Back To Politics And Why Obama Is As Done as Burnt Toast

Eric Holder will not take one for the team.

I am receiving terrific reviews on The Truth Shall Set You Free series, with more than just a few people who described it as a wonderful soap opera, just waiting on bated breath for the next episode.

BUT . . . I am also getting letters from people who want to know what my thoughts are on current events, since I’ve written nothing on the political landscape for a couple of weeks.

And since they’re right, and that I’m beginning to suffer from some R2R Soap Opera Overload, I thought it would be a good idea to write about what’s happening in the world all around us. But specifically on Obama and the November election.

So – Let’s start with Obama’s chance to be reelected – ZERO.

I wrote more than three years ago that Obama would be a one term President. I also called with accuracy what would happen in the 2010-midterm elections. I wrote that once the people figure-out Obama, including his own Democrats, they would desert him like rats jumping off a sinking ship.

And he would be a one-term President.

So, here are some issues that are just beginning to see the light of day that Obama cannot hide or run away from:

1 – Obama’s past, especially his buried secret past from his pre 2008 election associations, his hidden school records, and from where he really came are now on the table for discussion, which wasn’t the case four years ago.

2 – Today, Obama has an economic record to defend that is in all truth indefensible.

3 – Obama . . . the Nobel Peace Prize recipient brags and LEAKS about how his policies and Presidential orders kill people, while his White House administration ignores people who are being killed.

4 – On international policies, not only is Obama no longer the “darling of the world”, he’s hardly an international afterthought.

5 – As America’s first Black President, he couldn’t give a rat’s ass about America’s Black population other than to suck-up for their votes. I imagine that the VAST majority of Blacks who vote will vote for Obama. But, the big question comes down to how many Blacks will vote, which I suspect will not be that many in comparison to 2008, since his policies made things worse for them rather than better.

6 – There has never been a White House that I am aware of that used sensitive covert information that places people and allied countries in serious jeopardy, simply to further the President’s political welfare.

When asked about the number of military security leaks, Obama’s response at his own rigged press conference was: “The notion that MY White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive.”

Note 2 things:

a – Obama didn’t deny that the leaks came from the White House. He only said that the notion was offensive.

b – Obama referred to the White House as MY White House, which didn’t go unnoticed. Whether Obama believes it or not, the White House is NOT his. The White house belongs to the people. And in fact, he is there ONLY at the pleasure of the people, which will soon enough come to an end.

7 – Fast and Furious is far more than just an aggravation for Eric Holder. It has all the “stuff” needed to take down a Presidency, especially since Holder will not TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, since he is very much like his boss, and if Holder goes down, he won’t be going down alone.

AND THEN THERE’S THE CLINTONS who are doing whatever they can to bring down Obama for whatever reasons, without even trying to hide it.


I suspect that Bill Clinton and other very prominent Democrats are more than willing to see Obama go down hard on his own, rather than to have him drag the Democratic Party down with him, which could very well destroy the existing Party infrastructure.

8 – The Supreme Court Judgment on Obamacare is just around the corner. And whether Obamacare wins or loses, it doesn’t really matter, since Obama loses either way.

9 – The States suing Obama on Border Security will also play a huge role in this election, since Obama is very much on the wrong side of the people who don’t want ILLEGAL immigrants sponging off the system, playing fast and loose with the drug trade and human smuggling, not to mention all the other horrible issues that make the average American cringe.

10 – And what blows me away to distraction . . . is how Obama and Holder are fighting with tooth and nail to STOP States from authenticating the RIGHT of people to vote by doing something as benign as demanding ID.

Why would any American President and/or Chief Law Enforcer (Holder) not want to GUARANTEE the fidelity of the people’s ONLY assurance for FREE and FAIR elections that are the ONLY guarantee for Democracy?

For Obama, Holder and other lunatic LEFTISTS to come out saying that having an ID to vote is tantamount to discrimination against Blacks and Hispanics is akin to saying the following:

a – Blacks and Hispanics are TOO stupid or incompetent to secure simple ID for their RIGHT to vote.

b – ONLY Blacks and Hispanics will be discriminated against, since no mention of disenfranchisement is EVER attributed to poor or uneducated Whites or Asians, who should under the same conclusion also be denied their right to vote but seemingly are not.

I figure it like this – If someone doesn’t care enough to secure proper ID for the RIGHT to vote, they haven’t done squat to earn that RIGHT regardless of their race, culture, language etc. So, America would be far better off if they didn’t vote.


Mitt Romney is playing it safe as he continues to build his bona fides. He stays on boring message. He inspires no one. He has no grand vision. He makes no profound promises. All he does is coast along watching Obama self-destruct, which to me, seems like a pretty smart strategy.

So, you think about this for a minute, and ask yourself this question: WHAT HAS OBAMA DONE ANYWHERE TO EARN HIM 4 MORE YEARS? And then practice saying President Romney.

My next editorial (already written) is the uplifting seventh installment of the developing saga of the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on Parliament Hill.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with Larry Camp. I’d like to know how to contact FOX to let them know how I view these comments. And, I would also like to hear Shep explain himself. Put him on the spot like he does to others. Israel “used to be” one of our most faithful allies ….. sadly no more. It’s things like this, and the attitude and behavior of our “Emperor” that have shot holes in that friendship.

    Barb Brooke, Frederick, MD

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