler played TAPS. And as TAPS were done, Child Holocaust Survivor Andy Reti stepped-up to the podium to deliver the Pledge OF NEVER AGAIN.

“My name is Andy Réti, a child Holocaust Survivor, and a member of the YOW Motorcycle Club of Toronto.

Less than 70 years ago, the world of SIX MILLION Jewish people including my own father came to an end in an act that is so evil, that the only word that can describe it . . . is Holocaust.

I stand before you as a witness and a free man, to tell all who will listen – NEVER AGAIN.

NEVER AGAIN to any and all genocides. NEVER AGAIN to racial hatred. NEVER AGAIN to a second Holocaust.

Please place your right hand over your heart and take this pledge with me – NEVER AGAIN.”

With that . . . Hava Nagila was blasted on the sound system, while some people danced, others made their way to their bikes for the Grand Police Escorted exit out of Ottawa from Parliament Hill, with the culmination of an event that was never done before, but should be done every year.


Seeing the procession in my rearview mirrors on the 417, then the 416, and finally on the 401 was incredible. The line of Bikes seemed to go on forever. But, what was more incredible, were the number of Riders who didn’t stick to the formation, passing us by the dozens, and then by the hundreds.

How could this be, since the next stop on this journey was at CFB Trenton, where the Air Force Base and the City of Quinte made SPECIAL accommodations for the Jewish Riders and the M25?

The ride from Ottawa to CFB Trenton was just under three and a half hours (180 miles), so, by midway, we stopped at a highway gas station to fuel-up and get some food. So did others. But they didn’t hang around to ride with us.

They did whatever it was they stopped to do, and then just headed-out.

They weren’t coming to CFB Trenton to participate in the Afghanistan Repatriation Ceremony where through Stein, the JMA had pledged their participation and a $500 YOW donation towards the Memorial.

As I walked through the restaurant area, I noticed Gila having a bite, so I stopped for a moment to have a chat with her. And asked why the Riders weren’t coming to CFB Trenton as had been arranged and promised.

They are she said. So I asked her if she was coming. She wasn’t. But, to her defense, Gila was an integral organizer, and was really needed back at the Host Hotel to make certain that everything including the registration ran smoothly.

BUT . . . WHAT ABOUT STEIN? He’ll be there Gila said. No he won’t I said. HE BETTER BE THERE she said, since the committee voted to donate the money. My final word to Gila was this: STEVE WILL NOT BE THERE!


As we exited the 401 at Trenton, I was blown away by the number of police cars that were positioned to escort all of us to the site of the Memorial Ceremony.

I later found out that all of that was put together to show the City’s and the Base’s gratitude to the JMA and the American M25 Riders for our support for Canada’s troops and FALLEN Heroes.


The JMA were nowhere to be found. I was 100% right when I told Gila at the rest stop that Steve Stein was going to STIFF CFB Trenton, once again breaking his word.

But this time . . . Stein didn’t just break his word to me. HE BROKE THE WORD OF THE JMA TO EVERYONE.

Out of HUNDREDS of Jewish Bikers, there was only about a dozen at the Commemoration, including the Chabad Rabbi (David Lazare) who made a difficult personal sacrifice just to be there.

There were several Members of the Toronto JDL (Jewish Defense League), the British Riders, and a handful of others from Montreal and Toronto.

I can’t even begin to describe how shamed I was that the JMA SHUNNED this event that was organized by us, especially when the Mayor of Trenton and so many others showed us a level of incredible respect beyond expectations, including a the Memorial Color Guard that presented the Israeli Colors front and center in honor of the Hundreds of Jewish Riders who didn’t come.

And when it came time on the agenda for Steve Stein to deliver his speech on behalf of the YOWS and the JMA, there was no Steve Stein.

When it came time for Steve Stein to make the presentation of the $500 donation to the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial Fund in the name of the YOWS and the JMA, there was no Steve Stein.

When it came to lay a Long Stemmed Red Rose at the base of where the Memorial was to be built in the name of the JMA, there was no Steve Stein.

When Rocking Rabbi David Lazare came off the stage after delivering the Kaddish, he came to me, and with a teary-eye – he asked: “Where are our people?”

To the great credit of Mark Laxer who was there, he presented a check in the name of the Montreal Maccabees and Jewish Riders everywhere, at the very least saving some face for the disgrace and shame placed upon Jews everywhere because of Steve Stein and Gadi Prager.


Just when I was about to fully disengage myself from the JMA for this insult, I learned from various JMA Riders that Steve Stein told them to just ride through to Toronto, and NOT to bother going to the CFB Commemoration.

Because this small-minded person’s feelings were hurt because I wouldn’t allow him to break his word, or speak volumes of self-aggrandizing nonsense on Parliament Hill, and because I wouldn’t shake his hand at the Ottawa Hotel, he brought enormous shame on the Jewish Community by telling them not to participate in an extraordinary ceremony that would have otherwise brought great pride to Jews everywhere.

Since then, I have heard from many JMA Riders that they didn’t have a clue about CFB Trenton, or that they were told not to go by Steve Stein, and if they knew about it, they would have loved to participate.

It is incredible how such small-minded people can create such a degree of big hurt.

THIS IS IT FOR STEIN AND PRAGER – Their names will not be mentioned in the final chapter.

And as I promised in PART-NINE, PART-ELEVEN (the final chapter) will describe why all the aggravation with the lies of Stein and Prager was more than justified and worth every second of it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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