Why I’m Convinced Obama Is Done

The result of an Obama victory is far too frightening to consider.

There are THREE major reasons why I am 100% convinced that Romney will clean the floor with Obama.

1 – Romney is the real deal MOST Americans are hungering for.

2 – Obama has proven himself to be an utter fraud.

3 – A second Obama term is unfathomable to consider.

On the first point . . . Romney has an exceptional record he can and will run on. And no matter how the LEFT want to spin Massachusetts’ healthcare law under Romney, they have nothing on the former Governor.

The LEFT can harp all they want about Romney transporting the family dog atop the car roof in the dog’s cage during a vacation. But, they sure can’t be pleased with their “DEAR LEADER” (Obama), who’s proud to admit that he ate dog meat in Indonesia.


Romney is successful. He is VERY Presidential looking and sounding. And even though it should not be important, but it is . . . Anne Romney looks every inch the First Lady, while Michelle Obama looks like a Chicago THUG who got her hands on the key to the room where America’s silverware is kept.

Romney is also no pushover for anyone. Just ask the tough minded two fisted street-fighting Republican Nominees who tried to take him down . . . specifically Governor Rick Perry of Texas, former Senator Rick Santorum, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.


Unlike John McCain in 2008, Romney isn’t going to castigate his own supporters for telling the TRUTH about Obama, or for asking questions about Obama’s past that NEEDED to be asked and answered.

Romney isn’t going to go to the NAACP to tell them that he thinks Obama is really a great guy whom he likes and has confidence in.

And Romney’s’ not going to go on national television at his OWN campaign events to tell EVERY American NOT to worry if Obama were to win the election.

Romney will go after Obama and his record with every ounce of his fiber. He will attack Obama’s record like a pit-bull, and show real comparisons between a man who LOVES America, and a man who uses America as if it was his own personal piggy bank and plaything.

And then are the SUPER-PACS who can spend any amount of money they wish to, going after Obama without having to answer to anyone. And as things are shaping-up, the Republican SUPER-PACS are out-raising the pro-Obama SUPER-PACS by such a factor, that it is already sending chills up and down the spines of the LEFT.


No mater how Obama tries to spin it, he cannot run on his record. And he cannot run away from his record. His presidency is doomed.


The people of America . . . that is the people who have a political brain, are TERRIFIED of a second term for the America-Destroyer-In-Chief . . . Rightly so.


If Obama wins a second term – America is finished.


America will devolve into chaos with blood in the streets, where anarchy will rule supreme.

If Obama gets FOUR MORE YEARS, he and his LEFTIST cadre will achieve in less than 8 years in office, what America’s external enemies couldn’t achieve in more than two centuries.

And to add more gravitas to the preceding paragraphs . . . because of entitlements, smothering regulations, debilitating taxes, and the killer debt resultant of a few decades by HORRIFIC politicians through an utterly stupid electorate; America is already standing at the edge and looking down into the abyss.

Obama cannot win the November election for many reasons, but primarily because . . . the result of an Obama victory is far too frightening to consider.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well done Howard, well written, accurate, to the point. There is still so much education to be done even among the so-called top elite of the world and the medias as well.

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