Two Small Words That Mean So Much.


I cannot possibly express the extent of my GRATITUDE to everyone who sent financial support to help in covering many of the costs for the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on Canada’s Parliament Hill, and towards the Ceremony at CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Trenton to pay Tribute to Canada’s FALLEN HEROES who sacrificed EVERYTHING in Afghanistan fighting for FREEDOM.

But, as the day on Parliament Hill and Ceremony at CFB Trenton approaches, we are still short as new expenses arise, so, if you haven’t contributed, and would still like to, I would be very grateful.

To help in funding this Pledge of NEVER AGAIN, and support for our FALLEN Heroes, all you have to do is click on the button that reads HOW TO SUPPORT GALGANOV.COM and follow the simple instructions.


As Iran marches undeterred towards creating a Holocaust Bomb, and the so-called Arab Spring has turned into a REAL nightmare, and Islam continues to spread its perverse message unabated throughout the Western World, and Europe teeters on total collapse, and the President of the United States has proven to be no friend of Israel, contrary to whatever he claims . . . the world needs clarity.

To a great extent, the purpose of the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on Parliament Hill is just about that. It’s about sending a crystal clear message to all who feel entitled to wreak havoc upon others.

Being nice, playing nice, and negotiating with duplicitous Global Communities about how far the world should go towards accommodating bad behavior, is nothing less than signing a death warrant.

As things are developing, and from everything I can discern, I fear that Israel and the West have missed a realistic opportunity to take-out Iran’s ability to build their Holocaust Bomb without going to all-out war.

Iran, which will build that bomb, will do so because of international cowardice, avarice, corruption, and a global antipathy for Israel at the highest levels.

I was quite certain that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had it within himself to do the ugly work that had to be done to remove the threat from Iran of a SECOND Holocaust.

But . . . I’m not certain Netanyahu can carry enough LEFTIST Israelis to make that HORRIBLE decision to go to war. And I’m also not so sure that the Israeli Prime Minster can continue to sustain the battering he is taking at the hands of the American President and members of America’s LEFTIST Jewish elite.

But, what I am certain of . . . is that amongst the Global Community, there are no significant world leaders who are prepared to do what has to be done to keep Iran from making good on their PLEDGE to “WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP”.

At this point, because Obama allowed for Iranian delaying tactics, it seems that Iran has sufficiently dug itself-in to withstand any attack from Israel, which would be an attack that would be very costly to the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East, AND to the rest of the world.

Going to war is no small matter, especially when you’re a tiny country surrounded by a sea of enemies whose greatest desire is to “WIPE YOU OFF THE MAP”. But, not going to war in this case might be much worse than the alternative, when the alternative could very well be just one HOLOCAUST-BOMB delivered from a country that could have been stopped, but wasn’t.

NEVER AGAIN . . . are just two words in our lexicon that easily roll off the tongue; but, unless there is real gravitas in their meaning, they are just two words like any others.


Jewish Bikers from Canada, the USA, England, Australia and Israel will be coming to Ottawa on their way to the JMA’s (Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance) R2R (Ride to Remember) being hosted for the first time in Canada in Toronto by the Toronto YOW Motorcycle Club.

Meeting the Jewish Bikers in Ottawa will be Christian Bikers (M25) Riding-in from as far away as Texas, as well as Canadian Riding Groups, who too are mostly Christian, who will join in the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN.

During this event, several Members of Canada’s Parliament will take the Pledge, and tell all who will listen why they are standing with Israel and the Jewish people at this critical moment in time.

And then there’s Radio Talk Show Host Joyce Kaufman of WFTL (South Florida), who is flying in from Florida to stand on the HILL as our Master of Ceremonies and Keynote Speaker.

If you are in Ottawa on Thursday, May 31, 2012 from 11 am till noon, it would be great to see you standing with us whether you come by BIKE, bicycle, car, bus or on foot.

It’s incredible what can be said and meant in just two simple words – NEVER AGAIN!

I know what these two words mean to me. But, what I don’t know is what these two words mean to others.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are spot on, Howard! The world’s views on Israel are so skewed and hateful – and WRONG! Pretty well ALL of the
    mainstream media are ‘for’ the so-called Palestinians. They can’t see the truth because of their pre-conceived BIAS. I have read recently that some Palestinians actually have Jewish genes! If only they knew!!

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