What Does NEVER AGAIN Mean To You?

Our purpose on Parliament Hill is simple:

In less than 16 days . . . May 31st – HUNDREDS of Motorcycle Riders from the USA, Canada, England, Australia and Israel will meet on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Canada.

Jews and Christians from all of these countries will be meeting for one purpose, and one purpose alone.

We are also hoping that THOUSANDS of people, who don’t ride motorcycles, but care deeply enough for that one purpose will come to Parliament Hill to stand shoulder to shoulder.


Less than 70 years have passed since the Holocaust, and we’re seeing a level of anti-Semitism in Europe much like the world witnessed just before the greatest genocide ever known.

But this time, instead of an Adolf Hitler to let the world know what he intended as his FINAL SOLUTION, a new Hitler in the name of Iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is stating no less.


Do I have to ask what the new Hitler means by that, as he and his fellow travelers rush inextricably towards creating a HOLOCAUST-BOMB?

Our purpose on Parliament Hill is simple: We are assembling together to make a solemn pledge to NEVER AGAIN!


Like everything I do, I always seem to reach beyond my grasp; because that’s the only way I know how to do things. In this case though, because of the international importance of this unprecedented Pledge, I want this event to be so spectacular, that there really is no limit that shouldn’t be achieved.

I am truly blessed to have access to great people who are doing whatever they can to help promote this Pledge: They range from Conservative Politicians, to very generous Conservative Media.

From Christian Motorcycle Groups riding from as far away as Texas, to Canadian Military Veterans on Bikes, to individuals who I don’t even know who have volunteered their support on and around Parliament Hill.

Even the Police are doing whatever they can within reason to make this event as good as it can be.


In my world, I have very few heroes that can be found in the public sector – And especially amongst the media, but, one person in particular stands out, and her name is Joyce Kaufman, who doesn’t need anyone to “have her back” before she walks into harm’s way.


When I approached Joyce Kaufman to see if she would be interested in coming to Ottawa to be not just the Master of Ceremonies, but also the KEYNOTE speaker, Joyce’s response was:

“Tell me where and when and I’ll be there”.

When I told Joyce that there was very little money to spend on travel, hotels, and meals, which we’ll cover, but that we couldn’t pay for her participation, her response was simple:

“Don’t worry about it, I can take care of myself”.

That’s the type of support we’re getting.

After all the dust settles with our Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on Parliament Hill, we’re on our way to a solemn Ceremony at CFB Trenton to Honor Canada’s Heroes who’ve fallen in Afghanistan, then there’s the Heroes Highway Ride where as many as, and possibly MORE than 5000 Bikes will participate to pay tribute to those fallen Heroes, all of which comes to a climactic end with The National Memorial Ride in Ottawa to Canada’s national Military Cemetery where I amongst others have been invited to lay a wreath.


I’ve managed to cover a great deal of the costs, but not all of them. That said though, whatever is not covered I will cover. But, if you want to help-out, I will not say no, and will be very appreciative for your support.

As I always write when making a request for financial support, which is not often; if you are not in a position to contribute financially – DON’T . . . And don’t feel guilty about it. Just by spreading the word, you’re helping to make a big difference.

But, if you can help-out, it’s easy to do by CLICKING on the Button to the side of this editorial that says HOW TO SUPPORT GALGANOV DOT COM through PayPal or with a personal check.

And I assure you – As I wrote in the preceding, whatever you contribute will be VERY much appreciated.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Shep Smith is arrogant elitist and I tuned him out years ago. For him to equate Israel to the Palestinian terrorists is not surprising sadly, he belongs on PMSNBC. Hope your journey is going well Howard, the southern US is full of decent people and good weather this time of year, a good place to be.

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