Why The Ottawa Pledge Of NEVER AGAIN Is So Important


At noon on May 31, 2012 . . . hundreds – If not a thousand or more Motorcycle Riders, Christians and Jews alike, Americans, Canadians, Australians and Israelis, will stand together on Parliament Hill to deliver a solemn declaration and Pledge of NEVER AGAIN!

We’re also hoping for hundreds or more people who are not Riders to attend and participate in the pledge with us.

Even though the size and scope of this gathering is not something that will move the world; it is indeed a gesture that will reflect how so many Conservatives see the dire predicament facing Six Million Israeli Jews, and Jews throughout the rest of the world.

I truly believe that Israel can handle the threat from Iran, along with the enmity of Israel’s other 300 million Arab/Moslem neighbors. But, I doubt very much if Israel can survive Barack Hussein Obama.

Twice – I’ve heard Obama make a direct reference to BLUFFING.

On July 13, 2011 . . . when castigating Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor over Cantor’s reluctance to raise the debt ceiling from 14.3 TRILLION Dollars, Obama said to Cantor:


I actually wrote an editorial about that, because the remark was so bizarre, that it just couldn’t go without mention.

Think about this for a minute – What the hell did Obama mean by “don’t call my bluff”, since I’ve never heard any President ever suggest that any President of the United States would ever bluff?

The comment was so asinine . . . that it goes without any reason or explanation.

On March 2, 2012, just a few days before Obama’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and a speech before AIPAC (America Israel Public Affairs Committee) . . . in an interview Obama gave to the Atlantic Magazine, he said concerning Iran:

“I DON’T BLUFF” – Say what? What doesn’t Obama bluff about?

And why should anyone on the planet ever think that a US President would be a Bluffer? Was Obama directing his comment to the Iranians, to the Prime Minister of Israel, or to his Jewish American Constituents?

And why would he say such a ridiculous thing, just like he keeps regurgitating his line about dealing with Iran . . . that “everything is on the table”?

How about Obama doing nothing? I’m sure that’s on the table too, along with “don’t call my bluff” and “I don’t bluff”.

Obama then went on in the same article saying that he doesn’t telegraph his strategies to the enemy. IS THAT SO?


Just ask all of America’s Iraqi enemies if they appreciated Obama SPELLING-OUT the very day he was going to be pulling all of America’s troops out of Iraq?

Or ask the Taliban and Al Qaeda how much they appreciated Obama giving them the American timetable for their pullout of Afghanistan?

Also . . . in that same article, Obama was once again pumping his own testosterone as he talked about how HE took down Osama Bin Laden, as if he actually had anything to do with it, which he didn’t, unless you think that giving the OK to the real warriors to do what should have been done makes Obama some kind of a hero?

And if giving the OK to the SEALS to have Bin Laden killed is somehow Obama’s CROWNING foreign affairs achievement – what does that say about the rest of Obama’s foreign affairs policies that are blowing up all over the place?


In Sunday’s (March 4, 2012) Obama speech to AIPAC, Obama said that he is Israel’s BEST friend ever, and should be judged not on what he has said, but rather on what he has done.


Obama has compared the “plight” of Palestinians under Israeli governance to how the Jews were treated during the Holocaust.

Obama has ORDERED Israel to stop building apartments in Jerusalem as if that is the single largest impediment to peace, while making no demands whatsoever on the Palestinians to recognize Israel’s RIGHT to exist as a Jewish State.

Obama has stated that Israel should return to the (indefensible) 1967 borders, which were in fact the unresolved 1948 ARMISTICE BOUNDARIES, which were NEVER recognized as borders by anyone.

What I found really interesting in Obama’s address to AIPAC . . . came not from his empty words, but rather from the reaction of the audience:

1 – The cameras never panned the audience of THOUSANDS to see their reaction, while in the past; the cameras were always showing repeated standing ovations . . . But NOT this time.

2 – The few applause Obama received during his speech were muted in comparison to the applause he received in past AIPAC speeches, especially when you consider the size of this audience.

3 – At the conclusion of Obama’s speech, there wasn’t that usual surge of Jewish Insiders running to shake Obama’s hand, as was normal in the past.

4 – But, what really caught my attention, was the man on stage who after Obama concluded speaking, shook hands with Obama, almost as if it was dutiful, while not making eye contact.

Perhaps even Elitist Liberal Jews who’ve pandered to Obama in the past are finally starting to wake-up.


When I agreed to become involved with the promotion of the R2R 2012 (Ride To Remember) in Toronto, I had the Chairman of the Toronto Organizing Committee (Steve Stein) consent in writing, that whatever I will do to promote the event, will be done entirely on my own without committee interference.

Before I write another word . . . It must be “said” that this Toronto R2R Organizing Committee is EXCEPTIONAL, without exaggerating the meaning of the word.

But, what I also understood; was that whatever it was that I was going to do – was going to be done in addition to . . . and not necessarily as part of the traditional R2R.


The first thing I decided to do was invite the Christian MISSION OF HOPE – M25 Evangelical RIDERS to participate in a way that was never done before.

Jews and Christians, especially on Motorcycles, to come together in a common cause to declare our mutual unconditional support for a policy of NEVER AGAIN was until now, something that was somewhat inconceivable.

So, when I made my first contact with Pastor Gary Burd of the M25 Riders, it started a ball rolling that has grown so large, that no one could have imagined how big it would get.

And that’s what I’ll write about in my next editorial.

If you haven’t already visited the R2R ICON at the top of this page to see what the NEVER AGAIN itinerary is going to be, just go to the Blue Menu Bar above, and click on R2R.

INCIDENTALLY – Everyone is invited to participate on Parliament Hill, whether you’re a Biker or Not.

And everyone who rides is invited to ride with us along any part of the journey, to and from the Pocono’s to Kingston, to Ottawa, from Ottawa to CFB Trenton, to the Highway of HEROES Ride, and back to Ottawa for the National MEMORIAL Ride, or any part thereof.

We would really like to see thousands of people get involved on the RIDES and on the HILL.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard, I do not know if Beck or O’Reilly served in the armed forces but I doubt they did. We need to forgive small minds for what they say and, yes, O’Reilly has a small mind. I have watched his show a few times and like our so called president, O’Reilly is narcissist. He over speaks all his guest and does not let them finish what they have to say. I am neither Dam-o-c-rat nor Republican, I am independent when it comes to voting and all of my ancestors were Scotch so you know I am conservative.

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