Three Cheers for Chief Justice Roberts

Roberts handed Obama a 100% SUICIDE PILL.

I’m going to make this editorial short and sweet.


The Supreme Court Judgment in favor of Obamacare is as Machiavellian Brilliant as it comes.

For those of you who regularly read this Blog, you already know, that based on common sense, the mood of the public, the lack of any accomplishments of Obama, the horrific economy and depression era unemployment, I’ve been predicting that Obama is toast.

I believed it then . . . and now with the Supreme Court Judgment, I BELIEVE IT EVEN MORE. What Chief Justice Roberts did was hand Obama a 100% SUICIDE PILL.

In one fell swoop, the Supreme Court created the one single, largest, and most definable issue to be fought in this November election AGAINST Obama and the Democrats.

It was brilliant how Chief Justice Roberts twisted and turned the Constitution around, and inside-out to come up with a victory for Obamacare with use of judicial hocus pocus to turn the seemingly innocuous MANDATE into a despised TAX.

Let me say something about John Roberts – Chief Justice Roberts has no history of ever being a Judicial Activist. To the contrary, the Chief Justice has a long and strong history as being a strict Constitutionalist.

SO WHY NOW . . . ?

Why all of a sudden did this Constitutionalist Supreme Court Judge leave the Reservation?

SIMPLE . . . At least it’s simple to me.

Judge Roberts gave Obama the one thing Obama and his LEFTIST Strategists wanted the least. The Judge gave the Republicans the magic bullet to finish the job in November.

I get nauseous watching the LEFT spin their abysmal record on the economy, and on job creation as they lie through their teeth, to the point that most people don’t know who or what to believe.

But – Obamacare isn’t an issue where the Democrats can play the Rope-a-Dope, now you see it, now you don’t, because there is no issue that is as clear, galvanizing, and disliked as Obamacare.

Had Obamacare lost at the Supreme Court, the issue would have been moot. It would have been off the table and a non-issue. In fact, it would have taken ammunition away from the Right, while ginning-up the LEFT.

But, with Chief Justice Roberts’ Majority Opinion, Obamacare is now a lightning rod issue that cannot be ignored.

Almost two out of every three Americans want Obamacare repealed for one reason or another. How happy do you think these people are now?

Think about this . . . Obama is getting clobbered on the economy. He’s getting the crap kicked-out of him on the extraordinary level of unemployment. He holds the MOST horrific debt-creator record EVER. And because of his policies, people are still losing their homes in record numbers.

Even in the world of diplomacy, his signature victory – the Arab Spring has become the Arab NIGHTMARE.

So, what can he point to as his single BIGGEST success in almost FOUR years as the President of the United States of America? . . . That he gave the OK to kill Osama?

Do you think anyone really cares anymore?

But don’t take my opinion as fact. Just look at Obama and his LEFTIST pals. Do you see the High-Fives? Are you hearing the cheers? . . . Why not?

What happened at the Supreme Court at 10am Thursday morning June 28, 2012 was nothing less than the “coup-de-grace” for Obama and the Democrats.

Thank You Chief Justice Roberts.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I quit watching Sheppard Smith for a long time now. He’s so arrogant and I’m not surprised at anything he says.

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