A Short Note On The US Election

Think about what’s really new on the campaign trail.

TAKE A BREATH – That’s the best advice I can give to all Conservatives and moderate Republicans who are suffering from pre-election Nomination stress.

If you live your life feasting on FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Talk Radio and the Sunday News Programs as a steady diet – STOP!

They don’t know any more than you do. And all you’ll get from them is a nasty case of indigestion.

To them, all of this political intrigue is MOTHER’S MILK. It means virtually FREE programming and huge advertising sales. And think about this for just one second:

Is this not the BIGGEST reality show ever?

Obama is the same failed piece of work he was BEFORE he won the White House. But now we know all about him.

The economy is still a disaster. America is in BIGGER debt today than it has been in all of her collective years since becoming a Republic. And the rest of the world looks upon the USA very differently than it did before Obama, who was supposed to be the GREAT unifier.

It seems to me that Mitt Romney will probably win the Nomination. And if that happens . . . GOOD. Actually – VERY-VERY GOOD!

Because of the savage onslaught on Romney from Gingrich, from Perry before Gingrich, and to some extent from Santorum, Romney has become one of the BEST debaters I’ve seen in action.

Because of the bloody internecine warfare during the Republican Nomination Process, Conservatives are wringing their hands in trepidation, that whomever wins the nomination will be so damaged, that he will not be able to survive the Obama onslaught, since the Republican debates will have made Obama’s case for him to win FOUR more years.

NOT TRUE – Stop listening to the media.

I have been a debater for as long as I can remember, going all the way back to grade school. And without wanting to appear to be self-centered, I’m pretty good.

So, when I tell you that the viciousness of these Republican debates has done NOTHING BUT GOOD for Romney – I’m not kidding.

When the debate cycle began, Romney was OK, but just OK, and nothing more than that, is not good enough to take on the likes of Obama and his machine.

However, now that Romney has been bloodied by the best (Gingrich), there is no question in my mind that he is now a debating force to reckon with.

More than that – All the skeletons are out of the closet, and have been dealt with. Romney has more than compensated for Romneycare with his VOW to repeal Obamacare.

He has dealt wonderfully with the nothing accusations fired at him for being a competent businessperson.

As for being a “moderate” Republican – He has stated his case clearly that he is Pro Life, Pro Gun, Pro Family, Pro Religious Rights, Pro Military, Pro Israel, Pro Small Government, Pro Reducing The Debt, Pro Less Taxes – ETC.

I BELIEVE HIM – I believe him because he has so firmly stated his CONSERVATIVE positions on these issues, that for him . . . there can be no going back.

So, stop worrying about what the media and the pollsters have to say, since their job is to stir the pot and create controversy whether there is controversy or not. They sell newspapers and win audience when they are reporting on hysterics.

No one cares about a nice boy and his dog. They only care about the nasty dog that eats the nice boy.

When the real showdown comes in November, all Romney has to do if he’s the Republican choice . . . is to state his case, his very transparent credentials, his open-book personal life-story, and what he will do to restore and save the USA.

And no matter what kind of Propaganda Obama and his acolytes throw out to the people, he cannot hide from his massive failures. He can’t hide from acute unemployment regardless to how they cook the numbers.

Obama cannot hide from the hideous debt that is his.

Obama cannot pretend that his was not the most intrusive and opaque administration in American history when he won in 2008 on a promise to be just the opposite.

Obama cannot pretend that the world is safer since he became the President and won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, which many within the Nobel Committee would like to take back.

Obama cannot claim victory for the Arab Spring that is very much his making, as it crashes and burns into one of the greatest international fiascos of modern time.

And as Israel marches closer to war or a SECOND HOLOCAUST, no matter how Obama spins it, the world knows that even surpassing Jimmy Carter, Obama is the most TOXIC President Israel has ever had to deal with.

So, take a breath and enjoy the pre-game show. Because when the main event finally gets going, it will become a brand new reality in a game that Obama will NOT win.

In my mind . . . the questions are this:

1 – How badly will Obama be beaten?

2 – How many more Seats will the Republicans win in the House?

3 – Will the Republicans win enough seats to have a Super Majority in the Senate?

And if you think I’m off base – Remember, I called the 2010 Mid-Term almost exactly as it played-out.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. today my thoughts are about Andrew Miller from Sudbury, a medic just 21 (21!) in Afghanistan who was rushing to aid a child in an clearly marked ambulance LAV. IED. Please remember him and all who have fallen for us.

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