The Dismantling Of Obama

Obama just doesn't measure-up to Romney.

When the Republican nominating process began, Mitt Romney was just about last on my list of candidates I would have preferred to be running against Obama. But, a funny thing is happening on the way to the Convention.

The candidates that I favored at the outset fizzled out one after another; some of them because they simply didn’t have the gravitas necessary, some of them because they didn’t measure up to the challenge, and some of them because under fire, they just didn’t have what it took.

But . . . no matter how tough things got, Romney simply kept on going, and with each debate he got better. He also backed-down from no one, and took some incredibly vicious blows without blinking.

The best of it though, is how proficient Romney has become at debating. To people who might not be as au courant with debating skills, I can tell you from personal and professional experience that Romney has become an incredibly good debater who can stand his ground against anyone.


If you want a jive huckster who can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge or Swamp Land in Florida, Obama’s your guy.

If you like smoke and mirrors, Obama’s your guy.

If you’re in the market for an entertainer, Obama’s your guy.

BUT – If who you want is a person whose feet are planted on terra firma, who has real answers and solutions to serious problems without the razzmatazz, there is only one candidate.

And that candidate is not the current occupant of the White House, who has already proven beyond a shadow of doubt that his only real government skill is in getting elected.

As I’ve written repeatedly, Obama WILL defeat himself based almost exclusively on his own record.

There is no question in my mind that he will get the Black vote only because he’s Black. How racist is that?

He’ll get the Jewish LEFTIST vote, because Liberal Jews simply can’t help themselves regardless of the facts.

Obama will win the Something-For-Nothing vote because he promises everything for nothing.

He’ll get much of the Hispanic vote because they expect amnesty.

He’ll get much of the student vote because their minds are still stupid from school.

He will also get the Union vote, because they’re in each other’s pockets.

He can count almost 100% on the Public Sector vote because they’re terrified of losing their free-ride at the taxpayers’ expense.

The I HATE AMERICA vote is all his, because he is as much a self-hating American as any person I can think of.

BUT . . . He will NOT get the votes of thinking people who can see for themselves, that what Obama has delivered to the American people is NOTHING other than culture and class division, crippling debt, a loss of global American influence, a Middle East mess because of his Arab Spring, a healthcare program that’s in tatters, and bankrupting energy prices at the pumps.

And in spite of all Obama’s lies – America’s employment record is more than just abysmal. It’s calamitous.

If the BEST Obama can do to promote himself FOUR YEARS AFTER BUSH . . . is to still blame Bush for Obama’s own record, that says just about everything that is left to be said.

Obama’s smoke and mirrors will not intimidate Romney . . . nor will Romney be knocked off his game by Democrat dirty tricks. And the MORE voters get a chance to compare the two candidates, the MORE they will come to accept the REAL deal in Romney, compared to the flimflam-man in Obama.

So – As I continuously write . . . don’t pay attention to the polls or to the Conservative naysayers who are tied in knots because their candidate didn’t win the nomination.

Romney will win the election. And it will hardly be the squeaker everyone is predicting.

Wait for it . . . The dismantling of Obama at the hands of Romney has yet to really begin.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,

    This went public as soon as I received it, I couldn’t agree with you more, Smith is a reckless, unfair and biased news commentator and he should be as you say completely “ashamed of himself”, the Public will hear his remarks, that will be his pay back!

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