A Wretched Speech From A Wretched President

America Cannot Survive Four More Years Of Obama.

As Obama walked into the House to deliver what was supposed to be a State of the Union Speech to cheering politicians, it struck me as I looked at these overpaid, underwhelming, entitled individuals why they are so disliked.

They are NOTHING at all like the people who elect them and pay them far more than most of them deserve. Truth be told, America would be far better off if MOST of them simply disappeared.

I cringed as I watched RINO Scott Brown of Massachusetts stand to applaud Obama over platitudes, as if Brown was a Democrat.

It bothered me to no end when it was described by the television on-air personality how Members of Congress, Senators and House Members are carrying-on a two year “tradition”, or was it three years of sitting intermingled in the House during the State of the Union Address to show bipartisanship.

They even have a name for it . . . it’s called “date-night”

I never once voted for anyone to go into government to make friends with anyone, LEAST of all the opposition. But, in government today, it’s just one big exclusive private club where the people’s money feed the “porkers” who look down on the people who do the feeding at the government trough.

It’s easy for me to understand why Congress has such a low approval rating. What I cannot understand is how they have any approval whatsoever.


The President’s speech was anything but a State of the Union Address. It was brilliant in it’s ability to say so much while meaning so little. It ignored all the realities of the American condition while extolling fairy-tales.

Obama spoke about a mountain of new legislation and spending, while making it appear that he was all about a leaner and more efficient government.

He extolled the virtues of the American Dream while demonizing the rich. He spoke about the innovativeness and independence of American entrepreneurs while promoting government intrusion into all forms of industry.

Obama had Steve Job’s widow in the audience bobbing her wealthy LEFTIST head in agreement with his empty words, but failed to mention that Steve Jobs built his empire in the garage of his home WITHOUT anything from the government.

He told the American people and America’s enemies and allies how he was going to strengthen America’s military by cutting a half TRILLION dollars from the American military budget.


1 – America was strongest and most vibrant when America’s government was the smallest and least intrusive.

2 – If Obama wins four more years. America will be finished. And that’s the only thing I came away with after listening to Obama’s wretched speech, and the almost equally wretched media analysis of it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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