The REAL Cost Of Gas


I am a FREE-ENTERPRISER . . . But I’m not an idiot. And only someone who thinks that EXTREMELY high gas prices are a “normal” part of the Capitalist system, must also think that GOUGING is an acceptable business policy.

I’ve received several testy emails from people in the oil industry, telling me how much I don’t know about the costs of bringing oil to market. True – I’m no expert in oil or big business, but I am an expert in knowing when I’m getting screwed.


The oil industry is an oligopoly, which means that it is comprised of a small group of companies who collude to fix prices and supply, which is exactly what the oil industry does. In the case of North American oil companies, they hide behind OPEC saying that they’re not OPEC members, but, since OPEC fixes the prices and supply, what can they do?

They also point to the “GLOBAL OIL POOL” – of which they pretend to have no control, which is a load of crap.

One reality . . . is that they could do plenty. The other reality . . . is that they’re very happy with the situation as it is, as they rake-in obscene fortunes at the demise of our economies that THREATEN our countries.

Before the oil apologists begin to howl at my audacity to question how much profit is enough, LET’S LOOK AT THE WHOLE PICTURE, and the consequences of unaffordable energy.

Here’s one consequence virtually no one considers . . . the refineries are having a very difficult time staying in business, because they can’t afford to buy the oil they refine.

The ENTIRE North American economy and culture survives on liquid energy.

We’re not Europe.

We are North Americans, where we were NEVER raised as children to emulate looser LEFTIST countries such as those in Europe, where the ELITIST Rich, Academics, Powerful Corporations, and Government – CONTROL everyone’s life and destiny.

We were raised and taught not to just settle . . . but rather to expect MORE – NOT LESS from life than our parents’ generation.

I believe in a Free and FAIR Market System. I am also a huge advocate of Moral Capitalism. AND I AM A PATRIOT who believes that I owe something to my country.

I also believe that industry owes something to OUR country too.

If the cost of energy isn’t pulled-back as much as it can be, the Oil Industry combined with Government taxes on GOUGED oil prices will destroy our economies, causing massive class dislocations, and the GREATEST threat to the national stability our countries have ever imagined in this modern day.


The USA and Canada survive and thrive on affordable and available energy. Take either of those two elements away, and our economies will collapse.


Don’t bother believing what you read, see, or hear in the media about the economy, since you yourself have an expertise far greater than any of them. Besides, between the mainstream media and government, it’s almost impossible to find an honest person.


1 – Are you driving as much today as you did yesterday? And do you think about the cost of driving every time you get behind the wheel?

2 – Are you eating out at restaurants as much today as you did yesterday?

3 – Are you going to movies and other forms of entertainment today as much as you did yesterday?

4 – Are you purchasing things that you would like . . . or just things that you need?

5 – Are you planning for long summer getaways, or short summer getaways, or no summer getaways at all?

6 – When you go grocery shopping, does it cost you more or less to feed yourself and family today than it did yesterday?

7 – If you are an employer, are you really looking to hire MORE people, or would you rather have fewer employees?

8 – If you are employee, are you concerned about keeping your job?

9 – If you’re unemployed, how much confidence do you have that you’ll find a job?

10 – If you’re retired, can you easily get by today on your fixed income?

11 – Are you making more money today than you did yesterday?

12 – Are you making enough money to keep up with rising costs?


You DON’T need anyone to answer these questions for you, since when it comes to your own life; no one is a greater expert than yourself.

While it is true that the oil industry has the right to make money, lots of it, the government also has the right and OBLIGATION to protect the country.

And this can be done without attacking Free Enterprise.

1 – Open up every reasonable venue possible for energy exploration and development.

2 – Stop the insanity of Over-The-Top environmental fanatics.

3 – Forbid the exportation of all Oil and Gas. Keep the Oil and Gas at home.

4 – And end all forms of energy collusion.

When I think of the dire consequences of outlandish energy costs, I fear for the future of our countries. And unless you’re living in a cave – YOU SHOULD BE FEARFUL TOO.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are spot on! I quit watching Smith a few years ago because of his liberal views.

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