And The Truth Shall Set You Free – PART ONE



The R2R 2012 was a fabulous success for one HUGE reason, which was all about that magnificent Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on Parliament Hill, where Christian and Jewish Bikers came together to stand for Israel’s RIGHT to survive in PEACE.

And for Jews . . . no matter where we live – knowing that we are not alone is everything.

A great many people who visit Galganov Dot Com helped fund this Parliament Hill Pledge of NEVER AGAIN, along with another extremely significant event at CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Trenton.

People who donated from $5 – to one individual who sent $500, while most people donated $25 to $100 helped make all of this happen. And make no mistake about this; every person who contributed any amount of money to these two events is my HERO, no matter how much they donated.

In fact, I suspect that many people who sent $5 to this cause made a statement of support above and beyond, because these were most likely people who had to sacrifice the most to do so.

All of that said – EVERYONE who contributed was indeed on Parliament Hill and at CFB Trenton in spirit, just by his or her generosity. And for that . . . I can NEVER fully express my gratitude.


Mark Twain is famous for many things he wrote and said, but one of my favorites was:

“Never pick a fight with someone who orders ink by the barrel.”

The exact same sentiment applies to people who write a popular BLOG as I do. So, when someone picks a fight with someone like me, and takes credit where no credit is due, and reneges on verbal and written promises and agreements, and then shames people in the process, that person can expect nothing less from me than the derision he or she so justifiably deserves.

To tell the entire story of my involvement in the R2R Toronto, and why I didn’t attend the get-together that I more than anyone else had a hand in putting together, you have to understand the issues from the very beginning, which will explain why I turned to the people who visit Galganov Dot Com for financial support.

But – Before I begin the history of my involvement in this event, you should know that I wrestled for days over whether or not I would write this, because what will follow will not be complimentary to the key players in the organization of the R2R 2012 Toronto, which will also include some members of the JMA (Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance) specifically in the USA.


The reason I decided to write this editorial . . . is because we follow people who appear to have serious gravitas in achievement, of which, in reality, many are imposters, which brings us to the incorrect conclusion that these are the people we should be emulating.

The great tragedy here . . . is that when we need MOST to lean on people who are indeed capable, instead, we lean on the worst of the worst, who have assumed the mantle of leadership and accomplishment under false pretenses.

And when that happens . . . the worst happens.

I attended 2 of the past 8 R2R’s. The first for me was in 2010 in Skokie Illinois, about 20 minutes from Chicago, when about 175 of us rode to a Holocaust Museum where we heard some excellent speeches, and viewed the sad history of what was certainly the darkest moment I can think of in human history.

The conclusion of this Ride to the Holocaust Museum brought me to tears, as we rode around the Museum being cheered-on by several Holocaust Survivors who were standing at the entrance, who later said they never thought they would survive the death camps, let alone see Jews almost 7 decades later on motorcycles celebrating their survival.

But . . . from there – it all went downhill.

I toured the brand new museum seeing what I expected to see, but . . . what I did not expect to see was a dry presentation of the history of the Holocaust, absolutely devoid of passion. And at the very end of the museum tour, there was a large screen video of Obama, speaking of the Holocaust lumping it into genocides in general.

Seeing and hearing Obama at the conclusion of this tour, who is in my most firm opinion one of Israel’s GREATEST enemies – was to me, at the best insulting, and at the very worst, was pandering of the lowest kind.

I didn’t want a dry history lesson from the museum. What I wanted was blame.

I wanted the museum to show in great detail who was responsible from the Jewish side, whose incompetent, elitist and cowardly leadership was almost as responsible for putting Jews on the Trains to PERDITION, as were the Nazis and Nazi collaborators who slammed the doors shut; so from the past we can understand how not to repeat this horror in the future.


But, seeing the few Survivors’ faces light up as we rode by, made the 2,000-mile round-trip worth every mile of it.

In 2011, I rode to Virginia Beach (1500 mile round trip) for the second R2R I attended, which was an abysmal example of organizing with no purpose other than to have a meet and greet with quite a few people who are so far to the left, that even with a compass they couldn’t see the center let alone the right.

There was nothing about this R2R that was worth my time, fuel and costs in general. And from there, I decided that this was the end of R2R’s for me. In essence, they are meaningless.

What they are, are basically schmooze-fests for Jewish guys and some women, predominantly from the USA with a Canadian content, to get together to meet and greet, which in itself is not a bad thing. But, when it is named Ride To Remember, it should be more than that – AN AWFUL LOT MORE THAN THAT. But it isn’t.

Essentially – The R2R’s, as I experienced them, are cookie-cutters.

Everyone arrives on Thursday at the host city. There is registration at the hotel. Everyone picks up their goody bag containing a hat, pins, patches and other assorted items. Then there’s the Thursday night Bar B Q.

On Friday, there is a morning/noon escorted Ride around the host city. And in the evening, there is a banquet where the organizers get to congratulate themselves and each other after or before the keynote speaker.

And then the next host city is announced that will repeat the process.

On Saturday, some Riders head for home, while those who are religious stay at the hotel, since they will not ride on the Sabbath, while others choose between several organized riding tours of the area. And then by the end of Saturday or Sunday they all go home.

There is nothing wrong with any of this, if this is indeed billed for what it is. But it isn’t.

From Virginia Beach, I decided that these R2R’s are not for me since I have enough friends with Bikes with whom I can Ride any time and anywhere, without having to spend even one second with LEFTISTS who represent everything that is a threat to the Jewish people and Jewish survival.

So, when I was approached to become involved as an organizer for the Toronto R2R by Steve Stein, who was the chairman of the Organizing Committee, I was more than just somewhat hesitant to accept.

But, I was assured that this R2R was going to be VERY different from all other R2R’s, since Stein and YOW club president Gadi Prager said that they shared my opinion of past R2R’s, and they will make this event into an exercise beyond a schmooze-fest.

Regrettably . . . I took them at their word.

Let me write something about emails. NEVER put into writing what you don’t want the world to know. And never make commitments in writing that you have no intention of honoring.

That’s a message to Stein and Prager.

Essentially – The event on Parliament Hill was an incredible success. And the event at CFB Trenton was an equally incredible success, even though Stein and Prager brought great shame upon the Jewish Community by reneging on their promises and commitment to CFB Trenton.

What will follow this editorial will be a series of stories written in several editorials describing the events, since they all deserve to be told in their entirety.

Never before what transpired with this R2R had I ever really understood how we, the Jewish people are our own worst enemies.

But I know now.

Very few people within the Jewish community would write what will be forthcoming, since we prefer to air our dirty laundry indoors. But, hiding the truth within our own cultural walls is how we have come to know so much misery in the past.

The next editorial will cover amongst other things how the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on the HILL got started, to where SOME members of the JMA (USA) demanded that Christians be excluded from the R2R, even though the Christian Riders paid an enormous cost in distance, time and money to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jews in their commitment to NEVER AGAIN.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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