The Judicial Attack On Democracy AND Freedoms



The judiciaries . . . from the lowest Court – all the way to the Supreme Court, have become the enemy of Democracy and Freedom; opposed to the defender of those Freedoms we all believe to be sacrosanct.

And inevitably, these Courts will contribute more than just somewhat to the fall of Western Society, not because that’s what they want, but rather, because more often than not, their judgments are the antithesis to the Freedoms they are sworn to defend.


1 – The VAST majority of people cannot afford to access the Court system, because of the cost of lawyers, the delay in seeking justice, and the convoluted process that has become the stock-and-trade of the judiciary.

2 – The Judges are simply disconnected from reality – and from the people they are sworn to serve.

3 – Judges, especially at the Highest Courts, more often than not see themselves, as “philosopher-kings”, rendering judgments from on-high, that are so tortuously incoherent, that in many ways, are in fact meaningless to the essence of the issue.


I am involved in a FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION case in Ontario Canada, where a handful of French Language ZEALOT councilors, and an Anglo mayor pandering for French votes, decided in a community with a significant French presence, against the vast protestations of the English community, and many within the French community that the single use of English on PRIVATE commercial signs is against the law.

In other words, every PRIVATE commercial sign in this community MUST be bilingual (French and English) with equal sized letters and message or be fined.


The case has thus far cost me and the people who are supporting our FREEDOM of Expression argument over $100,000, while the other side who are OPPOSED to FREEDOM of Expression has spent MORE than $300,000 in TAXPAYER money.

This case should never have gone to court, since the FORCED bilingual sign law is in direct contravention to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But, not only has this insult gone to court, the minutia and nonsense that has been argued over my RIGHT to EXPRESS myself as I wish, without being FORCED to do so in someone else’s language has garnered THOUSANDS of pages of asinine documents, MOST of which have nothing to do with my RIGHT to express myself as I wish.

I watched the lawyers on both sides wheel-in cases of documents to the courtroom, so much so, that our legal team had FOUR lawyers and one articling student present, just to go through the mass of paper during the one hour hearing.

I sat in the courtroom listening to the arguments that had virtually nothing to do with the sheets of paper that have so far cost close to a half million dollars to accumulate and study, and wondered . . . WHERE THE HELL IS THE SANITY IN ANY OF THIS?

We lost our first case at Provincial Court, where the French Judge, being a Franco Activist handed down a Monty Python Type ruling against us, with a punishing cost of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS against me personally just for bringing this to trial. She ruled that I HAD NO STANDING.

Imagine that . . . Everyone’s RIGHT to Freedom of Expression in Ontario was denied by this FORCED Bilingual language Law – “and I had no standing”. That’s a LEFTIST Judge for you.

We finished our Appeal at the three Judge Ontario Court of Appeals (equivalent to an American Circuit Court), and are waiting for the judgment, which, given the mindset of the Courts could very well go against us.

Either way, I assume this will wind up in Canada’s Supreme Court with more Activist Judges, just waiting to play their individual roles as Solomon the Wise, while the costs continue to accumulate.


When the Obama White House, the Pelosi House of Representatives, and Harry Reid’s Senate passed Obamacare with a MANDATE forcing everyone to BUY a product that they didn’t necessarily want to buy . . . at that point, the Obamacare law should have been struck-down.

We’ve all heard the arguments such as State Rights (10th Amendment) and the Commerce Clause, all of which might be pertinent . . . SO WHAT?

The only thing that matters . . . is that the American government has demanded and “ASSUMED” the RIGHT to FORCE people to buy a product against their FREE WILL – That in itself should have been the end of the story.

It doesn’t matter that the document is 2500 pages. Or that the despicable Nancy Pelosi said: “That you have to pass the law before you can know what’s in it”. Or that NOT ONE Member of Congress actually read a law that they voted for, because the Constitution through generations of Activist Judges has been rendered a document of suggestions.

All that matters . . . is that the government – which is SUPPOSED to serve the people, mandated through Obamacare that the people MUST now serve the government.

Yet, the UNTOLD number of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of BORROWED dollars that has already been flushed down the toilet of this disaster, and the cost of jobs, and the division of the American people was allowed to perpetuate itself, because the mindset of the Courts allowed it to happen.

These are just two examples out of thousands, of how the judiciary in both of our countries (Canada and the United States of America) have done so much damage to our Freedoms and access to justice.

I am a strong believer in the Secular Rule of Law. But, I am not an advocate of a legal system that has become so expensive, so top-heavy, and so removed from the people, that this system does far more harm in the long-run than it does any good.

Through the Courts and overreaching politicians, the LEFT has so distorted the true meaning of our respective Constitutions and Charters of Rights, that the government has indeed become the enemy to Freedom and Democracy . . . creating the pathway to social and political disaster.

In my mind, the Battle for Freedom from the Courts and the government that is being waged from the RIGHT has just begun in the USA through the TEA PARTIES, but yet to begin in Canada.

Sooner, rather than later, I will begin to do more about engaging in the battle than just going to our Court System where the deck is already stacked against us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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