Why Romney Has All But Won The Presidency And George Zimmerman

After three years doing his White House Vaudeville Show. OBAMA’S DONE.

In the truest sense of reality on a political level . . . Romney has everywhere to go that’s up. While Obama has everywhere to go that’s down.

Romney is a very careful and methodical guy. He isn’t given to useless rhetoric. And he doesn’t say things that will come back and bite him in the ass, no matter how the LEFT try to spin things that he says, such as: “I like to fire people who don’t do their jobs.” So – who doesn’t?

Romney’s ratings amongst the most important voting block . . . Independents – is more than just strong. It’s solid.

As for Obama and his FLIM-FLAM . . . after three years doing his White House Vaudeville Show . . . OBAMA’S DONE. And if you don’t believe me, believe the reality that Obama’s “former” cash supporters are keeping their hands in their pockets. And that is MORE telling than anything else.


Obama’s Black vote will be strong amongst Blacks who will come out to vote for Obama, just because he’s Black. But not nearly as many Blacks will come out this time as they did in 2008, simply because Obama’s given them none of the FREE-STUFF they expected from him.


Obama’s PHONY war on women, that he’s accused the Republicans of waging is not just the height of stupidity . . . it is INSULTING to women.


If Obama’s foreign policy wasn’t as serious as it is, it would be a running gag worthy of the Three Stooges (Obama, Biden and Clinton). But, because of Obama with his asinine Nobel Peace Prize, America has been weakened to the point that Thugocracies like North Korea and Iran laugh in America’s face.


Every time a LEFTIST boasts about how Obama saved America from a Depression, and how he is creating jobs, and things are getting better under Obama, I get a vision of Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels, who is famous amongst other horrible things for saying:

“Tell the lie BIG enough . . . and OFTEN enough . . . and everyone will believe it.”

However – In poll after poll after poll . . . when asked what is the biggest concern amongst the people (voters), the answer is OVERWHELMINGLY the economy and jobs – followed closely by the cost of energy.

How does that measure-up to the LEFT’S propaganda concerning how good a job Obama is doing for the economy and joblessness?

The fact that America is still so far away from the November election, that Obama is already so weak before the campaign really gets going, and Romney is doing so well before he really has had the chance to plead his case before the people, tells me that Obama is DONE.

Better news than that . . . is that in this coming election, the Democrats with many RINOS will be done too. I am utterly convinced that the Republicans will increase their standing in the House, and could VERY possibly win enough Senate Seats to form a Super Majority.


What NBC did about CREATING A LIE about Zimmerman, by saying that Trayvon Martin is Black, taken out of context from a much larger conversation with the 911 agent over the phone wasn’t just wrong; it was and is criminal.

Instead of one fall guy at NBC being fired for creating this edited lie, people at NBC at the TOP should have been charged criminally with INTENTIONALLY inciting violence.

And at the very least, Zimmerman should sue NBC for as much money as he could possibly get.

I won’t go through the lengthy litany of despicable media dishonesty concerning Zimmerman and Martin, since the bias goes beyond description, but I will say this with utter conviction – that whatever bad will happen across America as a result of this YELLOW JOURNALISM, will be on all the media who decided the guilt of George Zimmerman before anyone really knew anything.

As for the Black leaders within THEIR own community, media, and Congress who jacked-up the vitriol for their own anti-White and racist purposes . . . not only have they not helped their cause, they’ve done severe damage to themselves and the Black community they PRETEND to care about.

I have a reasonable idea, that what happened on that fateful night in the gated-Florida community was more a consequence of mistakes that led to the killing of one man, resultant to the beating by that man, to the other who killed him, than anything else.

There is not a scintilla of proof that Trayvon Martin was racially profiled. There is no evidence whatsoever that George Zimmerman was an anti-Black racist . . . actually, all the evidence points to the contrary.

Yet – in the hands of the LEFT and Black race-baiters this unfortunate incident has become a racial tinderbox waiting for the catalyst to ignite it.

But, I assure everyone reading this . . . that White Folk who’ve been silent to the threats and insults coming from far too many within the Black Community for far too long have just about had it to the maximum.

Nothing happened to Black thugs when White folk were intimidated by armed Black Panthers at some of the 2008 polling stations. And that was not lost on the White majority.

A White Cop, and a whole police force were accused of being racists by Obama himself, when a jackass self-centered Black university professor was arrested for acting like the jerk that he was. That too wasn’t lost on the White majority.

Black members of Congress repeatedly accuse White Folk of racism to explain the miserable conditions most Blacks have created for themselves. This too does not go unnoticed by the White majority.

Not only does this decrepit litany of Black on White Racism go on – it has reached the point where a half White and half Hispanic guy, who was just trying to do the right thing is being railroaded by a RACIST Black Community, supported by a sick LEFTIST group of self-hating White Liberals, who care less for the truth than they do about ingratiating themselves to their own sick beliefs of cultural excuses and lies.


The moment a LEGITIMATE Zimmerman legal fund is set-up, I will be amongst the first to write a check. That’s how bothered I am about this travesty of justice.

I’ve written this many times in the past. And I’ll write it again now:

The Black community will do very well for themselves and everyone else if they would worry more about their own self-inflicted failures, and less about imagined racism as the reason for their failed culture.


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