As I and most other people focus on what is happening in the United States of America, because it is fascinating and critical to the welfare of the planet, we in Canada are ignoring our own government, and our own financial mess in the belief that Canada is just dandy compared to what’s happening in the rest of the world.


In a couple of weeks I will be 62 years old. My wife Anne is 61 years old. And we’re self-employed. We’ve employed hundreds of people over the years. And in addition to creating jobs, we’ve also created wealth for our employees, clients, suppliers and various governments.

My wife and I have struggled through some very difficult times. And even in the darkest moments which I assure you were very dark, we never reached out for a handout from anyone, ESPECIALLY FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

We played by the rules. We’ve contributed to charities. We live a lawful and respectful life together. And what has it got us?


Where MILLIONS of people rubbed their hands in anguish over laws that took away their rights and were bullied by the government – I fought. I fought for the rights of people who wouldn’t even get off the couch to say thank you, let alone contribute.

Anne and I lived for months on end over a number of years with armed bodyguards because of serious threats against me and mine for my stand against ethnocentric nationalism in Quebec.

And I’m still fighting.

On Thursday, February 2, 2012 – and Friday, February 3, 2012 (next week), I will be in Toronto at the Provincial Court of Appeal fighting for the rights of all Canadians to enjoy their FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, in a case where in the 96% English speaking Province of Ontario, several towns, each with a prominent French population near Ottawa (Canada’s Capital) passed laws that make it against the law to put up an English ONLY commercial sign.

My stand against this attack on Freedom of Expression has so far cost myself, and supporters about $100,000. But that’s not all.

In addition to the $100,000, there’s an additional cost that was awarded against me for another $100,000 because the French Activist Superior Court Judge (Monique Metivier) who ruled in favor of the abrogation of Freedom of Expression, ruled that I should pay a portion of the legal costs for the other side.


Anne and I decided to take our Canadian pension early, because neither of us trusted that the pension would be available to us as we imagined it should be by the time we reached age 65.

The penalty to take an early pension was a loss of 25% on what we would otherwise receive if we waited until age 65. In our case, instead of each receiving approximately $600 per month, we each receive approximately $400 per month.

Taking the loss of $200 per month each was in our case a good decision, because being self employed meant that we no longer had to contribute personally and corporately, which compensated us for the 25% loss.

Now we have learned that the federal government just changed the rules in the middle of the game, punishing and penalizing us and millions of others just like us for playing by their rules.

As of this year, we now have to contribute to the Canada Pension Fund personally and corporately, just as we did before taking the pension. And we have to pay taxes on the combined pension ($9600). In effect, not just canceling the benefits of the pension, but costing us more in addition.

So, when I called the Canadian Government Pension Line and asked the bureaucrat to whom I spoke to explain this change in the rules, she confirmed what I had read. In effect, it would be cheaper for Anne and myself not to receive any pension at all.

But here’s even more salt on an open wound. We cannot cancel our early pension.

But even worse than that . . . not only do we have to pay more than we are receiving, my wife and I will still lose 25% of the pension that we surrendered to enjoy an early benefit that no longer exists.

To say that this is unfair is an understatement out of all proportion. It is unconscionable and it stinks. And it shows just how failed our government really is.

I understand that our government is broke, in spite of the propaganda that all is well in Canada, which it is not, as this outrage shows. But this proves without doubt that Canada is as morally broke as it is financially broke.

If the government needs money that badly, that it needs to cheat and literally steal from people who have played by the rules and contributed to society; why don’t they simply cut their own bloated salaries and public pensions that they pay to themselves, who’ve made ZERO contributions while feeding themselves from the Golden Trough?

As a result of this theft, Anne and I will be nailed with an additional cost of more than $6000 every year.

Where we live in the bankrupt province of Ontario, the IDIOT LEFTIST provincial government decided that the ONLY way to generate electricity is through solar and wind, which has pushed our household energy costs (light, heat, and air-conditioning) to more than $500 per month.

So, if you take in the EXTRA taxes we are now forced to pay ($6000) because of the grab on our pension money, and the $6000 we have to pay on our energy bill, we are $12,000 behind the eight ball as of January 1, 2012.

That’s $1000 per month in government costs before we put food on the table, a roof over our heads, pay for our vehicles, put gas in the cars at more than $5.40 per gallon, purchase any clothing . . . etc.


I’ve had enough. Actually . . . I’ve had MORE than enough. And I’m not going to stand around and take it like a little lamb being escorted to the financial slaughterhouse.

If the government wants to declare war on me . . . I can declare war on them.

The weapon of government and the politicians is in their power of legislation. OK, I get that; so let’s take that weapon away from them. Why can’t we the people organize and create a Party led mostly by owners of small to medium sized businesses, all of whom CREATE the jobs and wealth the government gorges itself upon?

Let’s do what the people want done. And start the revolution where it can take root in each province on the provincial level. In my case it will be ONTARIO FIRST.

1 – Gut the size and cost of government by a huge measure. AND I MEAN HUGE.

2 – Get rid of all unfair entitlements. ALL OF THEM.

3 – Bring all Public Sector salaries and pensions in line with what the Private Sector Workers collect. NOT A PENNY MORE.

4 – Demolish all unneeded regulations, since no one I know ever voted for a politician or bureaucrat to tell him or her how to live. GET THEM OUT OF OUR LIVES.

5 – Simplify the tax code for individuals and businesses, to a simple flat rate paid by everyone with no deductions or loopholes. This is how much you earned. This is how much you pay – END OF STORY.

I have long predicted that it would come to this. And unless DRASTIC action is taken NOW, the system will collapse under the weight of a failed government elected by people who voted for Something-For-Nothing.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Please accept my apology for the insults will of the wind oreilly and glenn beck did you and the nation of Canada.
    I am a vet and I thank you and those who lost loved ones who were fighting to keep the more militant members of the cult of islam out of Canada and America. It is too bad your government, like mine, allowed the pagan moon god worshipers into your country. They wil. not assimilate into either of our cultures. They need to be sent back to their native land. Oorah!

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