Obama’s Not To Blame For The Brotherhood Victory


Anyone who voted for Obama in 2008 should accept ALL the responsibility for the stunning victory of the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood.

And anyone who thinks that the Moslem Brotherhood isn’t Global – better think again.

When Obama and the LEFT celebrated the so-called Arab Spring, and the simultaneous overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, there should have been no question in anyone’s mind that this was going to end badly for the world.

But, instead of consternation, the Global and Obama LEFT jumped for joy. Even ludicrous Jewish LEFTISTS saw rose petals falling from the sky as “Democratic Demonstrators” crammed Tahrir Square to overthrow America’s and Israel’s ONLY REAL Arab Ally.

What the STUPID LEFT were looking at, were by Egyptian population numbers, a paltry number of Students and Secularists willing to fight, bleed and die in the name of Freedom, while the Monolithic Moslem Brotherhood quietly waited to move in from the sidelines after the demonstrators paid the price in blood.

Like most things . . . the LEFT only seems to be able to see the illusion, rather than the reality.

While in grade school, my LEFTIST teachers taught us how to sing the United Nations Song: “KEEP YOUR HAND ON THE PLOW HANG-ON”. It was such a great song with an inspiring message and an upbeat tempo, that it actually made me feel like I was doing something good while singing it.

But, what I didn’t know . . . was that the United Nations, with all of its lofty goals, was indeed the most corrupt and evil organization on the planet (still is), making me feel good about nothing, while they raped and plundered at will.

I was taught how grand other cultures were in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. How they were so close to their land and lived the simple life, as if it was the better life. But, what they didn’t teach us was that these people wantonly slaughtered animals, defiled their land, died from filth, and waged Tribal wars where their enemies were beaten, raped, murdered and taken into slavery.

We were never taught that women in Moslem countries were treated like chattel with no rights – where old men took prepubescent girls as their wives to do with as they wished.

No one ever REALLY delved in the classroom on the extraordinary evils of the Indian Caste System, other than how this was just an unfortunate part of the Indian culture.

Even today – Where’s Hillary Clinton and the TENS of MILLIONS of other LEFTIST women who should be raising their voices in unison over the HORRIFIC treatment of women in Moslem countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan the minor Gulf States and soon to be EGYPT amongst others?

Yet, you hear the constant outrage about how Israel built an apartment in East Jerusalem, as if this was the greatest crime against humanity ever.


Obama was the catalyst that set the Middle East on fire. But, he could NEVER had done any of this without the ACTIVE help and support of the American LEFT and others who voted for him.

And now . . . as Obama’s America-Hating, White-Hating, Jew-Hating, Israel-Hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright had so famously said in one of his America Hating speeches . . . “THE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST.”

The LEFT, the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, the Intellectuals, the Limousine Liberals, and far too many within the Jewish Community can all take CREDIT for the Arab Spring that has ushered in the era of the Moslem Brotherhood.


Even now, as the reality of the election sinks-in, the LEFT are in a funk of willing disbelief.

I’m hearing, seeing, and reading how these LEFTISTS are trying to read into this election things that are not there, such as . . . The Brotherhood will welcome other cultures and religions as equals in Egypt, how all people in Egypt will be treated with the same respect, presumably women and men, and how modernity and the freedom to express yourself without penalty will be part of the new law in Egypt.


Why in the world would anyone, even a LEFTIST believe any of this, since the very FOUNDATION of the Moslem Brotherhood is the antithesis to FREEDOM?

Sharia is the cement that bonds Islamists . . . which is NEVER to be questioned or debated.


During the Egyptian Presidential campaign, the competition between the candidates, including – but ESPECIALLY amongst the Islamists (Brotherhood) found common ground in their condemnation of the Camp David Peace Agreement between the Egyptians and Israel, promising to either do away with it, or change it to the point of stripping it into a Peace Treaty in name only; so why would the LEFT not take them at their word?


The election of the Brotherhood in Egypt has changed everything, not just for Egypt, Israel or the Region. In effect, this election has just changed the world, and not for the better.

It is interesting how everything Obama has touched, has divided everyone who has been touched. How Obama has divided the American people, destroyed alliances, shifted the Global balance of power, and has stripped America away from America’s MOST important asset and virtue – CONFIDENCE.


Hillary Clinton is being touted as a Vice Presidential running mate to replace the seriously flawed Joe Biden, mostly because of her “stellar” work as America’s Secretary of State, as if that would be enough to carry Obama into a second term.

So I have to ask this one question: Name just one Hillary Clinton achievement?

In the meantime – At the best-case scenario, Israel must prepare for war. At the worst-case scenario, Israel must prepare for war.

And where can we all look to point the finger of blame? Not at Obama. But, at the people who put Obama where he is today.


PS: In our perfectly flawed world, the Egyptian Military will crush the Brotherhood and bring Egypt back to where it was before, with limited reforms in mind.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What can you expect from the Leftist Regime? Everyone under our Arab-Loving “Conniver in Chief” has been ordered to downcast the state of Israel, from his cabinet members to the press… I can hardly wait to see him sent to prison!

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